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100 years ago

Oct. 17, 1920

• By unanimous action of the North Little Rock School Board the schools have been ordered closed until financial assistance can be secured. This step was taken at a meeting of the board yesterday afternoon. Although the board has no definite plan for raising the money necessary to finance the schools, the members generally believe that the schools will not remain closed longer than one week.

50 years ago

Oct. 17, 1970

• Mrs. Caledonia Borom and Mrs. Edna Childs, residents of the Little Rock Model Cities Neighborhood, said Friday that they objected to the multifamily townhouse or condominium housing that has been suggested for the neighborhood by Neighborhood Development Program planners. Mrs. Childs also said that her initial feelings of enthusiasm for the Model Cities program had been "replaced with apprehension and anxiety." "No longer is it a definite and certain assumption that a large segment will be able to keep their homes," she said.

25 years ago

Oct. 17, 1995

• Another Little Rock School District meeting broke out into argument Monday over the same contentious issue that had officials screaming last week -- desegregation. This time, it was a "town hall" meeting at the district administration office in which officials discussed the status of the district's desegregation efforts. About 20 people, a mix of administrators and parents, attended the meeting. It was also broadcast on Cable Channel 4. Russ Mayo, associate superintendent for desegregation, said the district needs to rewrite its desegregation plan to eliminate jargon, provide more reasonable expectations and allow greater flexibility.

10 years ago

Oct. 17, 2010

• Inside the Arkansas State Fairgrounds, tucked behind the arts and crafts pavilion and within smelling distance of the livestock lots, there's a whole lot of history packed in a small trailer. Outside the 58-foot-by-12-foot building lies a rusted old thresher, a worn long saw, and a host of generations-old farm implements. Inside, lies a modern museum -- one replete with fine lighting, creamy white walls, welcoming air-conditioning -- and a body of Arkansas history stretching back more than 100 years. It's the State Fair Museum and this is the first year it's been a part of the fair. The museum offers fairgoers a chance to follow the story of the fair, dating back to its first year in Hot Springs in 1906.


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