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Real Estate Transactions

November 8, 2020 at 2:28 a.m.

PR Barrington Hills, LLC to OBH Barrington, LLC, 1221 Reservoir Road, Little Rock, Ls1 & 2A, White Rock Terrace, $11,025,000.

The Oaks Apartments Limited Partnership to Apex Towne Country, LLC, Old Oaks, $7,263,580.

American Home Life Insurance Co. to 1920 N. Main Street NLR, LLC, 1920 Main St., North Little Rock, Lot R B16, North Argenta Replat, $1,700,000.

Russell H. and Sarah S. Brantley to James and Jill Gibson, 5725 N. Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L64, Forest Heights Place, $1,155,000.

Samuel L. and Cheryl K. Freeze to Pete W. and Nancy P. Price, L10 B89, Chenal Valley, $1,115,000.

Joseph A. Curreri to MHCI Fund I, LLC, Pt. S/2 NW SE 31-1N-12W, $1,070,000.

Rebecca Lee Jones and Robert Scott Lamberes to Alejandra Boyanton-Cano and Bobby Loyd Boyanton Jr., 301 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock, L13 B31, Woodlands Edge, $1,050,000.

Triangle Insurance Co. to Delta Development Fund, LLC, 2725 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Tracts A-1 & A-2, Cook Alworth, $1,000,000.

Sean P. and Laura C. Whiteley to Max Wheeler and Kathy Dawson, L11 B85, Chenal Valley, $895,000.

East-Collins Construction, LLC to Adrianne and Josh Parkey and George Paul Dorsey, 1704 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L4 B20, Mountain Park, $795,000.

Kathryn F. Tucker and Shawn G. Mayhan to Melinda Bryant and Everette Lewis Martin Jr., 1814 River Heights Drive, Little Rock, L10, River Heights, $699,000.

Chae Enterprises, Inc. to Zakir, Inc., 5103 Asher Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-7 B3, Intercity, $665,000.

Rex H. and Jane M. Bell to Lyndon Andrew and Paige Beavers Miller, 4 Germay Court, Little Rock, L2 B89, Chenal Valley, $545,000.

Christian W. Olsen and Lindsay N. Holma-Olsen to Natasha and Matthew Robinson, 23 Courts Drive, Little Rock, L11 B121, Chenal Valley, $524,000.

Dustin Hennard Homes, Inc. to Dustin D. and Barbara K. Raney, 1 Tupelo Court, Little Rock, L21, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $513,000.

Sherlyn A. and Moman E. Bates III., to Chasity Starks, 208 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L54 B12, Maumelle Valley Estates, $510,000.

Wilson Road Properties, LLC to Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency, Inc., L9, Baptist Health-Kanis South, $490,000.

Kerry L. and Julie M. Craft to Elizabeth O. Campbell, L19 B109, Chenal Valley, $485,000.

Carol and Joseph Forney Sr., to Steven G. and Heather N. Adams, 36310 Kanis Road, Paron, Pt. S/2 SE 19-2N-15W, $479,900.

Superior Real Estate Solutions, LLC to Memphis CashFlow, GP, 1001-1003 Wright St., Jacksonville, Ls156-160, Hickman & McConnell; Pt. NE 29-3N-10W, $476,000.

Renaissance Homes, Inc. to James R. and Glenda G. Berry, 128 Majestic Circle, Maumelle, L96 B2, Majestic Pointe, $464,616.

Jimmy and Kathryn Thomas to Michelle LeAnn Calhoun, 2145 Lake Valley Drive, Maumelle, L40 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $462,000.

Brian T. Scott and The BTS Living Trust to Misty M. and Lerinezo D. Robinson, 137 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L252RR, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Replat, $455,000.

Greg J. and Lori D. Grillo to Wendell Bryant and Malinda B. Little, L5 B55, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

Myra Lynn Reynolds to Lonnie R. Gaines, 24 Durance Drive, Little Rock, L17 B25, Chenal Valley, $443,000.

