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Real estate transactions

November 29, 2020 at 1:47 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Oct. 26-Oct. 30:

NLA Northshore CK, LLC to Jack J. and Sharyl L. Pearce and The Jack Pearce Revocable Trust- 1994, 4601 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, L1A B1, Northshore Business Park, $5,555,000.

Donald P. and Nancy Callan, Dorothy N. Davis and The Fallon A. Davis Family Trust to Ferdowsian Properties, LLC, 10319 W. Markham St., Little Rock, Pt. SE NW 3-1N-13W, $1,100,000.

CLBNB Properties, Inc. to Real Practices, Inc., 1 Lile Court, Ste. 200, Little Rock, Units 2A & 2B, Westside Plaza HPR, $950,000.

ECS Homes, LLC to Gina and Ryan Thursby, 14 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, L14, Robinwood Unrecorded, $652,000.

Gina and Ryan C. Thursby to Norman Scott and Mary Carole Polk, 55 Normandy Lane, Little Rock, L12, Normandy, $644,500.

Hastings Realty Co. and Moon Distributors, Inc. to Arkansas State Highway Commission, Ls1-2 B16, Rectortown, $642,425.

Reddy Innovative Builders, LLC to Samuel Lee and Cheryl Kellogg Freeze, 45 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L4 B106, Chenal Valley, $634,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Mahek Shah and Reema Patel, 52 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L21 B135, Chenal Valley, $632,000.

Rodney E. Chandler and The Rodney E. Chandler Living Trust to Donna M. and Stephen A. Ziller III., L23 B101, Chenal Valley, $629,000.

Matthew and Morgan Wilkins and The Matthew And Morgan Wilkins Living Trust to Marina and Eugene Becker, 8 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L22 B105, Chenal Valley, $625,000.

Kelley D. Johnson and The Kelley Johnson Family Revocable Trust to Kelly S. and Robert K. Jackson, 5604 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L98, Forest Heights Place, $575,000.

Michael E. Whiting and Rhonda K. Adams to Eric Latrez Alexander, 401 Cypress Court, Jacksonville, L36R & Tract 35FR, Oak Ridge Ranch Replat, $560,000.

Affordable Residential Roofing, Inc. to Cache River Properties, LLC, 3401 E. Broadway, North Little Rock, Pt. SW 31 2N-11W, $557,500.

Norman Scott and Mary Carole Polk to Jeffrey Alexander and Amber Dawn Grimes, 3602 Doral Drive, Little Rock, L35 B9, Pleasant Valley, $550,000.

Hines Homes, LLC to Summer B. and Jeffery S. Young, 18021 Oak Creek Place, Little Rock, L17, Oak Creek, $549,403.

Keerthy Narisetty and Manjulatha Yeddanapalli to Andrew James Ray and Stephanie Helen Edwards Schatz, 9 Frecourt Lane, Little Rock, L12 B44, Chenal Valley, $475,000.

Jeffrey Alexander and Amber Dawn Grimes to Stephen Frank and Amy Diane Lorge, L7 B2, Millers Cove, $471,500.

Marvin's Garden, LLC to Mark and Maria Haynes, 2409 & 2402 Wilshire Drive, North Little Rock, Ls148 & 125, Belwood, $468,500.

David Miller and Mary Robin Persson to Matthew P. and Jessica A. Stagg, 16 Cove Creek Point, Little Rock, L7 B23, Woodlands Edge, $457,500.

Rector Phillips Morse, Inc. to Winston Chad Peepper, 43 Rosans Court, Little Rock, L111 B72, Chenal Valley, $452,000.

Elvira Thompson and The Elenora Wenzel Revocable Trust to Mark Joseph Steenhoek, 13805 Belle Pointe Drive, Little Rock, L11R, Belle Pointe, $450,000.

Chad and Donna Jameson to James Malcum and Sara Joan Goodall, 15607 Scenic Point Drive, North Little Rock, L2, Panther Mountain Estates, $443,500.

Kevin Driver Builder, LLC to John Russell and Ashley Burks, 108 Belles Fleurs Blvd., Little Rock, L34, Belles Fleurs, $440,000.

River Rock Builders, LLC to Krishna Murty and Satya Vani Vucha, 27 Waterside Drive, Little Rock, L8, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $426,000.

Brandi Hurtado to Pamela Jo Isom and Brock Wrinkles, 6 Trent Jones Cove, Sherwoood, L4, Fairway Park, $415,000.

Robert Paul and Lisa Jean Stagg and The Paul And Lisa Stagg Trust Number One to Rosemary F. and Dustin G. Ezell, 5016 Calico Creek Cove, North Little Rock, L11 B42, Overbrook, $415,000.

