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Clintons and Trumps

A while back I submitted a couple of topics for your editors to consider. There was no interest so I will give my take.

The first was a comparison of the Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation. The Clinton Foundation gets an A rating from Charity Watch and Charity Navigator for its open and efficient financial operation and the quality of its work around the world. The Trump Foundation, like Trump University, has been exposed as a fraud and shut down. This speaks volumes about the difference between the Clintons and the Trumps.

The second was three questions about the Clintons: (1) Can you name anyone in American political history who has been investigated more than the Clintons? I cannot. (2) Can you name a crime they have not been accused of? Possibly jaywalking. (3) After all the accusations and investigations, where are the convictions? My take is is that the Republican Party has waged a 30-plus-year campaign of lies and false accusations smearing the Clintons. The lack of convictions is solid evidence. More evidence is Donald Trump and his fellow travelers in Congress. Integrity, honesty, and honor are not words I would use to describe them. This is not the Republican Party of my parents and grandparents.

I welcome fact-based and non-threatening rebuttals to what I say.



Suffering from TDS

Poor David Eli Cockcroft, drunk on Trump Derangement Syndrome: My last letter on vote integrity was a "typical Trumpian performance." Republicans are excoriated for their various sins. Odd, since I never mentioned the president (irrelevant), and never have been a Republican; they lean left for my taste.

I am a constitutionalist and an anti-socialist, which makes the Democrat Party the greatest threat to all I hold dear. Doesn't make me a Republican, but one finds allies where he can. The difference between the one incidence of pro-Republican voter fraud he cited and the numerous times boxes of ballots have reportedly mysteriously appeared in heavily Democrat counties during recounts is that the criminal Republican lost his seat and was run out of town, while Democrats apparently pay no price.

Claiming verification of the right to vote is racist is an insult to our minority citizens. The ones I know are as capable of following reasonable laws to safeguard the vote as am I. Their votes are also diminished by illegal voting. So maddened with Trump-hatred was my respondent that he capped off his letter with one of the biggest lies of the 21st century: that the Supreme Court decided the 2000 election and cheated Al Gore. What it really did was stop the partisan Florida Supreme Court from continually changing the rules in an effort to change the legitimate result of the election. Newspapers hostile to George Bush who counted and recounted all the ballots after it was all over prove David's point in the end that Bush had won Florida by a slim but real margin. Haters still claiming 20 years later that a Republican court had stolen the election from Gore perpetuate far worse and more damaging lies than the ones wrongly purported to me by the hater.


Little Rock

Masks, gripes, votes

I only get one letter every 30 days, so I will briefly address three subjects.

First, why do people keep thinking and saying that masks will not prevent a person from getting covid-19? No one credible to my knowledge has ever said masks will prevent a person from being infected. What has been said is that they might help keep an infected person from spreading the disease. It stands to reason that coughing into a mask lessens the spread of dangerous particles as compared to coughing without a mask.

Second, I can believe the attorney general when she says her office has been swamped with calls and emails. I received an email in late April in which the sender threatened to embarrass me publicly if I did not within 24 hours send him $2,000 in Bitcoin. I forwarded it to the AG's office the same day, but have not yet received a reply, so the office must be at least three weeks behind in responding to consumer complaints.

Third, and this is neither pro-Trump or anti-Clinton. In the 1960 World Series, the New York Yankees set a scoring record for a seven-game series, outscoring the Pittsburgh Pirates 55-27. The Yankees won three games by blowouts, much like Hillary Clinton scored blowout popular-vote victories in the highly populated states of New York, California, and Illinois. The Pirates won four close games, much like Trump won four close popular-vote victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. No one calls the 1960 Pirates the second-place Pirates because the series is decided not by total runs scored, but by games won, just like our elections are decided not by total votes, but by states won.



Just wear it already

I believe that people not wearing a mask have a higher chance of becoming covid-19 positive. My observations are that fewer young people wear mask than older people. It follows, as night the day, that young people may make up a disproportionate number of deaths.

Given, then, our declining birth rate, and you have a populace lacking the energy and imagination of youth.

Please, kids, for the sake of our American culture, wear the damn mask.


Mountain Home

Editorial on 05/22/2020

Print Headline: Letters


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