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October 11, 2020 at 3:35 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 8-Sept. 11:

One Stop Storage, LLC to Red Dot Storage 193, LLC, Pt. W/2 SW 15-3N-13W; L1, Haas Heights, $3,750,000.

ABC Real Estate, LLC to Griffin Legacy A. & A-, LLC, L1RR, Bottin Replat; L3, Bottin; Pt. NW SW 6-2N-11W, $3,125,401.

Holsted Ashley Group, LLC to QuikTrip Corp., Pt. SE 15-3N-13W, $2,000,000.

Off The Front, LLC to Bear State Advisors, LLC, 1001 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls10R, 11R & 12R B6, Midland Hills, $1,565,737.

Capital Properties, LLC to OB CRE I, LLC, 6200 Scott Hamilton Drive, Little Rock, Tract G-7, Little Rock Industrial District, $1,500,000.

Richport Net Lease, LLC and BlueRoad Net Lease, LLC to OREOF19 BR, LLC, L1R, FUMIC, $1,200,000.

ABC Real Estate, LLC to Griffin Legacy Kiehl, LLC, Ls5R & 6R B24, Sylvan Hills Replat, $1,179,599.

Christopher and Julie Mehlin to Anthony George and Rosanne Pignio, 2610 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B22, Park View, $1,150,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC to LACA Real Estate Holdings, LLC, 2819 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, L1 B16, Park View, $1,148,700.

Jay Mark Davis and The Estate Of Margaret Neill Davis(dec'd) to James M. and Andrea M. Gary, L17R, St. John's Place, $885,000.

Rebecca Finney to Mark Raymond Wilson, Sherri Roussel and The Sherri Roussel Revocable Trust, 89 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L75 B96, Chenal Valley, $834,000.

Wayne F. and Linda R. Woods to Mohsin Virani, Pt. SE 8-2N-13W, $626,800.

Kellco Custom Homes, Inc. to Harold S. and Carolyn Diane Settle, L40R B9, Creekside, $625,000.

Hassan Alakshar to James T. and April G. Clawson, 305 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock, L37 B109, Chenal Valley, $585,000.

Lora Vaughn/Laora V. McIntosh to William Glen and Eva Denise Hoggard, 411 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L4 B101, Chenal Valley, $585,000.

Elaine H. Scott and The Elaine H. Scott Revocable Trust to Mollie Yoder and Rick B. Vance Jr., 621 N. Pine St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B7, Pulaski Heights, $515,000.

Roost Holdings, LLC to Paul Eduardo and Elizabeth Ann Jara, 3517 Happy Valley Drive, Little Rock, L10 B23, Pleasant Valley, $495,000.

Joseph Steven and Elizabeth G. Mowery to Anne and Nicholas Drew Williams, 3715 Doral Drive, Little Rock, L3 B52, Pleasant Valley, $475,000.

Sean Clay and Kristen Worthington Hinson to Kyle and Lauren Billingsley, 4110 Valley View Drive, Little Rock, L69, Longlea VIII-E, $449,000.

Buddy R. Voth Enterprises, Inc. to PWS Real Estate, LLC, L50 B56, Chenal Valley, $445,000.

John L. and Carolyn B. Witherspoon to John B. and Rosalia V. Block, 334 Midland St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B13, Midland Hills, $440,000.

Jacalyn and Andrew Drechsler to Jason and Tinley Bone, 12 Cypress Lake Court, Maumelle, L45 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $435,000.

Chadwick A. and Ashley A. Hooten and The Chad & Ashley Hooten Family Trust to Matthew R. and Elizabeth M. Smith, 42 Saratoga Drive, Little Rock, L104, The Ranch, $428,000.

Aurian Frances Zoldessy and The Zoldessy Famly Trust Number One to Chadwick Bruce and Ashley Ann Hooten and The Chad & Ashley Hooten Family Trust, Pt. S/2 NW SE 27-2N-15W, $421,000.

Construction Arts, Inc. to Amy Lucinda Tackett, 134 Caurel Circle, Little Rock, L43 B56, Chenal Valley, $399,900.

