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Super Quiz: Mouse and Mice

October 22, 2020 at 1:53 a.m.
  1. This cartoon character is the world's most recognizable rodent.

  2. What kind of creature is a titmouse?

  3. By what name were the teenage performers on "The Mickey Mouse Club" called?

  4. Title of a John Steinbeck novel.

  5. By what name is cartoon character Minerva Mouse popularly known?

  6. This animated character is portrayed as "The Fastest Mouse in All Mexico."

  7. In which ballet does the Mouse King appear?

  8. Identify the animated mouse on "The Simpsons" that repeatedly kills a black cat named Scratchy.

  9. Translate "mus musculus."


  1. Mickey Mouse

  2. Bird

  3. Mouseketeers

  4. "Of Mice and Men"

  5. Minnie Mouse

  6. Speedy Gonzales

  7. "The Nutcracker"

  8. Itchy

  9. House mouse (small mouse)


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