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What a wonderful week we had last week, and this week looks like more of the same. It is time to transition your garden from summer to fall/winter. I started out Monday heading to the Arkansas 4-H Center to the Garden at the Vines where the Pulaski County Master Gardeners had a truckload of pumpkins to sell.

I loaded up the car

(and got a good garden tour and visit too)

The garden looks amazing.

Then it was on to Good Earth where I loaded up on pansies, violas, giant purple mustard and more.

After unloading, I loaded up again at BJ’s with the motherlode of fall vegetables and mums.

I did get to spend time in the garden harvesting the last of the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant,

before pulling them and replanting with cool season fare.

I did leave a few tomatoes on the deck for another week, but they will go soon. Unbelievably I am also getting a second round of figs.

I got the house decorated for Halloween and started on the yard this weekend.

I am taking inventory of the plants I liked and what is still going strong, and what needs to get pulled and replanted. I planted the canary wings begonia this year, and while it started out with yellow leaves,

they reverted to green all summer.

I am getting a hint of yellow now, but it was not as vigorous as the red Dragonwing begonia, which I will use next year. The Sunpatiens were stunning and continue to shine along with the common variegated impatiens.

I had a lot of coleus plants this year and some are huge. I always have liked Vermillionare cuphea, but the Honeybells is my new favorite.

I am getting late season blooms on my encore azaleas

and some gardenias

and even a few on the panical hydrangea. You can see strawberry vanilla in these blooms

with cool weather, as opposed to the caramel vanilla

in the heat of an Arkansas summer. My camellias are going to be spectacular this year with a ton of flower buds set.

I also have flower buds on my new evergreen dogwood.

I can’t wait to see their blooms.

It is a wonderful time to be outside and gardening. The skies are so bright blue, humidity is low and the temperatures mild—albeit a bit nippy this morning. There is plenty to do in the garden, from clean-up to planting, raking and of course, weeding! Don’t forget to water—there is no rain in the forecast, and sometimes we get lulled by cool weather thinking plants don’t need water—they do.


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