Joe and Dee Onn Hodges to Stephen S. and Jill J. Griffin, 2405 Justin Matthews Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B39, Lakewood, $385,000.

Morris E. and Marjorie Plant to Martin Moluwa Matute and Mariana Mojoko Endeley-Matute, 61 Norfork Drive, Maumelle, L17, Belle River, $375,000.

Karen Denise Gattis, The Gattis Living Trust, Patricia Marie Anslow and The Patricia Marie Anslow Living Trust to Jay R. and Diane M. Jeffrey, 315 Rock St., Apt. 811, Little Rock, Unit 811, River Market Tower HPR, $372,000.

Larry and Sandra Jean Engel to Leo James and Margaret Ann Eminger and The Eminger Revocable Living Trust, L27 B3, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $370,000.

Mason Favazza to Charles John and Dee Anne Lager, 204 Summershade Loop, Little Rock, L9 B5, Wildwood Ridge Phase III, $360,000.

Terry L. Mercing to Michael and Amanda Frost, 14406 Verda Mae Circle, Mayflower, Pt. SW NW 4-3N-13W, $360,000.

Mark DeYmaz to Michael W. Scott, Pt. E/2 SE 9-2N-14W, $345,000.

Rich Homes, Inc. to Joshua and Katja Rodriguez, 9149 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L13 B11, Creekside, $340,000.

Madelyn Witkowski and The Estate Of Chad E. Witkowski(dec'd) to Matthew Todd Hill and The Matthew Todd Hill Revocable Trust, Pt. SE NW 12-2N-13W, $330,000.

Mikia and John Lee Thrower Jr., to Andre Bousquet, 136 Scenic Valley Loop, Maumelle, L105 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $329,563.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Christopher Cruz and The Stephanie Cruz Alianelli, 17 Quartz Cove, Little Rock, L7 B1, Copper Run Phase I, $317,000.

Tyson and Shannon Meinhold to Jonathan Robert and Elizabeth Alison Waddell, 1211 Claucut Circle, North Little Rock, L48 B5, Summerwood, $315,000.

Frank and Fe Cox to Masil George, 107 Chelle Lane, Little Rock, L26 B61, Chenal Valley, $314,000.

Gayle G. Luttrell to Laura Westerman, 82 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L41 B3, Chenal Valley, $306,000.

Stephen and Amy Lasseigne to Lana Machelle and Gregory Mark Brown, 134 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle, L12 B28, Maumelle Valley Estates, $305,000.

4520 Camp Robinson Road, LLC to Jas And Tash, LLC, 4520 Camp Robinson Road, North Little Rock, L3, Heim's, $305,000.

Christian Z. and Susannah G. Kardas to Michael Patrick Reilly and Melinda Hudson, 904 N. Palm St., Little Rock, L6 B62, Pulaski Heights, $299,000.

Justin M. Harper and Matthew David Howard to Jacob B. Malone, 19 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock, L35, Kanis Creek, $298,000.

Jacqueline Stingl and Thomas Stefaniak to Brindon Chase Mangiapane, 5 Desoto Circle, North Little Rock, L15 B58, Lakewood, $295,000.

Shawn H. and Leslie Rowland to Kyle and Sarah Bradbury, 12800 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L15, St. Charles, $295,000.

D. A. Phillips Homes, LLC to Frederick Todd and Tracy Annette Walker, 9717 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L41, Millers Glen Phase 3, $292,000.

Kevin D. and Karen D. Heath to Brenda Joyce Mitchell, 420 Valley Ranch Circle, Little Rock, L10, Ranch West Villas, $285,000.

Kay C. and David R. Michael Jr., to Joshua M. Morris, 13 Portia Drive, Little Rock, L105, Longlea, $270,000.

Rick B. and Deanna Ferguson to Maxine P. Bost and The Maxine P. Bost Living Trust, L83, Valley Falls Estates Phase I, $269,000.

David and Tabitha Houk to Robert Milam Arrington, 306 McMillen Trail, Little Rock, L14, Ranch Hill, $265,000.

David L. Ragan and The George Albert Ragan Jr., Revocable Trust to 3-D Acquisitions, LLC, 7101 & 7115 N. Chicot Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW SW 25-1N-13W, $263,818.

