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Real estate transactions

November 15, 2020 at 1:47 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 12-Oct. 16:

KRS Parcel 8, LLC to Crostco Wholesale Corp., Tract 40 Unit 1, Independence Farms, $12,600,000.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc. and Little Rock Newspapers, Inc. to Arkansas State Highway Commission, Ls1 & 12 B7 & Ls1-2 & 6-12 B8, RectorTown, $8,046,186.

Little Rock Propco, LLC to Legion Hut Owner, LLC, Pt. SW NE 11-1S-13W, $1,730,000.

PB General Holdings (Vimy Ridge), LLC to SS Realty, LP, Pt. SW SW 16-1S-13W, $1,588,000.

Byron and Marilyn McKimmey and Billy and Linda Morden to Steven G. and Stephanie Deere, Pt. NE 19 & Pt. NW 20-3N-11W; Pt. SW 17-3N-11W, $1,350,000.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Co., LLC to Willow Lake Farms, LLC, 1228 Maddox Road, Jacksonville, Various Parts Sections 32 & 31-4N-10W, $1,252,800.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Co., LLC to Dashu Properties, LLC, 113 W. Republican Road, Jacksonville, Various Parts Sections 32, 29, 30 & 31-4N-10W, $753,713.

Samy Mamdouh Heshmat and Radwa Kholeif to Rocky and Kalpana Govind, 52 Maisons Drive, Little Rock, L17 B118, Chenal Valley, $660,000.

Christopher W. and Jacqueline Highsmith to Richard B. and Theresa M. Weiland, 18017 Waterview Meadow Court, Roland, L306, Waterview Meadows, $610,000.

Kalpesh and Ketal Makan to Mantej Singh, Bharatbhai Hamirani and Amandeep Singh, 5401 Fairway Cove, North Little Rock, L1 B43, Overbrook, $605,000.

Barbara and James A. Penney Jr., to Ashley M. and Ronald J. Moore Jr., 29408 Penney Lane, Roland, Pt. NW SE 10-3N-15W, $600,000.

Lora Vaughn/Lora V. McIntosh to William Glen and Eva Denise Hoggard, L4 B101, Chenal Valley, $585,000.

Karen James Custom Build Homes, Inc. to Kimberly and James W. Adams Jr., 57 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L24 B136, Chenal Valley, $580,000.

Kristin K. Zorn to Richard L. and Nita S. Crownover, 1711 Thompson Lane, Little Rock, Pt. W/2 NE 32-2N-14W, $545,000.

Elaine H. Scott and The Elaine J. Scott Revocable Trust to Mollie Yoder and Rick B. Vance Jr., Ls11-12 B7, Pulaski Heights, $515,000.

Tiffany F. Weatherly to Shamma Mohammed and Ashraf Muhammedali, 131 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L24 B123, Chenal Valley, $502,000.

Ella Catherine Whaley and Ryan Mooney to Dilip Bhandrari and Nirmala Parajuli, 13904 Fern Valley Lane, Little Rock, L4 B13, Woodlands Edge, $499,900.

Robert Duncan and Lyndi H. Gregory and The Gregory Family Revocable Trust to Timothy J. and Carrie L. Kimbrell, 124 Verona Circle, Sherwood, Ls11-13 B1, Country Club Park, $470,000.

Chris Nelson Construction, LLC to Erica L. and Antoine L. James, 8916 Stillwater Road, Sherwood, L28RR B3, Creekside Replat, $460,000.

Jeffery Scott and Summer B. Young to Andrew D. Petersen, 5 Weatherstone Point, Little Rock, L16 B17, Woodlands Edge, $455,000.

VRSB Investments, LLC to Kang Brothers Investments, LLC, 23724 Ark. 10, Little Rock, Pt. NW SW 8-2N-14W, $450,000.

E-Co Residential Builders, Inc. to J. Waymond and Kissmedge Wade, 96 Lucia Lane, Maumelle, L1672, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $438,000.

