Holiday times!

I seem to be caught up in the frenzy of the season. When I worked, I often took off about 2 weeks during the holidays and had a huge list of to-do's that never got done. Now that I am retired, those to do's seem to be taking a back seat as in years past, because of so many holiday do's. I worked on Thanksgiving meals last week, helped deliver some food, and then we celebrated Thanksgiving with just the kids

at our son's house for the first time.

A slightly different Thanksgiving for us, but very nice and the food was amazing.

We did zoom or talk with other family and friends. Then it was the process of cleaning up, taking down Thanksgiving decorations and getting down all the myriad of Christmas decorations. Thank heavens for my versalift

--it has greatly eased tensions of taking down and putting up decorations at my house.

I have started the process of Christmas decorating but I still have boxes to finish, so the house is a disaster zone.

Hopefully, I will finish today. Then I have the outside to do. I think this is the first season in the history of Carson Christmas', that all the lights worked on all my lighted decorations when I plugged them in!

Now that I have said that, watch them all go on the blitz later today!

I love how festive it makes the house.

Instead of my huge Christmas party, and other social do's, we may be the only ones enjoying the decorations this year, but I love them, so they are all going up. I don't think I am alone in wanting some holiday cheer. I heard on the news that there is a rush on Christmas trees this year, sales are soaring.

Time flies when you are having fun!