I 430-365, LLC to Jeff and Delana Keeling, Pt. NE SW & Pt. SE NW 25-3N-12W, $409,000.

Patricia Ann and William O. James Jr., to Jon Phillip and Carla Graves Lemay, 7 Bent Tree Court, Little Rock, L36, Longlea Estates Phase III-B, $400,000.

Benjamin R. and Elizabeth A. Hollowell to Dana Jaben and Kathy Lynn Dane, L24R B22, Woodlands Edge, $399,900.

Dustin Hennard Homes, Inc. to Kenneth and Keli Langford Davis, 28 Waterside Drive, Little Rock, L13, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $391,840.

Krista Lee and James Swenson to Sasikumar Koti and Sai Sumitha Sampath Kumar, 7 Wildcreek Cove, Little Rock, L95 B3, Wildwood Place, $384,000.

Juan and Debra Puentes to Jeronimo Lopez, Pt. SE SW 2-1N-14W, $379,000.

Peter J. and Mary B. Stanley to Margaret Bell and Casey Hughes, 10 Ranch Valley Road, Little Rock, Ls1-3, Ranch Valley, $377,500.

John Wright Construction Co., Inc. to Woodrow and Donna Boykins, 117 Natural Trail, Maumelle, L1739, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $375,000.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC to Paul E. and Tonya Britton, 9773 Cliffside Drive, Sherwoood, L30 B9, Creekside, $357,000.

Realty Income Corp. to Sonny Ros, 1801 TP White Drive, Jacksonville, Plot 7-A & Tract A, Little Rock Air Force Base Main Gate Development Replat, $355,000.

Jerad M. and Jennifer L. Gardner to Nathaniel and Jamilyn Patrice Noble, 6304 Southwind Drive, North Little Rock, L12, Southwind Annex, $350,000.

Paul E. and Linda Wylie to Alice F. and Jessie J. Lindsey, 9424 Wild Mountain Drive, Sherwoood, L159, Miller's Crossing Phase 3, $345,000.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Co. , LLC to BSTW Properties, LLC, 1009 E. Republican Road, Jacksonville, Pt. W/2 NE 32-4N-10W; Pt. SW SE 29-4N-10W, $340,000.

Terry Wayne and Tamelia Beth Morrow to Thomas J. Smelko and Amanda K. Miller, 19600 John Zulpo Road, Roland, Pt. NW NE 4-3N-15W, $339,500.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to James and Grace Cromwell, L38 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $339,295.

George and Jordan Friedmann to Arno Jules Easterly IV., 3512 Lee Ave., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B2, Auten & Moss, $335,000.

Candy Sue Levy to Melissa D. McCain, 400 Dortch Loop, North Little Rock, L6, Bay Meadows, $335,000.

Phillip L. McCcray to Ashley S. Murdock, 164 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L360, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $323,000.

Daniel and Madeline Hilferty to Jaylon and Lesia Koller, L16 B2, Windsor Valley, $317,500.

Teresa L. Ferguson to Bradley and Jennifer Bartlett, 33800 Kanis Road, Paron, Pt. NE NW 28-2N-15W, $316,000.

Erin R. Cowger and The Jeffrey William Reynolds And Gayle Ann Reynolds Living Revocable Trust to J. E. and Norma Simpson, 19116 Summershade Drive, Little Rock, L7 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase I, $305,000.

Arletta Leigh Ray to Andrew Tombs, 15 Amandine Court, Maumelle, L1155, Sologne- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XVII, $302,550.

James C. Rice and The James C. Rice Revocable Trust to Jacob C. and Leah G. Rice, 305 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock, Ls20-21 B12, Midland Hills, $300,000.

Clayton Ross Anderson to Kristopher Shane and Shelly D. Smith, 8840 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwoood, L52 B4, Creekside, $300,000.

Nicholas P. and Amber Holder to Travis Hunter McGill and Ashley Nicole Alewelt, 105 Castellane Court, Maumelle, L624, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $297,000.

Matthew P. and Jessica A. Stagg to Brandon Jones, 6907 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L46 B20, Indian Hills, $297,000.

Jaiminbhai and Zalakben Patel to Richard Cole and Clara Jael Hastings, 4 Creekwood Court, Little Rock, L16 B1, Wildwood Place, $291,752.

Elizabeth Anne Storm Rule and The Beth Storm Rule Revocable Trust to Ann Raque, L27 B73, Chenal Valley, $287,500.

Connie B. and David J. Snelgrove and Lisa L. Mitchell to Karimzhon Masaitov, 212 Garden Valley Loop, Little Rock, L28 B1, The Gardens At Valley Falls, $287,000.