Lyndon Andy and Paige B. Miller to Kenneth E. Allison Jr., 17 Challain Cove, Little Rock, L69 B61, Chenal Valley, $432,500.

Patsy Chaplin to Roy P. and Sandra M. Smith, 8 Crestmont Drive, Little Rock, L114, Robinwood, $420,000.

Budco, Inc. to James Carroll Cummings, 9840 Laurel Oak Drive, Sherwood, L86, Miller Heights Phase III, $409,900.

Tony L. Cassady to Terri New and Stanislav Georgiev, Unit 1708, River Market Tower HPR, $405,000.

Brett N. and Jacqueline J. Smith to Randall Todd and Stephanie Wilson, 45 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L9 B81, Chenal Valley, $405,000.

Gustavo and Pam Robles to Jonathan L. and Kristen T. McGrew, 32 Talais Drive, Little Rock, L7 B44, Chenal Valley, $400,000.

Adam and Jennifer Coleman to LeAnn Alexander, 711 Silverwood Trail, North Little Rock, L28 B3, Shady Valley, $380,000.

Deere Builders, LLC to Sheila Lynn Hollinger, 9809 Laurel Oak Drive, Sherwood, L43, Miller Heights Phase III, $377,800.

Lynn Law-Wheeler to Tonia and David Woody, L10 B68, Chenal Valley, $373,550.

Memphis CashFlow, GP to Mark and Maria Haynes, 9200 Tedburn Circle, Little Rock, L207, Merrivale Section D; L34 B5, Fairfield Secrion B; Pt. W/2 NE 6-1S-12W; L271, Twin Lakes Section D, $362,600.

Thomas W. Jones to Hannah B. and Matt D. Winslow, 6 Petress Court, Little Rock, L379, St. Charles, $361,500.

Mark and Jessica Foster to David Wellington and Elizabeth Russell and The David And Elizabeth Russell Revocable Trust, 7800 Leawood Blvd., Little Rock, L46, Leawood Heights First, $360,000.

John Wright Construction Co., Inc. to Steven Carl Nail and ReChell Reeder, 14 Majestic Court, Maumelle, L46 B1, Majestic Pointe, $356,000.

Christopher Louis and Elizabeth Alene Cline and The Cline Family Revocable Trust to Barbara Snell, 21 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L9 B72, Chenal Valley, $350,000.

Revitalize Home Design, LLC to Martha Jena Prieto, L152, Sheraton Park, $350,000.

Elizabeth Carole and Thomas Barton Pickle Jr., to Angela Lee and Stephen Paulson, 9 Equennes Drive, Little Rock, L7 B31, Chenal Valley, $340,000.

Rickey And Kay John Investments, LLC to John and Stacey Lemmon, 3901 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L32 B48, Lakewood, $335,000.

Simmons Bank to M. & A. Group, LLC, 13100 Otter Creek Road, Little Rock, L3, Otter Creek Plaza, $330,000.

Charles L. and Carol Y. Tennyson to Kyle and Cara Clements, 55 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock, L10 B34, Pleasant Valley, $325,000.

Jeffery Pollitt to Sherry Oldner, 160 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L4 B5, Hickory Ridge Phase I, $325,000.

Timothee Trevevant Wilkin to Brittani Laneigh Creed and Tyson William Baldwin, 14 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L37 B1, Wildwood Place, $317,000.

Troy Clark to Kristen Gloria, 3 Saint Charles Court, Little Rock, L36, St. Charles, $305,000.

Roberts & Roberts Properties, LLC to RBW Enterprise, LLC, 221 S. Redmond Road, Jacksonville, L12, Campbell's Industrial; Pt. N/2 Section 25-3N-11W, $305,000.

Gregory L. Kearns to Rachel Furman, 2501 Kavanaugh Blvd., A, Little Rock, L1A B12, Pulaski Heights Replat, $302,500.

