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Need a reality check

I did a little research and learned the U.S. ranks 24th in science worldwide. Which explains how Donald Trump can entice, mostly, his base to do stupid and dangerous things, like ingesting Lysol or bleach or hydroxychloroquine. Some have chosen not to wear a mask. Others ignore social distancing. All at the benign direction of Trump.

He'll say he never told anyone to defy health guidelines. Sometimes even the most innocuous statements made by a person of influence can carry a lot of weight. In addition, we have the Trump propaganda machine (Fox News) reiterating his every word, reinforced by the silent majority known as the Senate. We have all been told: It's (the virus) nothing to worry about. It's a hoax. It will be gone soon. Get back to work. Go shopping. Go to the beach. Demand your freedom!

And it's all been done from the safety of the White House. The safety of Mar-a-Lago. From home offices. From home studios. As we approached 90,000 dead from the pandemic, Don Jr. called it a political hoax. Maybe he should volunteer at a hospital, or go see the refrigerated trucks where the dead are being kept. Maybe he'd see that this is real. Maybe he'd tell Don Sr. to let the doctors and the scientists do their work.



He had three years

March 26, in a coronavirus task force briefing Trump stated, "We took over an empty shelf. We took over a very depleted place, in a lot of ways."

Well, Mr. Trump, what were you doing about it those past three years?


Little Rock

The devil you know

OK, I can understand that there are people out there who don't like President Trump. Yes, he has a big ego and a lot of personal eccentricities, but give me a break. If you want to defeat him in November, you need to come up with somebody who doesn't project that he has dementia like Joe Biden does.

I just can't see how anyone would want a president who loses his train of thought and acts like he doesn't know what day it is, what he's talking about, or even where he is. For a lot of people in the middle, this is going to be one of those "the devil you know versus the devil you don't know" decisions.


North Little Rock

Start work, principals

School principals know their buildings, their staff, students and curriculum. Who best should plan, direct and speak for an educational program unique for these virus-compromised times than the school principal?

Get to work, school principals. Present a comprehensive plan for your school to your superintendent. The Board of Education will accept good ideas directed by quality leadership. Schools need to open in the fall.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 05/21/2020

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