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Real estate transactions

May 10, 2020 at 1:41 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded April 6-April 10:

Dave F. and Billie M. O'Neel to William L. and Patricia N. Tedford and The Tedford Joint Revocable Trust, L13 B2, Altheimer, $3,418,000.

Wael Alami and Sueha M. Filat-Alami to NS Retail Holdings, LLC, L10 B2, Somers Commercial Park, $2,200,000.

David A. and Janna Riley Knight to Shevawn Nichole and Harry Lee Hastings IV., 3 W. Palisades Drive, Cammack Village, Lot K, Palisades Estates- Cammack Village, $1,250,000.

8900 Maumelle Blvd., LLC to Metro Builders Supply, Inc., L2-B, Gerald Horton Replat, $1,200,000.

FFWC Partnership to Shackeford Suites, LLC, 8 Shackleford Plaza, Little Rock, L3R, Burnett Replat, $1,150,000.

City Of North Little Rock, Ark. to Bruce Oakley, Inc., Pt Blk 9, Choctaw; Pt SE 36-2N-12W; L1 B11, Choctaw Replat; Ls1-4 & 11-14 B21, Choctaw; Ls1-4 & 11-14 B20, Choctaw; Lot A B19, Choctaw; L1, Buckeye; Ls13-14 B12, Washington Avenue; Ls1-2 B18, Choctaw, $1,100,000.

Herschel M. and Vicki L. Smith and The Mickey And Vicki Smith Revocable Trust to Robert D. and Terrie L. Snell, Pt SE SE 7-2N-14W, $900,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Makan Holdings, LLC, Units A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-13 A-14, A-15, A-16, B-18 B-20, B-24, B-25, C-29, C-30, D-42, D-44, D-45, D-46, E-49, E-51, E-52. E-53, E-56 & B-26, Windsor Gardens Condominiums HPR, $862,150.

CBM Appraisals Inc. to Spencer and Chelsea Mathews, 14 Hickory Pointe Cove, Little Rock, L7, Hickory Pointe, $825,000.

Randell B. and Kristen S. Minton to Mohammad Malik and Salmeen Haque, 8 Germay Court, Little Rock, L4 B89, Chenal Valley, $825,000.

Deborah F. and Nicholas H. Prior to Daryl E. and Gaydrea D. Brown, 1 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L1 B97, Chenal Valley, $797,500.

Robert L. and Rebecca S. Neighbors to Wesley J. and Stacey E. Martin, 2916 N. Grant St., Little Rock, L10 B12, Park View, $780,000.

Pope L. Moseley to John R. and Rachel B. Pitre, Ls59-60, Prospect Terrace, $750,000.

Jonathan and Shelly Blitz to Marcella Renee and Tracy Johnson, 135 Sezanne Court, Little Rock, L23 B125, Chenal Valley, $659,000.

Demp and Paula Dempsey to Taylor King Enterprises, LLC, 202 Hickory Creek Lane, Little Rock, L73, Hickory Creek, $600,000.

Cheryl F. and H. Elvin Shuffield Jr., to Nicholas H. and Deborah F. Prior, 4 Avignon Court, Little Rock, L2 B16, Chenal Valley, $550,000.

James Alan and Suzanna Clark Abston to Robert L. and Rebecca S. Neighbors, 5 Glenridge Road, Little Rock, L82, Robinwood, $519,500.

Cyril and Anne MacGarry to M. & J. Lane Investments, LLC, 5412 Sherwood Road, Little Rock, Ls162-163, Prospect Terrace No.2, $503,000.

Philip H. and Robin Lou Burns Johnson and The Philip H. Johnson Family Revocable Living Trust to Andrew S. and Cassandra Alexis Freeman, 172 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, Ls14-15 B32, Pleasant Valley, $500,000.

Forward Properties, LLC to Michael E. May Jr., and Sirinya Prasertvit, 3711 Oakwood Road, Little Rock, L25, Oakwood Manor, $485,000.

Menco Construction, LLC to Jack M. and Jana Coleman, 10000 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood, L26, Miller Heights Phase II, $450,340.

