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Above their interests

I was a poll worker with the Pulaski County Election Commission on Election Day. During my training I found Election Commission staff to be conscientious, professional, and committed to following election laws and protocols.

Three independent commissioners provide oversight for the commission's operations, two from the state's Republican Party and one from the Democratic Party. The commissioners assure elections are conducted under the rule of law with fairness and openness. I was disturbed to learn that the GOP's commissioners attempted to obstruct the staff's lawful execution of counting ballots, trying to bypass the commission's bylaws. It seems this all was conducted at the direction of Doyle Webb, the chair of the Republican Party of Arkansas, apparently to help swing the results of two close races in the GOP's favor. One commissioner reportedly even laid hands on and physically confronted a staff member.

This behavior was in great contrast to what I saw on Election Day when I visited several precincts. I met staff working the polls, voters, and nearby campaign workers. No one caused any trouble. All were civil and observant of the rules governing an election. Campaign workers made sure to stay the specified distance away from the polling place, even if their candidate's sign was less visible.

It is a shame that these commissioners could not follow this example and put civil observance of the law above their personal interests.


Little Rock

Who will pay piper?

Another election (every one since 1952), and each promised a better government and more free stuff, etc. All this and more without increasing the national debt. How long can this go on?

The only election winners were those who bought access and the political families. Each grew in power and wealth. The worker (the only true source of wealth) will again pay the piper.

Can we ever trust the government again? Its batting average is near zero.



Laws on time, tags

I would like to suggest a couple of issues for Congress to address when it reconvenes. The first is Daylight Saving Time. Please either make it year-long or stop doing it at all. The second is the tags that are placed on pillows, decorative and other. Please rescind the law that requires them.

I think these would improve our lives greatly, would receive broad bipartisan support and should pass without wrangling.


Cherokee Village

Oh, but he hates that

Now that the election is over, Trump's name has become synonymous with the word in the English language he hates more than any other: loser.




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