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Well-read Perspective

Kudos to Brianna Theobald for her opinion piece about eugenics' ugly history, and Robert Moore for his on the meaning of the word "hypocrisy."

Theobald's was timely in view of impending change to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court that may compromise "women's reproductive autonomy." I especially appreciated Moore's comments about folks "adamantly in the pro-life camp" while "many of them are most vociferous in their support of the death penalty."

I also found a couple of the letters to the editor interesting. Mr. Carlyle's take regarding white privilege seemed to be missing an important word: male. White women certainly don't enjoy the same rewards as men, as is apparent in the makeup of our Congress. And Betty Jones seems to be on his bandwagon in terms of who she wants as her leader in case either of our aged white male presidential candidates "become unable to perform their duties." Hope she enjoyed A.M. Rickard's letter's concluding statement: "If you want to clean house, vote for women." Well said!


Little Rock

Not on bread alone

In my current environment there are two things that you learn quickly not to debate or even engage in conversations about because it usually never ends well: religion and politics. Too many fools lurking about and not a one wearing an "I am a fool" T-shirt to give you a heads up.

Reading letters on a recent Saturday I couldn't resist, however, the urge to rebut Mr. James D. Wells of Osceola's submission where he suggested that God basically chose Trump to be president. Wow. Even in the Bible we are shown how the word of God is used to manipulate, and that it is our responsibility to know it for ourselves.

The "enemy" tried to use the words of Psalm 91 to finesse Jesus during his fast up on the mountain, but conveniently left out the lines that predicted his own fate. Thankfully Jesus knew the word and told him that man should not live by bread alone but by every word that is written.

Although it is true to anyone who has watched life play out with spiritual eyes that God uses an array of tools to accomplish his will, if Mr. Wells would read a little further he'd come to passages that guarantee with no uncertainty that God is not the author of confusion, and that a liar is the offspring of the devil. Period.

Too often people use God as a pre-softening agent to get people to lower their guard before striking with the intended punch, even Trump haymakers. So if Mr. Wells wants to feast on bread alone at the Trump buffet I would strongly suggest that when he begins to choke, because he eventually will, that he does not drink the Kool-Aid to wash it down



Limit appointments

The intent of the lifetime appointment of federal judges was to keep the judiciary independent. Queen Elizabeth serves a lifetime. Dukes and earls serve a lifetime. The federal courts are not the House of Lords. We are not to be lorded over by the courts.

I believe the only recourse is a constitutional amendment to limit any and all federal judges to 12-year appointments, whereby they may be renominated, or another nominated, by the president to be confirmed by the Senate.


Hot Springs

Cherished memories

During these times of harsh words, civil unrest and isolation, let us turn our thoughts to more pleasant times.

I remember the crisp autumn nights of my childhood, when on one October night, I prepared for the cornucopia of a child's wishes. It was after dark when I left home, jogging happily down the front stairs to seek out friends who most certainly would be out there in the darkness. For a while, it was hide and seek as we sought each other out and marveled at how we looked when we met.

We moved happily through our neighborhood, enjoying the aroma of cinnamon for candy apples and the ever-enticing waft of popcorn being popped. Ahead of us was a myriad of possibilities and we wondered along the way what lay ahead for us. This was our time of the year, a time when ghosts and goblins might be just around the corner but, in fact, emerged as more of our friends.

The crisp autumn night was aglow with porch lights guiding us ever on our way and signaling that we were welcome. Surely, this was a time to remember, and each year had its own special memories. Yes, the triple treat of this night, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas, were memories we would always cherish.

What could be better than to walk up to a front door, anticipating what goodies would fall into our bags or containers, and bursting out with that "trick or treat!" when the door was opened?

Happy Halloween!


Little Rock

In best interests of all

Anyone remember Donald Trump promising us a "beautiful health-care plan" to replace the Affordable Care Act? Remember the big bash in the White House Rose Garden celebrating the House bill that would repeal and replace the ACA? There was French Hill toasting a bill that would have deprived thousands of his fellow Arkansans of health insurance! (That bill died in Senate, thanks to John McCain's negative vote.)

Unfortunately, our representatives and senators are still trying to kill ACA, as well as threatening Medicare and Social Security. This is why I support Joyce Elliott for Congress, so we will have at least one representative in Washington who will vote in the best interest of all our citizenry.




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