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Best team didn't win

Well, it appears that Auburn and Biden both won. In my opinion, they both received external help. We may not agree on many things, but I think we can all agree that the best team doesn't always win.

I wish Ol' Joe good luck for hopefully only four years, but I'm not sure if I can do the same for Auburn.


Little Rock

The world's watching

I find it interesting that none of our Republican members of Congress are commenting on this sham that is going on in the White House at this moment. Is this the way Senator Cotton wants to be treated if he should win the presidency in 2024? If not, why is he not coming out and speaking up for what is right? Is this current resident in the White House what the people of Arkansas voted for?

I didn't pay very much attention in civics class in 1964, but I've learned enough since then that this is wrong, and I have seen enough episodes of the Keystone Kops that make more sense than this president. The greatest country in the world, or what was the greatest, is now a comedy for the world to watch.



Out of step with U.S.

When I told my friends around the nation and abroad that Arkansas' state newspaper was supporting Trump for president, their jaws dropped to the floor.

All of us, including the editorialists at the ADG, know who Trump really is by now. I can't think of a person in American political history who is so utterly psychologically damaged and devoid of humanity. Just think about it: no empathy, no humor, no conscience, no feelings of shame or guilt, alleged serial sexual assault and adultery, grifting, criminal behavior, racism, and on and on it goes. He trades only in lies, insults, division, anger, and grievances.

This is the kind of man who rips babies from their parents' arms and throws them into cages with no idea of ever reuniting the children and parents. This is the kind of man who abdicates leadership in the face of a pandemic that's killing hundreds of Americans every day and convenes large superspreader events that add hundreds to the death toll.

You folks at the ADG know all of this. And yet you wanted this man to go on destroying our nation and our world. Take a long look at his conduct since the election. Is he really worthy of your support?

I believe the ADG is among the most partisan newspapers in America. That was shown by the way it smeared Barack Obama every day he was in office and since. Obama was a good and decent person on whom you heaped only scorn. We know what's ahead for Biden and Harris on these pages. You've already gotten a head start.

The good news is that the ADG is out of step with the rest of America. The bells are ringing in Paris and around the world. They're welcoming us back. It's so sad that our state newspaper can't share in this joy.


Bella Vista

Biology? Ugh, hate it

Science, science, science. Democrats love science. Except biology. They hate biology. Biology says there are two genders, male and female. Common sense says there are two genders. It seems Democrats insist there are a myriad number of genders. If you dispute that, you are homophobic, misogynistic and somehow racist.



Preservation of life

I am distressed to learn about the high rate of covid-19 transmission in Arkansas houses of worship. While I am grateful for the Arkansas Department of Health's new guidelines for houses of worship, I fear that they do not go far enough. Given what we know about transmission through singing the projected spoken word, I urge enhancement of the guidelines to include worship leaders among those who should be masked at all times when others are present.

At Congregation B'nai Israel, Arkansas' largest synagogue, we have been gathering virtually only since March 13. Our worship, though, is not virtual: It is true service of God in community. Our study is not virtual: We are learning together, albeit in a novel format. Our attendance has not suffered; to the contrary.

Jewish tradition teaches that no priority is higher than saving lives, imploring us even to violate the Sabbath in order to save a person's life so that they may observe many Sabbaths in the future. I pray that all Arkansas houses of worship, with wise guidance from state officials, will make the preservation of human life their highest priority.


Little Rock

Rabbi Barry Block leads the Congregation B'nai Israel.

Reason to oppose her

Apparently, using taxpayer funds to flood the television and radio airwaves every day with consumer advocate information that is really nothing more than thinly disguised election propaganda for her 2022 gubernatorial run is not enough for Leslie Rutledge.

Now she's decided to join a group of nine other state attorneys general in a lawsuit against the results of the 2020 Pennsylvania presidential election. Which means she'll again be using the taxpayer funds of hardworking Arkansans to get her name in the media again and take a few days' vacation to Washington on our dime, all for something that has nothing to do with Arkansas or our elections.

Which means she's giving me more reasons (although I didn't need any extra) not to vote for her in 2022. Leslie Rutledge versus Sarah Sanders Huckabee versus Tim Griffin? In the words of Randy Moss, "C'mon, man!"

Arkansas, surely we can do better.


Hot Springs


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