Brigitte Pipkin to Files Development, LLC, 11600 Mara Lynn Road, Little Rock, Blk 6, Woodland Hills, $425,000.

River Rock Builders, LLC to Thomas Jenkins, 18 Waterside Drive, Little Rock, L17, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $400,000.

Jennifer Samuel and Blake Haeg to Kaylee Johnson, 229 Epernay Loop, Little Rock, L48 B71, Chenal Valley, $400,000.

Turner And Sons Construction Company, Inc. to David D. and Kati M. Mooney, 14 Tupleo Court, Little Rock, L30, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $395,000.

Dillon Homes & Real Estates, Inc. to Timothy W. and Luann Ryals Jones, 832 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L10 B8, Wildwood Place, $386,317.

Terry L. Fleming to George and Jana Cress, Tract 4, Beau Vue Estates Unrecorded, $385,000.

Linda D. Wylie, Linda D. Zust, Linda D. Wylie Revocable Trust/Linda D. Zust Revocable Trust to Donald Jay and Vickie Overton Boyd, 58 Bascom Drive, Little Rock, L35 B9, Chenal Valley, $378,000.

Ramon Vista, Jr., to Adolfo D. Das Neves, 214 Commentry Lane, Little Rock, L13 B81, Chenal Valley, $377,500.

Stevens Commercial Contractors, Inc. to Joshua H. Mannis, 626 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L42 B8, Wildwood Place, $368,000.

Arkansas Storage Centers III, LLC to Purple Moon Properties, LLC, 10056 U.S. 165, North Little Rock, Tract 2, Spanish Land Grant Commercial District, $355,000.

Gable P. and Katherine Jones White to Allison Ann Holthoff and Mark Owen Davis, 3020 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B8, Park View, $349,900.

Larry E. and Deborah S. Golden and The Larry E. Golden And Deborah S. Golden Revocable Trust to WVM, LLC, Ls12-14, Hickory Pointe, $349,000.

Jacob S. and Kelsey L. Jacks to Sara Stoneburg, 3 Tourney Circle, Little Rock, L28 B69, Chenal Valley, $329,500.

BLCK Enterprises, LLC to James A. Stephens, 104 La Marche Place, Little Rock, L17R, Lamarche Place Villas Replat, $304,900.

Wanbao and Timothy Gao to Tye Lee and Bronwyn Lou Toles, 12 Bristol Court, Little Rock, L16 B20, The Villages Of Wellington, $300,000.

Christopher S. and Lori S. Mayes to Shan Gen Zhang, 7 Rosier Court, Little Rock, L820, St. Charles, $300,000.

Michael Wayne Parker to Ross and Molly Romero, Apt. 43, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR 5, L92R, Longlea Manor, $299,900.

Barbara Fazio and The Barbara Fazio Revocable Trust Declaration to Sue H. and James S. Henley, L3, Cambridge Place, $299,900.

Don L. and Tammy J. Taegtmeyer to Nicholas A. and Whitney G. Rountree, 105 Wildcreek Blvd., Little Rock, L1 B3, Wildwood Place, $298,000.

Stephen D. and Angela K. Sims to Minaxi Patel, L49 B3, Gap Creek, $296,000.

Simmons First Trust Company, NA/ Don And Elizabeth Henderson Trust to Judith Gordon and The Gordon Irrevocable Family Trust, L9, Longleaf Cove, $295,000.

Organized Investments, Inc. to Lois J. and Norman M. Davis, 9648 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L23, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $289,900.

Randy James Construction Company, LLC to Anna L, Lansdell, 113 Keystone Lane, Maumelle, L16 B26, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVIII, $282,500.

Dustin Worthey to John P. and Jessica V. Vincent, 2404 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, L233, Colony West 3rd, $268,900.

Lance Copeland Construction, Inc. to Renee D. Armstrong, 1304 Mule Deer Drive, Jacksonville, L2, Northlake Phase XIII-A, $267,900.

