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Not voting for them

After spending the last four years being called a bitter, clinging, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, right-wing, extremist Nazi and deplorable, climate-denying, stupid, idiotic, naïve, toothless garbage person, if you think I am going to unite with you Democrats now, you are insane. I will never vote for another Democrat for any office including dogcatcher.


White Hall

Elitist jerks and hacks

I never cease to be amazed by the contempt the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette allows its local editorialists to express toward those of us whose patronage supports its business. It is no wonder print journalism is a dying medium. Your readership must be almost exclusively in Pulaski County, which Biden carried.

For a self-described "elitist jerk" (Philip Martin) to decry the fundamental "indecency" of the "enablers and lackeys" (i.e., Trump supporters) who pay his salary, then compliment Obama, Bush 43 and Clinton as "decent guys" whose actions in office "horrified" him defies belief. How anyone--or you--can take that guy seriously is a complete mystery. Then, there is the local gumshoe on the next page whose particular fondness for the word "infestation" suggests that he needs professional help. Surely there are some adults in the editorial room who can put an end to their petulant little tantrums.

While those hacks continue to proselytize the great unwashed, as always, we will continue to stay with you for the Hogs, the obituaries and The New York Times crosswords, resigned to the fact that we will have to get our serious news and opinions elsewhere.


Little Rock

Shift color to yellow

Though I might safely be labeled a yeller-dog Democrat, I have not held a palpable antipathy toward the Republican Party--until now.

The Republicans think their representative color is red. I disagree. The Republicans should adopt yellow as their party's color. A substantial proportion of so-called leaders in the Republican Party--including our Senators Cotton and Boozman and our Representative Womack--are apparently intimidated by the soon-to-be ex-president and hide in their offices, quaking in fear that anything they say might anger the petulant child in the White House and cause him to turn his sheep-like cadre of followers against them in future elections. In the meantime, these so-called leaders sit idly by as Mr. Trump continues to subvert our democracy by failing to accept the results of the election, which by all reports was conducted fairly and without the taint of fraud or corruption.

To each of them I say this: "Be your own man. You don't want to go down in history as Mr. Trump's lap dog."



Would seem obvious

I wonder how long it's going to take the editor of this paper to realize that a vote for Trump might not be a better choice?


Hot Springs Village

Pack up your things

Joe Biden has clearly said he intends to unite the USA. In fact, his repeating this theme endlessly during the campaign was likely the driver of his triumph. Virus, economic issues, climate change, and systemic racism all trailed the overwhelming "Trump fatigue" felt by most Americans. With Trump at the helm, most Americans no longer recognized or could identify with the current image of their own country.

Thus, their message to the combative Donald Trump: "You're fired!"


Little Rock

Do you support this?

From the first days of his election, Donald Trump violated national norms that have tied this country together since its creation. Meanwhile, Mr. David Barham, writing for the editorial page, said nothing.

From the beginning Trump treated the institutions of the government as his personal fiefdom, and Mr. Barham was quiet.

For four years President Trump used the powers of his office to attack those who opposed him, while pardoning his friends. He rejected our great strength as a United States with his view of the Splintered States by favoring red states over blue ones. Still, silence from Mr. Barham.

This has continued to the present. In his speeches of Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, he demanded that vote-counting stop in the country that President Reagan called "the shining city on the hill." He called into question the heart and soul of our democracy: the legitimacy of the election.

Certainly, Mr. Barham would find this, finally this, an obscenity too far. But all that followed were wimpy editorials that complained about protesters carrying anti-Trump banners and tweeters calling Trumpers uneducated fools. There was no mention of the president trying to delegitimize the election, claiming fraud by Democrats--in Georgia even, which is Republican from top to bottom--without evidence.

This is the most egregious act by a president during my eight-decade life, and Mr. Barham felt it unimportant compared to anonymous tweeters and protesters.

Paraphrasing Mr. Joseph Welch in the Army-McCarthy hearings: At long last, Mr. Barham, have you left no sense of decency? No sense of history? No horror of the damage done by President Trump to the fabric of our republic? No idea of what another four years could mean when there was no election to lose?

Is there no limit to what you would support if perpetrated by President Trump?


Little Rock

Taking it to the court

I noted with interest Sen. Tom Cotton's suggestion that Mr. Trump go forward with his lawsuits challenging the recent presidential election. I agree. Although a number of Mr. Trump's lawsuits have already been dismissed for lack of evidence, if Mr. Trump does have evidence substantiating his claims, he should have the opportunity to put it forward in court. Likewise, if Mr. Trump's claims are, in fact, unsubstantiated and frivolous, that should also be demonstrated in a court of law.

Either way, the people of the United States and those abroad who see the United States as a beacon of hope deserve to have their faith in America and its institutions confirmed. And if Mr. Trump has, in fact, baselessly maligned the election process, he deserves to be consigned to the trash heap of history.


Little Rock


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