Paul Whitten Owens to Machelle Garrett, 309 E. 15th St., Little Rock, L1CR B50, Original City Of Little Rock Replat, $263,000.

Kenneth D. and Helen Kathy Thompson to Randy and Amy Boswell, 2108 Gap Creek Drive, Sherwood, L11 B7, Glenn Hills, $260,000.

Larry and Leota R. Holcomb to Angela Michelle and Charles Chambers, 7025 Gap Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L85 B1, Gap Creek, $257,500.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Ricky Roger Gist and Hui Gao, 23 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L18, Carnahan Village, $253,900.

Esteleta F. Ruple to Michael J. and Mona W. Young and The Young Living Trust, 73 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L17C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $244,500.

Judy Kay Lindholm and Gregory J. Oehm II., to Tomiko Elaine Townley, 1418 Rock St., Little Rock, L8R B49, Original City Of Little Rock Replat, $242,500.

Dina Krumnow to Stephen Lasseigne, 104 Chambord Drive, Maumelle, L84, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $239,900.

Gregory F. and Carol A. Chastine to Donny S. Smith, 10820 Rocky Creek Drive, Sherwood, L67, Hidden Creek, $239,500.

Steven C. and Brittany Miller to Gerald and Selby Nelson, L362, Colony West Fifth, $239,500.

Peter Lowell and Deborah Jean Kirk to Francisco Javier Nevarez, 5425 N. Locust St., North Little Rock, L11 B8, Pike View, $235,000.

Nathaniel Izard and Marie Watson to Cade and Jennifer Kitchen, 9 Echo Point, Little Rock, L55, Spring Valley Manor, $227,500.

Kimberlye A. Osborne and The Kimberlye A. Osborne Revocable Trust to Darrell W. and Linda M. White, 8931 Jacksonville Conway Road, Jacksonville, Pt. NW 32-4N-11W, $223,000.

Cheryl Griffin to James and Darian R. Hudson, 2 Harmony Cove, Maumelle, L16, Pleasantwood, $222,000.

Samuel B. and Peggy J. Wakefield to Michael Dean Fitzpatrick, 3 Creekstone Cove, Little Rock, L20 B13, Cherry Creek, $220,000.

Ben F. and Marie T. Jordan to Charles Cochran, 901 Silverwood Trail, North Little Rock, L23 B3, Shady Valley, $220,000.

Cope Homes, Inc. to Suzette Shambley, 5205 Rope Trail Drive, Jacksonville, L31, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $219,250.

James Ronald A. and Cynthia D. Milazzo and The Ronald And Cynthia Milazzo Living Trust to James Edward Johnson, 1 Glacier Cove, Maumelle, L64, North Ridge, $215,500.

Hyune Ju and Oh Young Kim to Danny W. Carter, 10733 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L72 B3, Walton Heights, $212,000.

Catherine M. Martin to Claire Johnell Brown, 5 Arrow Brook Court, Little Rock, L356, Leawood Heights Fourth, $210,500.

William F. and Betty Cureton to Nathaniel and Lataja Rolle, 134 Chambery Drive, Maumelle, L1354, Montmarte Phase IIB- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXI, $209,900.

Quapaw Development Co., Inc. to Christyal Elaine Holloway and Cameron Terrell Parker, 13713 Harewood Manor, North Little Rock, L12 B21, Stone Links, $205,000.

Chris and Beth Anne Travis to Andrew and Adriane Ghrayeb, 5205 Stratford Road, North Little Rock, L18 B27, Lakewood, $204,900.

David C. and Jennifer A. Triplett to Maggie McKinney, 1709 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, Ls2-3 B216, Original City Of Little Rock, $200,000.

ABC Real Estate, LLC to Griffin Legacy Lee Avenue, LLC, Pt. NW SW 6-2N-11W, $195,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Armetra Stargell, 7164 Ridgemist Lane, North Little Rock, L713, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $193,675.

Joseph and Allison Burroff to Joel A. and Rachel A. Wineland, 14805 Ridgewood Drive, Little Rock, L37 B4, Sandpiper West, $192,000.