CC Properties, LLC to Mindy Reynolds, 39 Lefever Lane, Little Rock, L598, Kingwood Place, $259,000.

Andrew Hicks and Yanyan Xie to Scott Wile, 309 N. Mississippi St., Little Rock, Pt NW NW 1-1N-13W, $259,000.

Carla Milligan to Brian and Angela M. Sempek, 114 Waterside Drive, Maumelle, L148, Waterside Replat, $258,000.

Michael K. Sevier, Michael K. Bordelon and Taylor P. Sevier to Nicholas Romano and Noor Faradiana BinMohd Salim, 150 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L37, Pebble Beach Park, $250,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Kevin D. Kullander, L28C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $249,584.

Jeffrey T. and Anna A. Alliston to Elizabeth Ann Cloud, 5024 Woodlawn Drive, Little Rock, L7 B32, Pulaski Heights, $240,000.

Jack and Jana Coleman and The Jack And Jana Coleman Revocable Trust to Gwyneth C. and Clifton M. Noland III., 15 Belair, North Little Rock, L15 B49, Lakewood, $239,900.

Benjamin and Terri Dickinson to Cheryl E. Cottle, 210 Country Club Pkwy., Maumelle, L449, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $239,500.

Terminal Partners, LLC to Christopher Lareau, Lo3 B20, Pulaski Heights, $239,000.

Tate R. and Whitney B. Smith to Natalie Diane Hairston, 232 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L27 B1, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $230,000.

Troy Burns Jr., Paula Noble and The Burns Family Partnership to Richard C. Nagel, Pt NW SE 13-1N-13W, $220,000.

Yolanda Anderson to Dominique L. and Sherman Gerome Billingsley III., 112 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L124, Bentley Court Phase IV, $219,900.

Daniel R. and Angela K. Green to Dylan B. and Sydney Alexis Parker, 27 Ozark Drive, Maumelle, L273, Edgewater Phase II, $219,900.

Johnny R. and Kathy D. Johnson to Nicholas A. and Kathryn R. Mellenthin, 17 Yazoo Circle, Maumelle, L179, Riverland, $215,000.

James L. and Mary H. Mills to Leroy McDaniel Jr., 126 Avignon Circle, Maumelle, L602, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $210,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Kendall and Mary Caffee, 5209 Rainer Drive, Jacksonville, L12, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $202,000.

Kelli Q. Thomas, Kelli Kathleen Lile, Kelli Kathleen Thomas and Meredith Quinn Thomas to Sarah M. Beckham, 5105 G Street, Little Rock, L2 B41, Pulaski Heights, $198,500.

SMiller Properties, LLC to Albert Tyrone Thornton II., 1712 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock, L4 B2, Northbrook, $196,000.

Vera Sumpter to Joseph H. and Holly M. Melero, 3000 Cleburne Place, North Little Rock, L11 B42, Lakewood, $194,900.

Best Real Estate Investments, LLC to Linda and Donald Carl Hudson Jr., 38 Shoshoni Drive, Sherwood, L149, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat 2, $190,000.

William R. Henson and The Karen Lynne Henson-Carter Trust to Eric C. and Ebonie Y. Hughes, 116 Jessica Drive, Sherwood, L11 B5, Autumnrbook Annex, $190,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Alex Michael Barber and Jessica Reynolds White-Barber, 1801 Landershire Lane, North Little Rock, L6 B4, Northbrook, $189,900.

Brian T. and Drew C. Benham to Lauren Marie McNeail and Egide Murisa, 12002 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L42, Pleasant Forest I, $189,000.

Kyle L. Houston, Alexandra D. Trible and Alexandra D. Houston to Audrey Elise and William O. James III., 2 Silver Maple Court, Little Rock, Ls324-325, Pleasant View Phase V, $186,600.

Kyle Ross and Lauren Hood to Tracey A. and Clifton Henson Jr., 6017 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L30, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $186,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Gloria Nelson, 5309 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L8, Jaxon Terrace Phase XII, $185,700.

