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Bring in the judge!

Ask any experienced trial judge what is the easiest trial objection to rule on, and she’ll probably say the objection of “non-responsive.” In other words, if the witness isn’t giving a direct answer to the lawyer’s question, the witness should immediately be shut down and the answer stricken from the record. Pretty standard trial stuff, designed to make testimony more relevant and trials more efficient.

Unfortunately, that standard is nowhere to be found in the current political debates. The candidates suffer no repercussions for totally ignoring the moderators’ questions and are free to merely use the questions as jumping-off points to spout scripted lines, apropos of nothing. And the electorate learns nothing, except a feeling their time would have been better spent watching a rerun of “Magnum, P.I.”

So, I have a radical proposal: Appoint any retired trial judge, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, to sit in on the debates with a buzzer and an on/off switch to the candidate’s microphones to absolutely enforce an obligation that the candidates answer the damn questions! It would be great sport, and we might even find some candidates who have the integrity and honesty to shoot straight with us, warts and all.

Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?


Hot Springs Village

Should be intolerable

Let’s say I marry a woman whom I love dearly. Sadly I soon learn that she doesn’t tell the truth. Hardly ever! Day after day the lies keep coming despite my complaints. There comes a point at which I’m going to fire my wife. Such a situation is intolerable.

Let’s say I go to a doctor with an ailment. I later learn that he/she has ignored vital information and falsified tests, much to my harm. I’m not only going to fire that doctor, I’m going to pursue legal action.

Let’s say I go to an auto dealership and end up buying an expensive car. I soon learn that the salesman lied to me and shortly thereafter learn that the automaker isn’t going to honor the warranty. I’m going to fire that dealer and automaker and complain loudly to all the world.

Let’s say a lot of us vote for and install a leader of our nation. We quickly learn that he lies all the time. He never tells us the truth about anything. It’s all smoke and mirrors and lies.

As a pandemic overtakes our world and this leader is informed about its deadliness, he minimizes the danger and issues a bunch of happy talk in order to boost his agenda and his political fortunes.

Tens of thousands die. There could be no greater betrayal of public trust. There comes a time when it’s the duty of the citizens to fire this leader.

It’s no wonder that the Bible condemns lying in the strongest terms and says that liars merit the flames of hell. Lies are always deadly. Nothing else destroys people and community more than lying. This behavior is and always should be intolerable to all of us.


Bella Vista

Respect those in blue

I don’t like what is happening to my USA. I don’t understand why Le-Bron James or some Black superstars won’t stand up and tell their people to do what is right and obey the men and women in blue and live instead of jumping on this Black Lives Matter, which I believe has and is causing all of this pain, destruction, looting and death across our great land, plus causing so much anger between the races. We all suffer the consequences as a nation.

What is so hard to understand about showing respect to the people in blue who put their lives on the line every day for all races? I’m 82 years old and I’ve never been arrested because I always showed respect.



Fine mask offenders

Enough is enough. It’s time for required face masks. Put teeth in a requirement: Fine $50 for first offense, $100 for second offense, $200 for third, and another $200 for each additional offense.

Our record of infections is abysmal. Too much talk; time for action.


Little Rock

Just like Prohibition

Please note that the anti-abortionists are against legal abortion. Women throughout history have sought ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, ranging from witchcraft to back-alley abortions with coat hangers. No one wants to address that. They want to get rid of legal abortions in a controlled aseptic environment.

Isn’t that like Prohibition for alcohol? Didn’t that turn out well? The current antiabortionists are like Carrie Nation, busting up whiskey barrels and stills. It just moved the business underground, to bootleggers and speakeasies, until we came to our senses.

Do we really want to drive abortions from clean, controlled conditions with well-trained personnel where there is little mortality back to dirty back alleys where people without training do procedures without sterile instruments and precautions, where infections, uterine ruptures, and deaths are common?


North Little Rock


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