Beverly Doreen Trager and The Beverly Doreen Trager Revocable Inter-Vivos Trust to Scott M. and Amber N. Edge, 5025 Garrison Road, Little Rock, Pt. NW SW 24-2N-15W, $439,000.

Stephen T. and Whitney K. Eoff to Amanda and Geoffrey Campbell, 4315 Valley View Drive, Little Rock, L201R, Longlea VIII-T Replat, $428,763.

Renaissance Homes, Inc. to Robert Scott and Denise J. Loucks, 9 Sycamore Court, Little Rock, L44, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $423,500.

E. Ward Construction, Inc. to Derek Lane and Mary Kathryn Clarkson, 10 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L27 B56, Chenal Valley, $417,500.

Jeff R. and Cathy L. Hooker to John Mark and Linda Ruth DeYmaz and Ronald Pritchard, 42 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L21R B3, Chenal Valley, $415,900.

William R. and Dawn Bradley Fletcher to Jay K. and Caroline S. Robbins, 18 Riding Road, Little Rock, L148AR, Foxcroft Third, $415,000.

Elizabeth O. Campbell to Matt and Morgan Warden, 14215 Chesnay Court, Little Rock, L318, St. Charles, $395,000.

Joseph B. and Mari Catherine Suffridge to Brandi Pippin Hurtado, L17R B1, Shady Valley Replat, $385,000.

Lance A. Levi to Rebecca J. Bailey and Maggie E. Strange, Lot/Blk 3, Howard Adams, $382,200.

Orman and Marilyn Simmons and The Orman And Marilyn Simmons Legacy Trust to Kathryn K. Hutchins and William K. Hezel, 14201 Clarborne Court, Little Rock, L335, St. Charles, $380,000.

Randy James Construction Co., Inc. to John C. Hightower, 300 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L1 B4, Parkside At Wildwood, $379,850.

Fourche Island, Inc. to City Of Little Rock, Arkansas, Pt. SE SW 20 & Pt. E/2 NW 29-1N-11W, $378,000.

Susan Lynn McKimmey Ramey and The Jane M. Baugus Limited Partnership to City Of Little Rock, Arkansas, Pt. SE SW 20 & Pt. E/2 NW 29-1N-11W, $378,000.

Barbara Lea Wilkinson Duty and The Barbara Lea Wilkinson Duty 2003 Living Trust to City Of Little Rock, Ark., Pt. SE SW 20 & Pt. E/2 NW 29-1N-11W, $378,000.

Twilla Ann Harper/Twilla Ann Raines to City Of Little Rock, Arkansas, Pt. SE SW 20 & Pt. E/2 NW 29-1N-11W, $378,000.

John Toney and The Estate Of Samuel L. Raines to City Of Little Rock, Ark., Pt. SE SW 20 & Pt. E/2 NW 29-1N-11W, $378,000.

Powers Rentals, LLC to Paul Thompson, Ls2 & 30, Engelberger; L9, Lenell; L5 B11, Hillside; L11 B1, Heatehrfield; Lot B B6, Tanglewood Annex Replat, $375,000.

Lisa White and Felix Sciotto to Brittany Lane Beasley and Jeremy Steven Deters, 9708 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood, L9, Miller Heights, $375,000.

Richard B. and Theresa M. Weiland to Natalie A. Mahler, 11 Grayan Court, Little Rock, L9 B25, Chenal Valley, $370,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Susan L. David and The Susan L. Davis Revocable Trust, 121 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L12 B58, Chenal Valley, $369,900.

KD Capital Investments, Inc. to Del Alan Smith, 106 Willow Point Drive, Little Rock, L94 B2, Copper Run Phase I, $369,900.

Bond Girl Properties, LLC to Matthew J. and Laurie A. Johnson, 13608 Foxfield Lane, Little Rock, L22 B11, Woodlands Edge, $368,000.