Catherine E. Kelley and Lucas A. Silva to Mark A. and Kelli Jean Pena, 5141 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, L14 B3, McGehee, $285,000.

Jon P. and Carla G. LeMay to Ebony and Roderick Pleasants, 3 Benham Lane, Little Rock, L49 B1, Sienna Lake- Cooper Community, $282,500.

Victory Street, LLC to Lion And Lamb Investments, LLC,, 201 S. Victory St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B334, Original City Of Little Rock, $270,000.

Kelley M. and John Sims to Ross Owyoung, 2100 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L7 B1, Altheimer, $270,000.

Peter and Jessica A. Weise to John Charles and Madison M. Spranger, 147 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L68 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $267,900.

Richard E. and Christine N. D'Anna to Zachary T. Griffin, 2324 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L12 B8, Altheimer, $265,000.

Carrie and John R. White to Jill McIlroy, 5328 C St., Little Rock, Ls18-19 B20, Pfeifer, $254,500.

Sara E. Peeples to Logan and Molly Bloom, 2204 Windsor Court, Little Rock, L1, Windsor Hills, $254,140.

Fitzhugh Construction, Inc. to Marvin R. and Patrice D. Williams, 106 Sanibel Circle, Little Rock, L141, Kenwood Estates Phase 5, $253,300.

C. Eric and Judy Hance to 17 Boxwood, LLC, Unit 17, Windsor Court HPR Phase II, $250,000.

Glenda G. and James R. Berry to Scott and Abbey Starkel, 221 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L285, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $249,900.

Richard H. Hickman to Elizabeth Ann Carlton, 11223 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L60 B5, Walton Heights, $249,900.

Dawn and William Jones, IV., to Patricia Anne Rook, 13000 Secretariat Drive, Scott, L127, Ashley Downs Phase I, $249,000.

Chase L. and Korrine E. Cope to Don E. Robers and Anita Gail Roberds, 2324 Miramonte Drive, Sherwoood, L83, Millers Valley Phase I, $243,000.

Marshall Equity Investments, LLC to Morgan Fires, 8011 Kanis Oaks, Drive, Little Rock, L22R, Kanis Village Replat Phase I, $238,900.

Todd Van Bokhoven and Amy Holand to Linda C. and John C. Lee, L15D, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $236,900.

Matthew Brian and Charity Elizabeth Arnold to Andrew Wesley O'Connor, 6940 Waterview Place, Sherwoood, L19, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $236,500.

Kristopher S. and Shelly D. Smith to Joy Wasson and William Grant, 1909 North Hills Court, North Little Rock, L16 B2, Windsor Valley, $229,900.

Jeffery Wamble to Rachel A. Henry, 517 E. 15th St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B62, Original City Of Little Rock, $229,900.

Bonnie Bullock to Nila and Ralph Dumond, L105, Riverland, $225,000.

Kyhn Construction Co. , LLC to Joseph and Emily Perrone, L9, Pinnacles Phase II, $224,000.

David Davault/David Devault and Tiffany Davault/Tiffany Devault to Matthew and Christine McEuen, 3 Agate Cove, Little Rock, L194, Pleasant View Phase V, $220,000.

M & S Apartments, LLC to Forward Properties, LLC, 8400 Herrick Lane, Little Rock, L53, Winston Section C; L5, Springtree Village; Ls264 & 341, Wakefield Village; L6 B1, Sandon, $217,500.

Kimberly S. Madon/Kimberly S. Mason Dingler to Elizabeth and Ryk Moore, 45 Ninth Fairway Loop, Maumelle, L35, Ninth Fairway, $212,000.

Michael R. Morrison to Constance McDaniel, 870 Jamestown Circle, Jacksonville, L55F, Collenwood Phase IV, $212,000.

John and Tonya Garrison to Dawan S. Heard Sr., 200 Antler Way Drive, Sherwoood, L60, Turtle Creek Phase 2, $210,000.

Baugh Corp. Development Consultants to Arkansas State Highway Commission, L2-F, Jacksonville Plaza, $209,250.

Teresa F. Huson, the Teresa F. Huson Revocable Trust, Teresa Faye Huson, The Teresa Faye Huson Trust, James C. Huson, The James C. Huson Revocable Trust, James Carl Huson and The James Carl Huston Trust to Susan L. Bryant, 4525 Valley Brook Drive, North Little Rock, L15 B6, Lakewood Northeast, $200,000.

Dennis A. and Brenda M. Dare to Karen and Cedric Lamont McDowell Sr., 2829 Kellogg Acres Road, North Little Rock, L17 B5, Kellogg, $199,900.

