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Tone-deaf decision

The Democrat-Gazette's decision to run Dana Kelley's column ("State of defiance") about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's response to the coronavirus pandemic on the same day that news of the conspiracy by domestic terrorists to kidnap her hit the front page seems a bit "tone deaf"--or worse, a "dog whistle" to violent extremists. One writer's opinion equals another person's "call to arms." Please don't fuel this fire!



Loyal foot soldiers

Joyce Elliott seems like a nice lady, and I do not doubt her sincere good intentions, but can there be any real doubt that she would be another loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi's radical agenda? It seems Dems are very good at electing so-called moderates who go to Washington and consistently vote the party line.

I believe keeping San Fran Nancy in power in the House means open borders, free health care and a path to citizenship for illegals, voting rights for jailed felons, massive tax and regulation increases, choking off of fossil fuels, and the many other "green" attacks on capitalism and personal property rights, as well as the disarming of the innocent. If you have a dollar saved, the Democrats are coming for it. If you have a job, they are threatening it, if you have any rights you cherish, they will violate them, and if you want to have a strong and free country to bequeath your progeny, they are in the process of trying to destroy it.

There are some people on the ballot who, to say the least, are far from perfect candidates. But this is a pivotal election, in which one side's agenda is to completely remake America, following the failed agendas of the 20th century, having learned nothing from the Cold War and its aftermath. Their America will not be as prosperous, not be as free, and will squeeze you for everything they can get, You know that before covid-19 you had far greater economic prosperity and security than you ever achieved under Obama/Biden, and that it is coming back faster now than it would under the failed socialist, excuse me, I mean "New Green Deal" policies Ms. Elliott would help Pelosi impose. Vote for freedom; vote against all Democrats.


Little Rock

One tasteless column

Wow. Dana Kelley's column accusing Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of being a tyrant was tasteless. Is he siding with the white supremacists who were arrested on charges of planning to kidnap the governor and take over Michigan? Based on the timing, that's how it comes off.


North Little Rock


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