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About those vaccines

Governor Hutchinson: Right now, there are two very promising covid vaccines, produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Both use very similar technology to build immunity. Pfizer's vaccine must be kept at an ultra-cold temperature until used. There exist almost no freezers that can do the job. Moderna's vaccine can be stored in a regular freezer for months or a refrigerator for weeks.

The federal government is planning to buy many millions of doses of each vaccine. Arkansas will have to get them to the people. That makes no sense. This is a national emergency. We can order both companies to cooperate in producing as many doses of the Moderna vaccine as they can.

Please let Washington know what Arkansas needs, with the help of your fellow governors. Our lives depend on it.


Hot Springs

Acknowledge winner

To the Arkansas members of Congress Boozman, Cotton, Crawford, Hill, Westerman, and Womack: As I write, 14 days have passed since Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election. None of you has had the courage to publicly recognize that fact.

Biden won decisively. Trump's claims of election fraud are baseless. He can't bear the truth, so he fired cybersecurity director Chris Krebs for saying that the election was the most secure in American history. He routinely retaliates against Pentagon leaders who won't bow to him, so he fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Rather than experience the same fate, others refuse to speak the truth or do their part to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to the new administration. As you well know, this delay risks our national security and slows the national response to the coronavirus.

Are you also so afraid of Trump that you cannot state the obvious truth? Is your tiny piece of power (your next election) more important than the oath you took to uphold the Constitution? It sure looks that way, as you stay mute while he spews crazy conspiracy theories about the election and attempts to invalidate the results.

Trump's dangerous, immoral nonsense is unprecedented for an American president. In the past, both houses of Congress would have rebuked such behavior. He only gets worse because elected officials like you allow it. Speak up now. Put the facts on your websites. I'll help you word it: "Congratulations to Joe Biden, who has been elected as the 46th president of the United States."


North Little Rock

An error in equation

Your Nov. 17 feature on Muzology, a program "that could help ... students navigate the sometimes puzzling universe of numbers," was accompanied by an illustration of a student rejoicing at a simple equation. There's just one small problem: The equation is incorrect (except for two special cases where x = 0 or x = 1).

For a simple proof, let x = 2, a = 3, and b = 4. In the equation this resolves to 8 plus 16 = 128, clearly incorrect.

The equation is correct if you multiply in the left side of the equation instead of adding; 8 times 16 indeed is 128. I'm sure the happy child saw her illustrator's error immediately.


Little Rock


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