Darin D. Thomas to Amy Madeline Bailey, 25 Forest Valley Lane, Little Rock, L12R, Forest Valley Replat, $302,000.

Timothy and Carrie Kimbrell to Forrest and Katherine Haley, 8817 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood, L2 B6, Creekside, $301,000.

Mike Kesterson to Vicente and Gabriela Robledo, 11320 Arch St., Little Rock, Pt. N/2 Section 9-1S-12W, $300,000.

Dominic J. and Sarah Rose to Moman E. Bates III., 8 Keswick Cove, Little Rock, L101, Hillsborough Phase IV-A, $297,000.

Karen S. McIntyre to John Christopher Short, 14800 Bringle Creek Road, Bigelow, Pt. NE NW 23-3N-16W, $294,000.

JMK Construction, LLC to Jon Larry Starr II., 4309 Community Cove, Sherwood, L17, Community, $293,400.

David S. and Elizabeth A. Clark to Mark Ray Norwine, 620 N. Buchanan St., Little Rock, L20R B23, Lincoln Park, $292,500.

Jo G. and Charles W. McDougall Jr., to Paul Schuller, 38 Perdido Circle, Little Rock, L130, St. Charles, $290,000.

Virginia Marie Stevener and The Virginia Marie Stevener And Dale William Stevener Revocable Living Trust to James Brian and Velia Veronica Patterson, 7 Ouachita Cove, Maumelle, L185, Edgewater Phase II, $289,900.

Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Andrea L. Barksdale, 315 Parker St., North Little Rock, L11, The Porches At Rockwater Village, $286,900.

Clifford B. and Kelly Causey to Andrew Todd King and Dana Marie Banks, 2 Platte Cove, Maumelle, L1, Riverland II, $282,000.

Debra L. and Michael C. Wilmarth to Tomika Tate and Willie Gaddy Jr., 130 Coty Court, Jacksonville, Pt. NW NE 2-3N-11W, $280,900.

Michael Sullivan and Hallie Shoffner to Luke Jones and Jenna Catharine Jones, 202 W. 17th St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B188, Original City Of Little Rock, $272,500.

John Hunter and Lindsey Cassinelli Cooper to LaTara Sheron Suber-Martin, 4 Fernsledge Court, Little Rock, L33R, Carriage Creek Phase II, $272,500.

Stonekey Properties, LLC to Anselm and Fiona Tintinu, 219 Barton St., Little Rock, L9 B8, Capitol View, $265,000.

Laureen Isom to Jacqueline Rowlett, 322 Parliament St., Little Rock, L18 B4, The Villages Of Wellington, $262,000.

Melissa Jayne Bearden to Krystal Ross, 1 Hunters Wood Court, Little Rock, L689, Otter Creek Community Phase VI, $260,000.

John P. and Beverly J. Cooper to Mark and Jessica Foster, L133, Pleasant View Phase III, $256,300.

Sam M. Vogel Jr., and The Robbie Blackburn Vogel Revocable Trust to Scott F. Paterek, 3500 Cedar Hill Road, Ste. 2N, Little Rock, Apt. 2N, Westriver Tower HPR Replat- Cedar Hill Terrace, $256,000.

James D. and Bonnie S. Davis to Rodney H. and Amy K. Haygood, 1800 Mill Creek Circle, North Little Rock, L1 B7, Overbrook, $254,900.

John and Gloria Lopez to Thomas and Scottie Walsh, 2223 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L1 B22, Pleasant Valley, $251,000.

Jesse William Pierce to Annsley A'Dale Garner, 100 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, L34, Wilton Heights, $240,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Nithin Karakala and Vinisha Reddy Kota, L28 B98, Chenal Valley-Varennes Court, $240,000.

Leonard and Rhonda Higgins to Zachary Ratkovich and Minday VanKuren, 4308 Hazelwood Road, North Little Rock, L201 B203, Park Hill NLR, $239,000.