Steven L. and Nancy K. Sparks to Rafael L. and Saundra I. Rodriguez, L1 B7, Creekside, $365,000.

Sam M. Ross and The Sam M. Ross And Katherine K. Ross Living Trust to Gotchu Properties, LLC, 425 Gum St., North Little Rock, Pt. Missouri Right-Of-Way No.1; Pt. SE 34-2N-12W, $355,000.

Christopher L. Pringle to Jill and Alan Sanden, 5 Marcella Drive, Little Rock, L6 B51, Chenal Valley, $352,500.

B. & D. Homes, Inc. to Sheila S. Graybeal, 172 Woodglen Park, Little Rock, L22 B8, Wildwood Place, $350,000.

Landers Land Co. No. 6, LLC to PDC Rock Ridge Limited Partnership, L2, The Heights At Shackleford, $350,000.

Ronald A. and Courtney Faye Dugger to David and Rebecca Welsh, 122 Seminole Lane, Maumelle, L33, Osage Terrace Phase I-C, $345,000.

Larry Walden, LLC to Zephry Lionel and Heaven Lee Woodward Merkerson, 9237 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L4 B14, Creekside, $344,500.

Coburn Construction, LLC to Blaze Buckley Henryson, 3 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L6 B3, Copper Run Phase I, $340,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Amelia Ray, 5719 S. Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L102, Forest Heights Place, $338,500.

W. I. Properties, LLC to Connor and Julianne Olsen, 151 Ridgeview Trail, Maumelle, L38 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $337,700.

L. & D. Investment Properties, LLC to Takeema and Taran Ware, 102 Sienna Lake Lane, Little Rock, L77 B1, Sienna Lake, $326,600.

Christopher D. and Casey Atwood to Lyndsey J. Kramp, 1624 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, L1 B27, Mountain Park, $322,500.

Kristy S. King to Eunice Holder, 108 River Valley Loop, Maumelle, L12 B11, Maumelle Valley Estates, $322,000.

Randy James Construction Co., Inc. to Amber Ross, 106 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L3 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $316,000.

Michael R. and Amanda J. Frost to Scott and Leah Varner, 34 Spring Drive, Maumelle, L125, Edgewater Phase II, $314,000.

Richard W. and Pamela S. Rogers and The Richard W. And Pamela S. Rogers Revocable Living Trust to Tucker McIntyre Strode, 38 Bishop Place, Little Rock, L26, Bishop Place, $312,000.

Chesley Strain/Chesley Lane Holmes to John Taylor, 20 Bishop Place, Little Rock, L35, Bishop Place, $309,900.

Christine E. Garcia to Eulalia Banks, 136 Maumelle Valley Drive, Maumelle, L4 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $306,500.

Cedric Lamont and Karen J. McDowell to Gabriel and Kimberly Needham, L267 Ashley, Downs Phase I, $305,000.

Lenesha and Robert L. Jones to Donald L. and Mary E. Collins, 140 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L8 B8, Maumelle Valley Estates, $300,000.

Matt and D'Lisa Hass to Don R. and Zynda G. Patton, 224 Country Club Pkwy., Maumelle, L489, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $293,000.

Jim Powell, Inc. to TJM Third And Bishop Properties, LLC, Ls5-6 B4, Deaf Mute, $293,000.

James L. True and Sarah A. Myrick to Richard E. and Leah A. Sutherland, 110 Frecourte Cove, Maumelle, L820R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $290,000.

Daniel T. and Stephanie Edwards to James E. Jeffery, 15524 Chicopee Trail, Little Rock, L3, Chicopee, $287,500.

Jacob M. and Crystal E. Pasman/Crystal B. Pasman to Jason Hal and Grace Camille Curtis, 4 Beeson Court, Little Rock, L40, Secluded Hills Phase I, $285,000.

Jonathan T. and Jill A. Lane to Adam Isom and Whitney Tidwell, 12901 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L20 B2, Walton Heights, $285,000.

Muammer Guven to Lillian Ann Russell, L13 B9, Chenal Valley, $279,000.

