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Party needs to change

As an independent voter, I find that the Republicans running for national office in the House and Senate can't or won't run on their record. I assume that is because they haven't got one the citizens of Arkansas would approve of, so they use smoke and mirrors and lie about their opponents.

As an Arkansas voter I want our representatives to truly represent Arkansas citizens and not special interests, and I think most Arkansas voters agree. I believe the current Republicans running for office have done very little for the citizens of Arkansas; that is why they have to lie and try to scare voters into voting for them.

It seems the Republican Party, or the cult of Trump, is in its death throes and it doesn't know it. Republicans will be a minority party in the U.S. in the next four years; if it survives, it will have to change and become more progressive.

The rest of the world is passing the U.S. and leaving us in the dust, all thanks to the backward policies of the Republicans grasping at the straws of the past.


Little Rock

Who's in charge here

I find it fascinating that out of the six state initiative ballot proposals, voters will only be allowed to vote on three. Even more interesting are the three that were allowed; the state Legislature proposed these three. The citizens of Arkansas proposed and doggedly petitioned for the other three--the three that a conservative court struck from the ballot.

What does this tell us? This tells us that your state Legislature and judicial system do not trust you, the voter, to make informed decisions about what is best for you. They know best. Let's dig a little deeper.

Issue 2 proposes that legislators' term limits be extended essentially to a lifetime with little breaks in between, no doubt to curry favor and funds from lobbyists and other power brokers before they run again. I wonder if a spouse or child or some other proxy will be allowed to serve in their place in the interim. This all would lead to your legislators having more and more power and, as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. But Issue 2 isn't even the scariest proposal.

Issue 3 proposes that citizen initiatives, a process that we all have a right to use, become even more difficult to get on the ballot. As though evidence of the three already knocked down this year (forget the past initiatives that are overruled every election cycle) doesn't tell us there are already enough barriers between our voices and the powers that be.

Use your voices, Arkansas, and vote no on both Issues 2 and 3. Show your elected officials that We the People are in charge.



Don't ignore experts

President Trump, please listen to your advisers. Remember that these are the same kind of people that built the atomic bomb and went to the moon and came back. They know what they're talking about.



Maybe call me a cab

Call me crazy, but I miss the days when liberals called me a racist, sexist, bigot, or homophobe. Nowadays, they just want you to admit to things you don't even understand. Like a psychiatrist treating a patient. Don't believe me?

Here's some of the words and terms they use: cultural appropriation, shaming, virtue signaling, marginalization, stigmatized, toxic masculinity, white privilege, Islamaphobia, slights, triggering, nullifying, micro-aggression, intersectionality, climate denier, xenophobic, gender identity, gender neutral, polyamorous, multiculturalism, implicit bias, nonbinary, safe space, ableism, tribal identity, woke, LBGTQ(xyz), cognitive dissonance, gentrification, unhoused, menstrual equity, hive mind, bots, alt-right, Karen, Mary Sue, differential misogyny, token sublimation, ideological profiling, social validation, invasive reclamation, gender oppression, post-modern human apologism, racial insensitivity, racial index scoring, intellectual training, whiteness, nontheistic religious bias and/or oppression, hysterical patriotism, linear obfuscation, peaceful indoctrination, intellectual blasphemy, dialectic retardation, social justice, and my personal favorite, trauma-informed gender-affirming anti-racist praxis.

Now I'm sure I missed a few hundred, but geez! I sure do miss the good ol' days of the "left" calling me a racist, sexist, bigot, or homophobe. All this just makes me feel "deplorable."


Little Rock

He shows no concern

Does anyone other than me have a problem with Donald Trump's lack of public concern for Melania, his wife? She has covid, too. Does he ever even mention her, and her progress through the disease, as a caring husband would? No, he's all about "me." Does he ever think of her as anything but "eye candy" as he eagerly sizes up other women? No, he's all about "me."

It appears that their relationship has been strained for a long time, but is that any excuse for essentially dismissing her as so unimportant in his life? Is she just a "necessity" to bring out from time to time for show? Again, he's all about "me."

In his posturing for publicity, does this "Christian" man ever read the Bible and its message about love, especially for one's spouse? Shown over and over again in so many ways, the answer is that he cares only about himself, and what he can get for himself. What a shame for our country, his office, his wife, and ultimately us all.


Little Rock

When freedom's gone

You'll never know how precious freedom is until you've lost it.


North Little Rock


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