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No doubt, the Hogs were hosed.

The SEC told our man Tom Murphy it was a mistake to not rule Bo Nix's spike a fumble.

Yet, somehow, someway referee Jason Autrey didn't see the ball bounce backward, although he was right there and saw Nix throw the ball to the ground facing the wrong way.

Autrey needs his eye doctor on speed dial.

It just sounds like a bunch of hogwash.

Just like the whistle that was blown because an Auburn player gave up on recovering the fumble and slowed down. Arkansas' Joe Foucha did not.

To allow the Razorbacks to recover after the whistle was blown would have given Arkansas an advantage, the SEC explained. When has Arkansas ever been given an advantage?

Every football fan sees the ball spiked several times every weekend. It has never been intentional grounding.

Arkansas led 28-27 with under a minute left, and the right call would have given the win to the better team.

That was decided on the field until Autrey lost his vision.

By now, most have watched the replay and seen Autrey visibly grimace while reviewing the fumble.

That has not been explained and probably won't.

Let me pose this question to the SEC, although everyone knows what the conference's official response would be.

What if that had been Alabama instead of Arkansas?

Or Georgia?

Sure the SEC will say it would have made the same call, but that's easy to say when you aren't facing Nick Saban or Kirby Smart whose teams make the SEC money every year, unlike Arkansas the past few seasons.

It especially looks bad because when the SEC went to a conference-only schedule, the Razorbacks were given the dubious honor of adding Georgia and Florida to their schedule, making it one of the most difficult in the history of the game.

Razorback fans are outraged at the SEC right now.

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The problem is nothing will change the outcome of Saturday's game.

One thing that was not lost was how well the Razorbacks played at Auburn, and what an incredible job Sam Pittman has done in less than a year.

With a bunch of guys who couldn't win a SEC game -- and sprinkling in some new guys and coaching them up -- Pittman and his staff have turned the Hogs from cellar dwellers into competitors.

Pittman has said all he can say about the fumble without incurring the wrath of the SEC. From what we've seen of Pittman on Monday, he has closed the book on the Auburn game and is getting ready for Ole Miss, who scared the pants off Alabama before finally falling in the fourth quarter.

Pittman will address slow starts with his team. In their first five possessions, the Razorbacks had two first downs and 54 yards of offense while spotting the Tigers a 17-0 lead.

Another concern should be that with 2:38 left, the Hogs had the ball and a 28-27 lead and went three and out.

Auburn used all three of its timeouts, and since the Razorbacks couldn't get 10 yards on three running plays the Tigers got the ball with 2:06 to play.

That was simply too much time, although on third and 1 from the Arkansas 19 Nix fumbled.

Everyone watching saw it, just as they saw Autrey reviewing the play and talking on his headset.

It appeared he could see fine, and that he was on top of the play and the action. But once the SEC was done reviewing the play -- and his mistake -- the conference decided to let the injustice stand.


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