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On my recent trip to Mississippi, our friend Sassy had a little welcome gift basket in our rooms filled with local goodies. She had one just like it on her outside table, filled with mason jars full of flowers from her yard. We loved them.

The basket was so unique, covered in tree bark, with a handle of twigs, and topped with moss. She said a local man made them, so we insisted on getting a tour of his place. The Nature of Things is off the beaten path, but well worth the visit. The interesting creations were all the work of owner and designer David Mills.

He walks his property gathering materials to make interesting things.

He provides smilax, bittersweet,

and other vines, along with moss, for florists and gift shops, as well as creating designs for weddings and other events. He also creates topiaries. For a recent wedding, he was asked to make life-sized animals. All of the animals had been picked up except for two camels, which they were coming back for. We got to see those,

and other things he had in the works.

We bought several baskets and got to see how he makes them. He was making wall sconces with corn which he will then finish by mixing in moss.

To keep the moss bright and green he uses green acrylic paint that he mixes with water and puts in a spray bottle. It looks so natural! To see more of what he offers, check out his facebook page:

He is such an artist, and has an eye for design. His creations are so unique and one of a kind. It was a real treat to find. He does ship!


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