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Subverting democracy

I am extremely concerned that our current president is subverting the democratic process by refusing to accept the outcome of the election.

This is not how a democracy works. The people vote, the votes are tabulated, the winner is declared and the loser accepts the results. It is how our country has worked for 244 years. It is how life works. The winner wins, the loser accepts graciously, and democracy remains intact.

Our current president is damaging our democracy by his willful defiance of our democratic process. It appears he is refusing to step down. What he is doing is tantamount to a despotic action. This cannot be tolerated.

I expect and respectfully request that the duly elected representatives from the state of Arkansas take appropriate action to refute Mr. Trump's actions and chastise him for the harm he is doing to our country and to the democratic principles on which our country is founded. To stand beside Mr. Trump now is to support the actions of a would-be dictator.



Give equal treatment

News reports show that various political leaders in the country are considering or have ordered shutdowns again. The Arkansas governor has not ruled them out. My plan will help citizens believe that our elected and non-elected decision makers considered all aspects of such a decision.

It is very simple. When any branch of government makes a decision to shut down any type of economic activity, every individual involved in any way in such a decision will have all their personal compensation cut off immediately with no opportunity for making it up later. It seems that in these "pauses" or "shutdowns," all people not on government payroll suffer, but the decision-makers do not. My idea will have the effect of making them be in the same position as everyone else and to actually think about the problems their decision causes. Citizens everywhere should demand equal treatment for these decision-makers.



Is not hard to fathom

Their leader whines, lies and cries foul, so what do they do? They whine, repeat the lies and cry foul. This is not a movement, it is a cult; their leader having brainwashed his flock, abetted by conservative media outlets and their preening commentators who care less for the truth than the promotion of their right-wing agenda, not to mention the concerns of a whole lot of Americans they don't agree with: over 78 million and counting.

Is it really so hard to fathom that this president's long list of egregious behaviors, including an almost daily assault on anyone not towing his line, deliberately pitting Americans against Americans, just might lead to a decisive electoral defeat in November? Well, it did. Now grow up and deal with it!


Little Rock

What counts for me

Let me first say that I am a cradle Republican but I did vote Democratic this year. I would like to address the hurt feelings of Joe Cromwell. As a Republican I have never been called any of those names, but have been called many vile names by Trump supporters simply because I called out some of his lies and bullying. Unless Mr. Cromwell is actually Donald Trump in disguise, I doubt that he has been called all those things either.

I voted for the Democrats, not because I supported them but because the Republicans ran a mud-slinging campaign. Not one of them told me what they intended to do. They just told me how awful their opponent was. I voted in fervent hope to restore some civility to politics. One candidate did say he had fought for my Social Security and Medicare, but my net Social Security actually went down $8 a month because of the increase in Medicare. My income tax went up $1,400 in 2018, the first year of the famous tax cuts, and I am retired, solidly middle class. All of my itemized deductions were disallowed under the new tax code because I didn't reach the lower threshold, I have no children and my home is paid off. My income had not changed.

Integrity, honesty and ethics count for me, and there has been none in the White House for almost four years. I have always been told that when one person has problems with a lot of other people, the constant is that one person ... but all those who have left the administration are "disgruntled."


Little Rock

In too much of paper

It's taken years of observation of the self-centered, stream-of-consciousness content in Philip Martin's columns to drive me to the boiling point.

Last Sunday's column contained the personal pronouns "my," "I," "we," and "our" 79 times by my count. This isn't new: I've counted before with similar results. "I spent a large chunk of last week cleaning out and re-arranging ... I have a nice set-up ... Our house is a bit smaller ... The downstairs is ..." The intricate description of his house goes on and on. Who cares?! This is just the most recent example of content that is so often inane, leaving the reader thinking "What's his point? Where's he going with this?" Why does a movie review, for example, have to be all about him?

It wouldn't be so bad if so much of the column space we pay for wasn't increasingly going to him; it's getting worse, by the week, it seems. You have always provided us with excellent syndicated columnists (e.g., Victor Davis Hanson, Walter Williams, many others) along with a broad range of local writers of all political stripes. I've enjoyed my subscription to your newspaper for 40+ years, love the digital version, and want to continue. But you just have to change this march toward Philip Martin all the time.


Little Rock


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