Capstone Real Estate, LLC to Darren T. Davidson, 47 Chateaus Lane, Little Rock, L20, Chateaus On Stagecoach Neighborhood, $185,000.

Keith A. and Melanie Gurisco Peterson to Owen Gazette and The Owen Gazette Living Trust, 2 Foxcroft Village Drive, Little Rock, L21, Foxcroft Village, $182,500.

Clinton Carpenter to Stephanie D. Miller-Briggs, 1213 Mesquite Trail, Jacksonville, L17, Jaxon Terrace Phase 8, $182,000.

Rhonda K. Morrison and The Rhonda K. Morrison Living Trust to Jason Fossee and Tatia Griffin, 6801 Karen Lane, Little Rock, Pt S/2 SE NE 29-1N-14W, $178,000.

Lucas S. and Christine M. Howell to Bobbi Faye Tackett, 1708 War Eagle Drive, North Little Rock, L42 B30, Indian Hills, $175,000.

Angela R. Motes-Francis and Anthony Francis to Clayton S. and Emily B. Pankey, L49, Stoneledge Phase II, $172,000.

Paula Duke to Jing Y. Li, 2001 Shumate Drive, Little Rock, L43, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $172,000.

Corey L. Huffty, Corey L. Gilmore to Sharon W. Thompson, Ls1-3 B1, Glendale, $169,700.

Tommy J. Lasiter Family Limited Partnership to Joe Kee and Tessa Grace French, 2600 S. Hills Court, North Little Rock, L1 B15, Lakewood, $167,500.

Jack and Janece M. Case to Simeon Anikwe, 5701 Pecan Lake Road, Little Rock, L59R, Pecan Lake Replat; L58, Pecan Lake, $165,000.

David Garner to Austin Fortner, 39 Dove Creek Circle, North Little Rock, L6 B19, Overbrook, $165,000.

Mary Megan Pittman, Mary M. Sanders to Fernando and Ashton Skye Green, 708 Kierre Drive, North Little Rock, L44 B6, Green Hills, $164,000.

Thomas A. and Tiffany A. Howell to Myra Susan Kilgore and The Myra Susan Kilgore Trust, 32 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L25, Garden Oaks, $163,250.

Sheila Crane and The Estate Of Betty S. Meyer(dec'd) to Eric and Briana Sparks, 6022 Tammy Lane, North Little Rock, Pt NE NE 16-2N-11W, $160,000.

Junqi Zhang to Tanya L. Riley, 707 Quince Hill Road, Jacksonville, L3, Small Oaks, $160,000.

Blake Doyle to April Young, 14420 Upper Steel Bend Road, Scott, L20, Scott Plantation, $160,000.

King Mills Estates, LLC to Jonathan K. and Robyn M. Brown and Ruth Ann Brown, Pt SE SE 7-2N14W, $160,000.

Lakeview West, LLC to Little Rock Bankshares, Inc., L2, Lakeview West, $160,000.

Little Rock Bankshares, Inc. to Lakeview West, LLC, L8 B2, Waterview Estates, $160,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Daniel and Abigail Perry, 6877 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L264, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $159,015.

Amanda L. Harcrow to Gabriel A. and Carmel Mack, 19 Red Birch Cove, Little Rock, L272-R, Pleasant View Phase 5, $159,000.

Rhonda Robinette to Andrew and Nayheli VanLandingham, 12 Tomahawk Road, Little Rock, L283, Briarwood, $154,000.

Vanessa Campbell, Vanessa Leigh Roberson to Turning Point Investments, LLC, 5608 C Street, Little Rock, Ls10-11 B1, Fausett, $154,000.

First Pentacostal Church Of Jesus Christ to Adam R. Davis, 1712 War Eagle Drive, North Little Rock, L41 B30, Indian Hills, $153,600.

TCB Investments, LLC to Sai Giri Teja Myneedu, 14 Fra Mar Drive, Sherwood, L24, Fra-Mar, $150,000.

Courtney Whitley to Philip Clamon, 11320 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L2 B8, Walton Heights, $150,000.

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