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Compare death tolls

South Korea, with 51 million people, about 15 percent of America's 328 million people, has had 260 deaths from covid-19 compared to America's nearly 85,000 deaths. Functioning adult leadership makes the difference. Don't drink the bleach.



Tipping for groceries

Before you start fussing at me for going to Walmart for groceries, I only do it occasionally, usually when a Kroger pickup run ends with several items I need missing. You can get same- or next-day grocery pickup at Walmart, so it's a good bet for "what Kroger didn't have." I've been distancing for two months, so I've probably been there three times before, and I always tipped. The other day, the teenager who loaded my groceries into my cargo area told me that the store had a policy against accepting tips.

These people, of all ages, are coming face to face with humans--some masked, some not--their entire shift. They are providing food. What possible difference could it make to Walmart whether I want to reward the person who is helping me? I'm going to complain to the store, to the headquarters, at, on my Facebook page, and through every avenue I can think of. Walmart ought to be ashamed of itself. I hope you will complain, too.


Little Rock

Not buying his words

Thank you, Sharon Vander Zyl, for your question in Sunday's paper. I have asked that same question about the governor of New York. While he acts like he has such concern for life but seems to have no concern for innocent unborn life, I have to scratch my head. I know people will say, well, he is for a woman's choice. Sorry, I do not buy that either.

By the way, didn't he say that nursing homes had to take covid patients? Hmm, guess his momma wasn't living in one of those nursing homes.



Who is the champion?

Re Sharon Vander Zyl's letter: What doesn't make sense is her characterization of Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a "champion of abortion." He is a champion of choice on this issue. Does she consider herself a champion of anti-choice on this issue that directly affects only 50 percent of the population? If so, that smacks of gender discrimination against her own gender. Incredibly ironic contradiction indeed!


Little Rock

Editorial on 05/15/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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