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There's a solution to it

Yes, Mike Masterson, you are overlooking something. In a republic, with democracy, we are able to identify the disunity and thereby find a way to solve problems. May I suggest compromise?

Now go out into the world ...



Deer herd removed

It has been revealed that the University of Arkansas, specifically President Bobbitt, has had a deer herd removed and executed for being a nuisance on the university campus in Cammack Village. It is no coincidence that this campus is also the location of the president's house. One is left to assume they were a nuisance to Dr. and Mrs. Bobbitt.

While I fully believe that deer found a steady source of food from this lush region, I would seriously ask what made those involved believe the animals were theirs to dispose of. Courts in Texas recently ruled white-tailed deer are public property. These deer did not live on the UA campus; rather, they moved and grazed through the entire area, including my yard. And it would be sheer folly to not realize that if these deer were happy in this area, there will be more to quickly fill this space. The deer freely move between the Heights/Cammack Village and the Arkansas River. Lord knows they are in abundance at the river. Of course, now there will be even more forage for the rabbits. We have an abundance of those too. Good luck keeping up with them!

The president has a house provided, and a maintenance and grounds crew. That he further feels entitled to use his position to force the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to act in a way they would not do for you nor me is a serious breach of public trust and an abuse of power and position.

The deer will return, so, unless this will be a recurrent black eye for the university, I suggest that the few behind this reflect on themselves and their own place in this universe. When they do, I hope they realize they too are but the smallest speck, as were those deer.


Little Rock

A lack of leadership

With more than 5,000 new cases of covid-19 diagnosed in Arkansas in the past week, our governor still refused to tell people to wear masks? Seriously? I am disgusted by his lack of leadership. Whether or not the governor will say it, people, wear a mask!


Little Rock

Not good for nation

The 80 percent of the evangelicals and others that voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 due to hot-button issues and wanting an authoritarian president need to rethink their position. Some are guilty of blasphemy, calling Trump their savior, and justified their lack of moral compass by saying characters in the Bible were adulterers. This flawed thinking is contributing to the decline of Christianity and sets examples that cannot be undone. Either God supported a Biden win and did not answer prayers for a Trump victory, or prayers do not work and God is not all-knowing or all-powerful. The value of prayer is to change the mindset of those praying.

Trump's intimidation and lying is supported by too many. In 1,316 days, Trump lied 22,247 times (Washington Post). It is incomprehensible that over 70 million are OK with that. They would not accept that from anyone else. I believe it shows their God is money, their religion is greed, and they have lost their moral compass.

Trump prostituted science, our government, the presidency, the Republican Party, and this nation. Those that approve of this are guilty and complicit to his illegal, amoral, self-serving and unethical actions. Those with these values, morals, and ethics are not good for this nation.


Hot Springs

On civics knowledge

I read with interest Sunday the article about the revision to the test to be given to immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens. Apparently, the test has been made more difficult, as the article said prospective citizens will now have to name all three branches of U.S. government instead of just one. And the number of questions needed to pass the test (and thus become a U.S. citizen) has also been increased.

I was happy to read this since we already have plenty of citizens who are ignorant of how the U.S. government works without adding more. I would in fact wish that the same test be given to native U.S. citizens, perhaps upon high school graduation, and those who fail be required to take a remedial civics course.

I realize this will never happen as it stomps all over people's rights, including the right to be ignorant. But I can dream.



Listen to the science

I listened to Governor Hutchinson's briefing, hoping he was going to do something that would save lives. A task force isn't it.

My 88-year-old mother was sitting in a doctor's waiting room the other day. There was a man there with his mask sitting on his shoulder. He told the nurse he was wearing his mask. He refused to put it on and refused to leave. My mother was on a ventilator for five days this spring. Covid would kill her. There was no way to make this man put on his mask or leave the waiting room because of weak government that won't issue a mandate with real penalties.

This government is killing the people of Arkansas if it doesn't put some weight behind a mask mandate. I ask Governor Hutchinson to listen to the science.


Eureka Springs


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