A good week!

What a great week, and busy, at least as busy as a Covid week can be. I worked the election on Tuesday.

We had a lot of safety protocols in place, with a screen between us and the voters, tons of hand sanitizer (and I do mean tons), gloves, wipes, and face shields (which I did not wear). Every single person who entered our building wore a mask, unprompted, and everyone was courteous. We did have a few who couldn’t vote because they incorrectly assumed that changing their mailing address and drivers license somehow was inclusive of their voter registration. We had some that thought they could change their out-of-state or out-of-county address the day of voting—and you cannot, but overall we got everyone in. It was not a large crowd for us on election day—only 250 in 12 hours! I think many people voted early either at an early polling site or by mail. I was gratified to see how many Americans voted.

We attended a small outside deck birthday party, with social distancing, and we brought our own glasses. I attended 2 back-to-back zoom baby showers with people from all over the US on one,

and all over the US and UK on the other.

So much fun to celebrate a joyous occasion with two sets of parents-to-be and see so many people in one day! We even got a virtual walk-through of the nursery in one. Staying connected is still so important, in fact more so than ever! What would we do without zoom?! I visited with friends in my garden and theirs. Overall, a very nice week.

On Sunday, we participated in the annual Camp Aldersgate fish fry.

It was a drive through event and they were highly organized. The food was as delicious as always, we just picked it up and ate it at home. Inside every meal packet was a small package of disinfecting wipes!

Everyone is beginning to realize that this is our new normal for a while and making the best of it. It is amazing how much we can adapt to whatever comes our way. Safety protocols were in place at every event I participated in. We are seeing more and more mask options at stores, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes seem to be readily available, yet we get more cases of the virus every week!

The shelves at my stores seem to be plentiful of many things I couldn’t find for a while. Flour and sugar, yeast and baking supplies are back. I found Wondra flour again, and last week Fresca reappeared,

this time in small bottles, but it is the first we have seen since late spring. And to top it all off, it is a beautiful fall and I got to spend several days working in the garden. After all, it is November, time to be thankful for what we do have!