Wayne Burris and The Estate Of Gary Lee Burris(dec'd) to National Property Holdings, LLC, 18000 Crystal Valley Road, Little Rock, Pt. SE NE 25-1N-14W; Pt. NW SW 14-2N-14W, $275,000.

Whitney E. and Jason Taylor to Michael A. and Kristal Thomas, 7148 E. Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L62 B1, Gap Creek, $275,000.

Randy Wiggins Co., Inc. to Kiara and Freddie Roberson Jr., 9625 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L7, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $272,900.

Josiah and Katchiri Moody to Lauren Downs and Daniel Hunter Korte, 220 Vernon Ave., Little Rock, L15 B7, Young's Park, $270,000.

Giles Reynolds and The Ruth L. Black Revocable Trust to Brantley Lee and Joan G. Foster, Pt. NW SW 15-2N-15W, $270,000.

Nancy Blakely to Jennifer Lynn Dickson, 13821 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L422, St. Charles, $269,900.

Michael Troop and Richard K. Doom to Ruthie and Edward C. Brown, 210 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, L1120, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XII, $265,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Jacqueline Sue Hinsley, 45 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L57, Carnahan Village, $264,407.

Ron W. Sanders to San Felipe Auto Sales Corp., Pt. SE NE 25-1N-13W; Pt. SW NW 30-1N-12W, $260,000.

Shelley T. Wold to RLBM Management, LLC, 38 Pine Manor Drive, Little Rock, L14, Pine Manor, $258,000.

Lonnie C. Baker and The Lonnie C. Baker Revocable Trust to Jon P. Underhill and The Jon P. Hunderhill Revocable Trust, Unit 6-C, Countrywood HPR, $256,000.

Valerie McCorkle/Valerie Amanda White to Mark and Lauren Ashley Kooms, 11 Sugarloaf Loop, Maumelle, L322, Edgewater Phase II, $250,000.

Terri H. Sharp/Terri H. Oxner and Gerry Christopher Sharp to Kristen and Lori Potts, 14809 Cecil Drive, Little Rock, L2, Secluded Hills Phase I, $250,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Joe A. and Amy L. Hill, 41 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L59, Carnahan Village, $249,900.

2405 Blackwood Road, LLC to Alisha Curtis, 2405 Blackwood Road, Little Rock, L85, Kingwood Place, $246,000.

Dustin D. and Barbara Raney to Yusef and Rumeysa Eren, 15 Denver St., Little Rock, L196, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $245,500.

Levitica A. Byington to Robert J. and Ashley Sorensen, 12 Tara Mount Drive, Jacksonville, L74, Tara Mount, $243,000.

Gary Alan and Julie Lynn Williams and The Williams Family Trust to Nicholas G. Worden, 4117 Lacy Lane, Little Rock, L9, Jesse S. Reed, $237,900.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to James Howard and Shannon Elizabeth Cranor, 2724 Chert Cove, Sherwood, L73 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $232,000.

Scott Allen and Leah Bernice Varner to Dean D. and Kimberly Wolter, 4 North Star Cove, Maumelle, L33 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $230,000.

Leighann Kirtley Arthur and The Estate Of Tommy Nathan Neeley(dec'd) to Kaylee Ann and Paul David Toillion, 407 Burntwood St., Sherwood, L16 B4, East Meadow, $227,500.

Matt and Morgan Warden to Zachary and Amber Overton, 40 Colony Road, Little Rock, L283, Colony West Third, $227,500.

Kendra D. and Lee Curry to Charlotte Cornice, 23 Legends Drive, Little Rock, L884, Fairway Woods Phase II- Otter Creek Community, $226,000.

Lisa Kim Pounders to David S. and Mary Ellen Jennings, 6624 Kavanaugh Place, Little Rock, L3, Kavanaugh Place, $224,900.

Joy R. Cage to Lonnie Stanfield, 40 Mountain Vista Drive, Alexander, L18, Vista Pointe, $224,500.