William Buckner to Witson Ross Moore, 9 Westoak Circle, Little Rock, L5, Secluded Hills Phase V, $239,000.

David L. Stuit and Beth A. Tunturi to Warren William Martin and Steve Thomas Scoggins, 2119 Scott St., Little Rock, L5 B418, DuVall, $235,900.

Margaret Rebecca Benton to Tim and Ann Woodruff, L38, Valley View Court, $235,000.

Jerry and Patricia Chacon to Jennifer A. McVey, 2608 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L349, Ludington Heights, $232,000.

Gary and Edna F. Lipkins to Reginald Dejuan and Stephanie Booth, 13601 Harewood Manor, North Little Rock, L18 B21, Stone Links, $230,000.

James W. and Audrey L. Martine to Jennifer Speaks and Lucas White, 44 Coachlight Drive, Little Rock, L214, Sturbridge Phase III, $225,000.

Frank Whitbeck and The KEO-1 Irrevocable Real Estate Investment Trust to Faulkner 391 Development, LLC, Pt. S/2 Section 31-2N-10W; Pt. N/2 Section 6-1N-10W, $225,000.

AG Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Riviera Partners, LLC, Unit 603, Riviera HPR, $225,000.

David and Lisa L. Kopittke and The David And Lisa L. Kopittke Revocable Trust to Hayden Lewis, 7 Ozark Drive, Maumelle, L264, Edgewater Phase II, $224,000.

Lawrence and Karla Back and The Lawrence And Karla Back Family Trust to Stephanie H. Overton and The Stephanie H. Overton Revocable Trust, Pt. SE 17-2N-14W, $220,000.

Profit Mar-Jen Investments, LLC to Justice Enterprise, LLC, L26 B3 & L4 B1, Delta Lawn; L7 B5, Valley View, $215,000.

Gary C. and Kathryn A. Young to Jana Felice Young, 4708 Bowers St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B11, Euclid Place, $205,000.

Dennis P. and Miriam Gallaher to Susan Knowles, Apt. 300, Cambridge Place HPR, $200,000.

Trucks Of Little Rock, Inc. to Angela Gray Family Dentistry, Inc., L4, Madden, $200,000.

Jason Andrew and Shannon Marie Kies to Joanne Czumalowski, 1625 Hidden Creek Drive, Sherwood, L11, Hidden Creek, $199,000.

Madison C. and Candace J. Newkirk to Kevin Chen Spatz, 323 Rosetta St., Little Rock, L17 B6, CS Stifft, $198,000.

Jordan T. and Rebekah J. Deroo to Antonio Villarreal, 3515 N. Poplar St., North Little Rock, Ls10-11 B38, Park Hill NLR, $192,000.

Kyle and Cara Clements/Cara Harris to Julie Marcks, 615 N. Hughes St., Little Rock, L6, Hall Plaza Replat- Plaza Heights, $192,000.

Johnny L. and Alice F. Taylor to Todd M. Howard and Trinity R. McCracken-Howard, 714 N. Shackleford Rd., Little Rock, L581, Walnut Valley Third, $190,000.

Ronald B. and Karin L. Bara and The Bara Family Trust Of 2012 to Nathan P. Ragsdill, 16 Forest Brook Court, Little Rock, L26 B3, Sandpiper West, $190,000.

New Home Estates Corp., Inc. to Jonathan Wayne Bolden, 1900 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock, L15 B2, Northbrook, $188,000.

Kane Webb to Alicia M. Bratton, Unit 2, 2423 Kavanaugh HPR, $185,500.

Steven Bass and Robert Gregg Petersen II., to Lou Ann Bray, 9 Gaslight Square, North Little Rock, L3, Gas Light Square, $182,000.

Matthew Alexander and Alexandra M. Tubbs to Meloney Jones, 12206 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L32, Pleasant Forest I, $179,900.