William Michael and Rebecca Wolfe Weaver to Robbi Riggs and Carl Sidney Rosenbaum III., 1422 Kings Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L529, Walnut Valley Third, $199,000.

Tracie A. Allred to Toria Adkison, 12611 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock, L13 B11, Cherry Creek, $199,000.

Gary D. and Edith R. Bradberry to Dedrick Adams, 13 Sharondale Place, Maumelle, L12 B2, Kimberly Manor Phase I, $194,000.

Susan L. Bryant to Rachel E. Delong, 4817 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock, L27 B12, Lakewood, $189,900.

Jeffery Clayton and Meagan Kinley to Steven Ross Ragsdale, 811 Bryan St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B19, Success, $189,000.

Claire J. Brown to Susan Weston, Apt. 1101, Andover Square HPR Phase II, $186,225.

Nicholas A. and Belinda J. Edger to Courtney and Abner Leon Kemp, 2115 Peach Tree Drive, Little Rock, L7, Sandpiper Section A, $185,000.

Richard Cole and Clara Jael Hasting to Candy Levy, L136, Leawood Heights Second, $183,000.

Rickie J. and Barbara Velasquez to Phyllis A. Traynham, 100623 Panther Mountain Road, North Little Rock, Pt. NW 17-3N-13W, $180,000.

Paul E. and Tonya D. Britton to Edgar Sage Terral, 62 Ridgewell Drive, Sherwoood, L43 B4, Oakbrooke Phase III $179,900,

Stephen Tyler Garland and Calee Mishael Henderson to Caroline Skibinski, 14405 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L17 B4, Sandpiper West, $179,900.

Patricia Ann and James Arthur Thomas Jr., to Kimberly Ann Martin, 729 Adams Drive, Jacksonville, L34, Jackson Heights Phase II, $179,900.

John M. and Pam A. Webb to Diamond May, 8 Pine Forest Drive, Maumelle, L30, Brookshire, $179,200.

Alta J. Freppon to Monique Marie Danley, 13017 Morrison Road, Little Rock, L244, Marlowe Manor Phase IV, $175,000.

Corey A. and Chelsea Baber to Jonathan R. and Hannah M. Fatherree, 12 Stoney Ridge Lane, Maumelle, L83, Stoneledge Phase II, $174,900.

17 Boxwood, LLC and Belmont Stakes, LLC to Lindsey Erin Welch, L18 B133, Park Hill NLR, $169,900.

Jason A. Snoddy to Clay Durning Etheridge, 39 Oak Forest Drive, Maumelle, L117, Rolling Oaks Phase I, $169,900.

Kathy E. Steinen to Thomas R. and Phyllis F. Gunderman, 5 Silver Fir Court, Little Rock, L472, Pleasant View Phase VII-D, $168,200.

James D. and Bethany Oswalt to Alesha Kaye Page-Gottschalk, 205 Devon Ave., Sherwoood, L37 B309, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Kala Burgener Slaton/Kala Burgener to Tyler Oxner, 8309 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L100, Sheraton Park Section D, $165,000.

Jazzy, LLC to Lizabeth Andrews, L12 B16, Indian Hills, $165,000.

Rachel Achor to Andrew Richard Gibbons, 42 Bradford Drive, Little Rock, L91, Linwood, $163,000.

Ryan J. and Nichole A. Collins to Christopher David Berry, 5501 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock, L49 B200, Park Hill NLR, $162,700.

Christopher Dye to Shannon Smith, 104 Tivoli Lane, Maumelle, L4 B14, The Villas At Audubon, $154,900.

Margie Russell to Christopher T. Compton, 5516 Pin Oak Lane, North Little Rock, L429, Trammel Estates Phase II, $154,000.

Gregory T. Young and The Cecil Kirk Files Family Trust/Cecil Kirk Files Revocable Trust to Marchant Lumber Co., Pt. NW 4 & Pt. SW NW 4-2N-10W, $152,870.

William Lance and Lauralyn Eloise Rodgers to Stephen Barbaross and Ashley Dawn Shirley, 12007 Willow Lane, Scott, Ls9-10, The Willows Phase I, $152,500.

Julia A. Campbell to Eduardo Gonzalez-Aguilar, 14 Johnny Lane, Sherwoood, L35, Indian Ridge Phase I, $152,000.

Pamela K. Mathews, Gregory L. and Elizabeth Ann Smith to Kelly E. and Reed James Hardgrave, L20 B212, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Scott and Susan D. Kaczmarek, Pt. SE SW 18-3N-10W, $150,000.


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