Jonathan Page Echols to Jerry Miguel and Patricia Ann Chacon, 219 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L284, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $223,000.

Deirdre E. and James A. Metrailer Jr., to Cynthia Nord, 10 Patricia Lane, Little Rock, Pt. SE SE 35-2N-13W, $220,000.

Kendi K. and Donald M. Holmes to Muhammad Atiq Afzal, 15419 Hartford St., Little Rock, L221, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $218,000.

Debra J. Murphy to Robert and Gloria D. Lopez, 133 Auriel Circle, Maumelle, L998, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV, $213,000.

Steve and Shirley Mitchell to James P. and Marla Strecker, 12 Winona Drive, Maumelle, L75, Edgewater Phase I, $210,000.

Donna Ann Mayes/Donna Ann Helms and David Mayes to Jason Allen Turner, 32 Springtree Drive, Little Rock, L81 B4, Cherry Creek, $209,900.

Connor N. Olsen to Landon Ty Willmuth and Jessica Ake, 104 Vienne Place, Maumelle, L1416, Montmartre- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 21A, $209,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Michael A. and Casey Redick, 5113 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L28, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $208,000.

Carolyn Shubra to Thornton Scott Spradling Jr., 4112 Pride Lane, Cabot, Pt. N/2 NW 11-4N-11W, $204,900.

Scott M. and Erica A. Sides to Caleb H. and Julie Price, 1205 Talihana Drive, North Little Rock, L20, Indian Hills West, $203,000.

Shelby Properties, LLC to Robert George Bartelt, 8 Waxwing Drive, North Little Rock, Pt. SW 18-3N-11W, $200,000.

Rita A. Daniels to Waylon V. Biggs, Pt. NE SW 18-3N-13W, $200,000.

Scott and Amber Edge and The Edge Living Trust to Jonathan Farrar and Francesca Lobianco, 14301 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L11 B4, Sandpiper West, $200,000.

Jimmy L. and Dolores Sweeden Buie to Daniel R. Webb and Carla B. Wenn, 6425 Sparks Road, Little Rock, Pt. E/2 SW 21-1N-14W, $199,500.

Jamie and Martin Elliotte to Leslie C. Green, 233 E. B Ave., North Little Rock, L8 B10, Park Hill NLR, $199,000.

Samuel W. Norwood to Joshua Hudson, 10401 Pinnacle Valley Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW SE 1-2N-14W, $195,000.

Howard H. Kiani to Lora Field, 12 Cardinal Court, Jacksonville, Ls158 & 158FRR, Northlake Phase III-A, $195,000.

Lisa L. Ellison to Kari Loretta Schulz, 124 Vernon Ave., Little Rock, L7 B4, Young's Park, $195,000.

Richard Warehime to Muhammed Sadiq, L72 B4, Cherry Creek, $194,500.

Rhonda Tollett and The Ida Joy Jones Revocable Trust to Laura Uyeda, 14618 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L6 B5, Sandpiper West, $185,000.

Christopher Curtis Henry and Kathryn Crawford McCollum to Hannah Knox-Nielsen, 10 Cottonwood Court, Little Rock, L52, Sandpiper Section A, $184,000.

Sara Mannis to Lillie Ward, 1816 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L64, Point West Third Phase 2B, $180,000.

Jerry W. and Sally J. Arocha to Jacob Geoffrey and Kaitlyn Marie Rauwerdink, 337 Alanbrook Ave., Sherwood, L11 B11, Country Club Park, $180,000.

Kim Yovonne Harris and Estate Of James Winston Jr.,(dec'd) to Christopher S. and Callie Anna Oxner, 6104 Shady Lane, Little Rock, L18, Shady Brook, $176,000.

Clay R. Farris and The Clay R. Farris Revocable Trust to William Taylor Skrivanos, L11B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $175,000.