Sara Danielle Bicker/Sara Danielle Thorn and Jed Bicker to Allison Minor and Jordan Muir, 1701 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L130, Point West Third Phase 2B, $177,000.

Patricia Robinson and Exell Sims to KLS Leasing, LLC, Pt. SW SE 8-1N-12W; L1 B4, Everett, $174,000.

Ronald and Jan Tropf to Shendo Porter and Shendos Custom, 4410 W. 30th St., Little Rock, Ls9-12 B8, Riffel And Holder's Second, $174,000.

Effie O. Catlett to Chaz M. and Jamie Gillespie, 114 N. Beverly Ave., Sherwood, L22 B3, Country Club Park, $170,000.

Andrea Kathryn Pennington/ Andrea Kathryn Rich and Roger Pennington to Erin Ashleigh and Jacob Keola Cervantes, 19 Shawnee Forest Cove, Little Rock, L96, Pleasant Forest II, $170,000.

Katherine A. Eisenhower and The Katherine A. Eisenhower Living Trust, Angela L. Sample and The Angela L. Sample Living Trust to Jeremy M. Bednar, 4210 Evenfall Lane, North Little Rock, L9 B68, Park Hill NLR, $169,400.

Stella M. Kamanda to Rick and Jennifer Starks, L78, Valley Falls Estates Phase I, $165,000.

Lucas and Casey Hedrick to Lisa Diane Peyer, 1110 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L99, Silver Creek Phase II, $165,000.

Nina Johnson to Kayla Marie Church and Daniel James Cross, 6509 Blackstone Drive, North Little Rock, Lot H B9, Tanglewood Annex, $164,000.

Angelo Lanier to Clara Ebenye Eseke, L24, Green Diamond, $163,000.

Logan and Molly Bloom to Hannah and Michael W. Frey II., 19 Marble Court, Little Rock, L173, Pleasant View Section A Phase IV, $162,000.

Arium Development, LLC to Saxion Enterprises, LLC, 911 S. Park St., Little Rock, L7B B9, Capitol Hill Extension Replat, $161,000.

MBD Properties, LLC to Jackeline Olson, 10 Yellowstone Cove, Maumelle, L20, Riverland, $159,500.

Seth Mallicoat to Cheryl Snell, 15 Hampshire Circle, Little Rock, Apt. III, Berkshire Park HPR, $158,000.

James and Norlie Chapman to Lois Rezler, L2, Echo Valley Manor, $156,750.

Waldo Enterprises, LLC to Camille Hart, 722 S. Valentine St., Little Rock, L6 B1, Central Heights, $155,000.

Thurman L. and Mary Ann Woodworth to Stacie Ferguson and The Stacie Denise Ferguson Revocable Trust, 146 Cambridge Place Drive, Little Rock, Apt. 146, Cambridge Place HPR, $155,000.

Patricia A. Kent and The Kent Living Trust to Trent Allen and Dena Jo Toney, 1200 Hill St., Jacksonville, L14 B2, Oakhurst, $155,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Shawana Gaston, 6624 Trammel Estate Drive, Sherwood, L241, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $153,585.

Elizabeth N. and Robert G. Green to Lara Beth Gore, 124 Melrose Circle, North Little Rock, L13 B1, Melrose Place, $153,000.

Real Estate Commercial I, LLC and BMills, LLC to Jason Lee and Jennifer Cummings, 40 Prince Drive, Maumelle, L95, Kingspark, $152,500.

Cindy Lynn Thompson to Jonneana Green, 1307 Oak Forest Drive, Jacksonville, L66, Parkview, $151,750.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Co., LLC to Becky & Becky, LLC, 1319 E. Republican Road, Jacksonville, Pt. E/2 NE 32-4N-10W, $150,000.

Bonnie Stroud to Susan and Alonzo Williams Sr., 20 Britts Lane, Little Rock, L172, Greenwood Acres Phase 2, $150,000.


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