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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Putin's finger on cash | Those blackout drills | Acting presidential

November 9, 2020 at 4:00 a.m.

Putin's finger on cash

Vladimir Putin has been messing with our economy. Back in March, Putin and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries started a price war that brought down the value of crude oil. Other oil companies could not afford to conduct business. By April, the price of oil on the U.S. stock market dove to its lowest in decades, and millions of global oil investors lost so much money they could not afford to invest in other stocks, especially with the pandemic's affect on economies worldwide.

Probably, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was trying to teach Putin that Russia could not win a price war. Well, Putin was not trying to win a price war. It appears Putin was trying to make the U.S. economic crisis even worse during a pandemic, and he succeeded.

A quick study of New York Mercantile Exchange graphs reveals that during the summer, the Dow Jones index rose and fell with an odd repetition. Almost every time the index rose, the price of oil dropped and the index fell again. It was as if Putin were controlling the rise and fall of the index. Unfortunately, this scenario gets worse. Putin's target is probably U.S. banks. United States Federal Reserve interest rates have been way too low for too long, forcing banks to try and make a living on the stock market. Putin has the power to break our banks by disrupting the stock market.



Those blackout drills

Back during World War II, we had blackouts. Sirens would go off and you would have to pull your shades down and turn off your lights. They had CDs (men in Civil Defense) come around to check on you to see if you did. Everybody cooperated, and this was just a drill. We were ready like Minute Men.

If Dough-belly Trump was in charge and the Germans really were dropping bombs, I'm sure he would call it a hoax and tell people to go outside and play. He might even tell them to see how many bombs they can catch.


Little Rock

Acting presidential

Donald Trump's press briefing Thursday night was a pathetic display of prepubescent pleadings of "unfairness." Truly sad and demonstrative of a narcissistic and egomaniacal person.

All legally cast votes should be counted; this is undeniable and unassailable. Yet he whines about the cheating that is without evidence or merit.

Joe Biden, on the contrary, espouses the philosophy of counting the votes regardless of outcome.

Who is more presidential in their vocalization?


Little Rock

Having code of honor

Why is it that our mature daughters always drag dads kicking and screaming back into reality? Let's get over ourselves; open both eyes.

As an old rag-tag veteran taking a hard look, the presidency of this United States is not about Foxy Loxy, Chicken Little Twitter litter. Above all, I think it's about having an American selfless personal code of honor: Unlike most of us, the imagination of humbly serving up the highest standards, a 10 Commandments of leadership on display every day, all that positive thought and conduct rubbing off on all of us at any age to encourage our daily American lives, encourage a conscious leap of faith to sustain us in our common humanity.



A case of sour grapes

I read "Carlson interviews Bobulinski" with great interest and an open mind. It is terrifying when our good names are called into question in the press or in any context. I don't blame Bobulinski for wanting to defend himself. Unfortunately, his efforts didn't work.

What becomes clear, despite his frequent protestations that his personal story isn't the focus, is Bobulinski got left out of a high-stakes deal for some reason (Hunter or Jim Biden realized Bobulinski wasn't the man for the job?). He has sour grapes, he threw a tantrum for being left out, which made his humiliation public, and that forced the Bidens to publicly distance themselves from him.

This single business episode, which likely represents those that take place all the time and are not criminal acts, as seen in those who represent the Trump family name and continued business interests, highlights the risks people take when they enter the world of high finance and high-stakes wheeling and dealing.

Now, because the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette chose to publish the entire interview so that readers may, as stated, judge for themselves, I better understand the howling, finger-pointing, and blaming of those who play with fire at the top but get burned: If they get the money, all is calm, all is bright. If they don't, as in Bobulinski's case, let the howling begin, as in, let insinuations and misleading implications fly.

The most laughable insinuation Bobulinski makes is his mention of communism. Trying that old trick again after the horrors and embarrassment of Parnell, McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee is ridiculous and insulting. Some Americans remember, learn from and never want to repeat our past mistakes.

Cassio argues in Shakespeare's "Othello" that reputation is all, and we all have a right to defend ours. However, Bobulinski goes too far in his defense by slinging mud and hoping some will stick. His ploy failed with this reader.



Have no vision here

Where there is no vision, the people perish. The mass of the people in this nation are not getting that from this president.




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