John M. Hayes and The Estate Of Jean E. Hayes(dec'd) to Pennie Thompson, 10733 Stoneridge Drive, Sherwood, L20 B2, Windridge, $173,000.

James W. and Doris Diane Watson to Jaime Caryn O'Connor, 1200 Roberta Ann St., Sherwood, L16, Sherwood Acres Phase I, $172,500.

David Alexander and Victoria Leigh Jenkins to Ashley Renee Walters-Allison, 6405 Greenbank Road, North Little Rock, L4 B7, Green Hills, $171,000.

Jessika T. Taylor to Amanda Lyn Cross, 14121 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L40, Shady Lane, $169,900.

Jonathan R. and Elizabeth A. Waddell to Jian Carlo Garcia and Riley Garcia Pacheco, 8 Fairview Court, Jacksonville, L221, Foxwood Phase VI-A, $169,000.

Blake Brickey and Sarah Elizabeth Jacks to Kenny D. Phillips, 7626 Choctaw Road, Little Rock, L436, Briarwood, $167,750.

Ellen Beede Duffey to Meagan Cates and Stuart Neal Ripley, 39 Thornhill Drive, Sherwood, L7 B4, Oakbrooke, $167,500.

Jessica A. Bennett and The Doris Bennett Revocable Trust to Roost Holdings, LLC, 710 Loyola Drive, Little Rock, L481, St. Charles, $167,500.

Randall S. and Vicki S. Lynch to Carol Yvette Jordan, 11419 Jamestown Drive, Little Rock, L291, Walnut Valley Second, $167,500.

Marlo Suzanne Caldwell and Chris Wardlow to Andrew and Tessa Wingfield, 202 Belmont Drive, North Little Rock, Ls13-14 B134, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Ronald Koch and Doris Nichols to Muhammad Wail Hamoui, 48 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L17, Garden Oaks, $165,000.

Matthew Tyler Brown to Sommer Gray, 311 Johnson St., Little Rock, L9 B2, Hick's- Boone, $164,900.

Peggy Ruth and William Charles Waller And Peggy Ruth Waller Joint Revocable Trust to Tracy Lorraine Belcher and Domminic Joseph Medina, 11612 W. Stoney Point Court, Little Rock, L336, Walnut Valley Second, $164,000.

Byrd Real Estate Investments, LLC to VBKH, LLC, L15, Sawmill Village; L6 B2, Price Barnes Unrecorded; L47, Hickman & McConnell, $163,000.

Landon Dean Powers to Noe E. Lopez, 59 Cozy Cove Lane, North Little Rock, Pt. S/2 SE 4-1N-10W, $160,000.

Fourche Island, Inc. to City Of Little Rock, Ark., Portions Of Section 20-1N-11W, $160,000.

Misty K. Snell to Mason Joseph Dieter and Paige Waterman, 1808 Cub Trail, Sherwood, L14 B1, Bear Paw Phase I, $158,500.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Aljea and Michael Simmons, 7124 Ridgemist Lane, North Little Rock, L718, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $158,490.

Joshua M. and Evelyn Gomez to Shana Lowery, 12422 Pleasant View Drive, Little Rock, L92, Pleasant View Phase II, $157,000.

Jon and Robin DeLaHoussay and The DeLaHoussaye Living Trust to Donna K. and James A. Kroskey Jr., L20, Turtle Creek Cove, $155,000.

Carol L. Thompson to Justin Barry Smith, 9812 Grapevine Drive, Little Rock, L331, Otter Creek Community Phase III-A, $152,900.

E. June Shoptaw to John Charles Smith, 1339 Starfield Road, North Little Rock, L10 B76, Park Hill NLR, $151,888.

Amber Ross to Mahesh Bavineni and Srilakshmi Ravula, 20 Wagon Wheel Court, Little Rock, L151, Point West Second, $150,000.

Anna and Jeremy Gaspar to Crystal I. Williams, 204 Tivoli Lane, Maumelle, L4 B15, The Villas At Audubon, $150,000.


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