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Vote no on road tax

Arkansas 10, aka Cantrell Road, which bisects our capital city is an absolute disgrace from LaHarpe to the western city limits. Obviously ArDOT holds this bit of highway in such low regard that I have no confidence that additional money would lead to better maintenance. This is arguably the most heavily traveled segment of any state highway in Arkansas. So, I'm voting no on Issue 1.

No sales tax should ever be embedded in our Constitution, or worse, be permanent. No indeed. I may just vote no on all three issues.


Little Rock

Elliott's better choice

Recently I received a French Hill anti-Joyce Elliott pamphlet. Mr. Hill attacks his opponent? Whose picture did he use? He seems to feel law enforcement is perfect and does not pick on non-whites; prisons are perfect, a just representation of our population; riots are the only expression of protest we have seen and Black Lives Matter (in general) and others, peacefully protesting, do not matter. The white supremacists who carry huge guns--not to intimidate, I am sure. For education decisions: a person with real experience (such as teaching) or one dropping in for photo ops?

Everything he says about Trump I agree with--a bigot who encourages racism. People who have lived in the U.S. their whole lives (brought in as infants) and/or living productive tax-paying lives (loss of U.S. tax revenue) should be split up, kicked out without fair representation to go to unfamiliar, unsafe, even deadly, environments: These are family values?

All citizens should be given choices as long as these choices agree with his. Huge increases in taxes--and who voted in the tax cut without an offset, creating one of the largest deficits in U.S. history? How are we going to make this up? And who cares about the health of the planet? We will be dead in a few years anyway!

He always votes against the Affordable Care Act with no replacement (always lots of promises, never an actual plan). If pre-existing conditions (includes covid-19) continue to be covered it will be without cost restraint. And how many will lose all coverage?

Defining hypocrisy: Republicans in general, i.e., refuse for nearly a year to fill one Supreme Court vacancy but fill the other in less than two months. (Senate votes, but does Hill agree?)



Mind's set in a whirl

I recall something I heard years ago regarding political arguments and media coverage of such events. It said, "I have become convinced only the annals of psychiatry can offer an answer why some people get certain beliefs hard-wired into their brains such that there is no chance that new facts will stop old neurons from flowing down well-worn pathways to familiar conclusions."

That thought came as I watched the confirmation hearings for Judge Barrett. It was a learning experience, but in light of what has been going on the last four years, my mind is in a whirl. The different versions of events being presented were remarkable in the way the same facts could be presented to generate such opposite conclusions. This was an eye-opener because you could hear it all in alternate 30-minute segments. It reminded me of medieval theological arguments that could be summed up thusly: "Many a dispute among divines may thus be abridged: It is so, it is not so. It is so, it is not so ..."

I am not suggesting there was no substance or real concerns expressed, but for the one in the dock, the contrast was striking. It was now or never, win or lose, no compromise. It was a microcosm of the political environment in which we are living. It is an Alice-

in-Wonderland world, where words can have any meaning we want them to have, with the end justifying the means. Fortunately for the human race, there is still enough sensibility and maturity among us that most doomsday scenarios never turn out as predicted. We can continue to speak out or hunker down and let this storm ride itself out until the eye of the hurricane passes. In the meanwhile, sing with the optimism of Orphan Annie, "The sun will come out tomorrow," as it surely will.



Hill has my support

Take a few minutes today to decide who will represent you in Arkansas' 2nd Congressional District. With the ongoing chaos of 2020, Arkansas must have a proven leader.

French Hill is a man of faith. He is against abortion and he does believe "We are one nation under God." French Hill is a listener. He sits and listens, as well as communicates with Arkansans. French Hill fights against federal regulations that are holding back our farmers, small-business owners, and the economy.

Take time now and do your research. French Hill gets my vote and continued support. Don't allow others to decide for you.




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