Zachary T. and Crystal L. Warren to Chelsea and Shannon Hattaway, L23, Crystal Hill No. 4, $190,000.

Michael D. Pelts to Cody D. and Laurel K. O'Neal, 212 Pearl Ave., Little Rock, L4 B6, Young's Park, $190,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Melissa Argente, 12007 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L12, Pleasant Forest I, $190,000.

Jennifer Broyles, Stephanie Briley, Donald Briley, Timothy Sime, Marcia Sime, Thomas Sime and Jane Sime to Carlos and Norma Ordaz, 2609 Charter Oak Drive, Little Rock, L425, Colony West Fifth, $189,900.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Company, LLC to Robert A. and Loval L. Yagos and The Bob And Val Yagos Family Revocable Trust, Pt. S/2 NE & Pt N/2 SE 32-4N-10W, $187,000.

Robin Hickerson to Lawrence M. and Mary Jo Cuculic, L5, Greathouse Bend Phase I; Pt. SE SW 24-2N-13W, $185,000.

Lance A. Cox, Susan Collen Cox, Doris Gray Boone, Katia Marylona Boone-Miller and Eric Miller to William M. and Sara B. Smith, L255, Cammack Woods, $185,000.

Andrew and Whitney Hearne to Nathan P. Walker, 8230 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L21, Hidden Lake Estates, $182,000.

Marquita Canaday, Tiffany Canady-Thomas and Anthony B. Thomas to Kevin Jacob Chapman, 12020 Cherry Laurel Drive, Little Rock, L1 B1, Cherry Creek, $181,000.

Brindon C. Mangiapane to Marvin Castleberry, 4008 Lakewood Valley Drive, North Little Rock, L16 B3, Lakewood Valley, $177,000.

Deborah Linton Ferguson/Deborah Ann Linton and Justin B. Ferguson to Seth T. Carter, 1318 Point West Drive, Little Rock, L127, Point West Second, $175,000.

Jacob Malone to Eric Gallo, 1900 Mesquite Circle, Little Rock, L143, Point West Third Phase 12A, $173,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Maria Clark, 6664 White Oak Way, Sherwood, L619, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $168,339.

Ashley Lynn Dick to Logan Michael Clark, 94 Meadow Ridge Loop, Maumelle, L52, Meadow Ridge Phase III, $165,000.

Brockinton Real Estate, LLC to RAM Properties, LLC, L25 B23, Indian Hills, $165,000.

David Allan to Jennifer Lee Wiedower, 330 N. Summit St., Little Rock, L18 B2, Virginia Heights, $165,000.

Michael E. and Esther A. Price and The Price Living Trust to Audrey A. Hoyle, 75 Emerald Drive, Maumelle, L126, North Pointe, $162,000.

John Perdue to Guillermo and Joan Villegas, 9701 Merlot Lane, North Little Rock, L57, The Villages At Merlot Lane, $160,000.

Joanne A. Chatelain to Clayton Lambert and Melissa Brown, 4 Dunfrettin Place, Sherwood, L12, Indianhead Lake Estates Section A, $159,900.

Michael McClanahan to Arthur and Lynnette Terry, Ls25-26, Pond's Edge, $157,500.

Edward and Christine Heather Rhodes to Bobby Lee Baldwin, 3 Fairview Court, Jacksonville, L218, Foxwood Phase VI-A, $155,500.

Seth and Brandy McIntire to Jeremy Sloan Newkirk, 25101 Roland Cutoff Road, Roland, L8, North Shore Oaks, $155,000.

Jasen and Anne Shea Gilley to Suzhen Hua, L12 B11, Cherry Creek, $155,000.

Robert B. Siddall Jr., to John Wedaman and Jean Doss, 7500 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock, L8 B63, Indian Hills, $152,000.

Charles VanLandingham and Laura Christine McClellan to Taryn Lea Brown, 9219 Professor Drive, Little Rock, Pt. NE SE 27-2N-13W, $150,000.

Andrew and Abby Carter to Monica Claire Madey, 6604 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, L13, Pinewood Hills, $150,000.


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