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Real Estate Transactions

by Amy Buckholtz | October 25, 2020 at 1:52 a.m.

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 21-Sept. 25:

Freeway Park Properties, LLC to MMAC HT II Little Rock AR, LLC, L1R, Arkansas Urology Asc., $25,753,511.

Freeway Park Properties, LLC to MMAC HT II Little Rock AR, LLC, L8 B4, Springill Development, $6,246,489.

The Downtown Fund, LLC to Cromwell Court Opportunity Fund, LLC, 507 & 511 E. Seventh St, Little Rock, Lots A, B, C, D, E & F, J.V. Johnson's; Pt. Blk. 5 & Ls2-3 B5, Johnson, $2,400,000.

Rickey Harold and Sheri Lynn Thomas and The R.H. And S.L. Thomas Family Revocable Trust to City Of Little Rock, Ark., Pt. NW SW 34-2N-11W; Pt. SW NE 21-1N-11W, $1,250,000.

Little Rock Crate And Basket Co. to Ben Davis Properties Management, LLC, Blks. 1-9, Joseph Gascot's Acres; Blks. 1-2, Manufacturer's, $972,000.

Springhill Plaza, LLC to Mabelvale Eat, LLC, Pt. NE NW 9-1S-13W, $900,000.

Cynthia Dianne and Becky Jean Gillespie and The Gillespie Revocable Trust to Christian C. and Mary C. Michaels, 46 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, L74, Robinwood, $795,000.

Elizabeth Berry to Robert M. and Kathleen M. Betchley, 45 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L19 B136, Chenal Valley, $746,000.

Jay and Magen Stewart to Linda Kay Shaver and The Linda Kay Shaver Revocable Trust, L2 B97, Chenal Valley, $670,000.

Waterview Estates, LLC to Wiggins Family Real Estate Holdings, LLC, Ls16R & 17 B1, Water View Estates, $650,000.

Strebor, LLLP to R. & D. Holdings, LLC, 110 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L23, Westover Hills; Ls1-3 B2, Forest Park, $615,000.

Wiggins Family Real Estate Holdings, LLC to VFE Phase V, LLC, Ls70 & 69R, Valley Falls Estates, $600,000.

Mary Elizabeth Remmel Wohlleb, Raymon Roland Remmel and The Ruth R. Remmel Revocable Trust to John David and Caroline J. Morgan, L8, Broadview Terrace; Pt. NW NE 36-2N-13W, $575,000.

CAM AR, LLC to Bradley D. and Holly M. Reding and The Reding Living Trust, 1117 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B8, Midland Hills, $550,000.

Roger Scott and Tina M. Case to Anthony D'Onofrio, 122 Wellington Plantation Lane, Little Rock, L66 B15, The Villages Of Wellington, $534,900.

William C. Cobb to Michael G. and Gwen A. Scheller, L15 B11, Chenal Valley, $517,000.

Scott and Tiffani Jedlicka to Andrew Morgan and Sarah M. King, 6 Redcoat Lane, Little Rock, L81, Foxcroft, $507,500.

Carolyn J. and Galen R. Wenger to Larry Don and Susan Faye Benzick and The Benzick Family Trust, L21R, Ridgefield Estates, $505,000.

Forward Properties, LLC to Victoria and Thomas Walden, 1015 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L8 B10, Hollenberg, $442,500.

William Don Perrymore to Tina L. Kearchner, 112 N. Monroe St., Little Rock, Pt. Blk. 5, Howard Adams, $442,500.

Joel R. and Kathleen A. Rutledge to Tony D. Dunnick, 14700 Honey Bear Drive, Little Rock, L15. Longlea X Phase 3, $435,000.

Charles Terry and Elizabeth Josephine Saugey to Scott T. and Joan D. Ford, Pt. NE NE 17-2N-14W; Pt. NE NE 7-2N-14W, $425,000.

Gary M. Nash and Allison T. McPherson Nash/Allison T. McPherson to Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC, 1817 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L98, Shadowlawn, $425,000.

Steve L. and Mary J. Jones and The Jones Family Trust to Clyde Eric and Judy Carol Hance, 1 LaScala Court, Little Rock, L1, Hickory Grove Phase II, $420,000.

Joshua A. and Andrea L. Baker to Matthew M. and Leslie M. Powell, 203 Seminole Lane, Maumelle, L217, Osage Terrace, $405,000.

Doma Investments, LLC to Paul Whitten and Amy Perkins Owens, 510 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L5 B3, Pulaski Heights, $394,000.

Cody R. and Anna F. McGrath to Angela K. Hopkins, 4701 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock, L1 B5, McGehee, $390,000.

Christine Bettis and The Christine Bettis Revocable Living Trust to Yung L. and Amber A. Chung, 16 Durance Drive, Little Rock, L21 B25, Chenal Valley, $390,000.

Michael D. and Jennifer J. Fitzpatrick to Donald Jeremy Morphis and Amy C. Cole, 15 Windrush Point Road, Little Rock, L73 B2, Woodlands Edge, $388,875.

Virginia Anne Young to Maurice Louie Allred and Marion Alice Cockrill Allred, 2520 Riverfront Drive, Unit 47, Little Rock, Unit 47, Round River HPR, $375,000.

Joan Brown Dietz to Christopher and Nicole Locke, Pt. SE NE 18-1S-10W, $366,000.

Mayra Liza C. Lopez to Anthony W. and Juaniki A. Baker, 2903 Sweetgrass Drive, Little Rock, L2 B20, Woodlands Edge, $366,000.

HBH Builders, Inc. to Margaret Rebecca Benton and 2018 Margaret Rebecca Benton Family Trust, L1, Belles Fleurs, $365,000.

Marlena and Allen Johnson to Jack Arneze and Billie J. Woods, 13820 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott, L172, Ashley Downs Phase I, $360,000.

Hunter Medlock and Hunter Medlock Construction to Lovepreet Singh and Parminder Kaur, 9828 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L38 B10, Creekside, $355,000.

Central Arkansas Ranch And Timber Co., LLC to Ronnie Joe Brewer and Samuel Kenneth Joubert, Pt. S/2 SW 28-4N-10W; Pt. NW 33-4N-10W, $344,817.

Timothy A. Coon to Jennifer S. and Troy B. Gisi, 6 Topin Court, Little Rock, L81, Madison Valley, $340,000.

Jeffery H. Yates and Danice R. Jones to Petra Anna Lackner, 66 El Dorado Drive, Little Rock, L8 B9, Pleasant Valley, $340,000.

Thomas J. and Mary C. Davis to John Frederick and Noelle F. Scuderi, 14015 Napoleon Road, Little Rock, L232, St. Charles, $338,000.

Steven L. and Kimberly Gardner to Jeffrey Alexander Robinson and Paula Woonji Noh, 707 N. Van Buren St., Little Rock, L4 B40, Pulaski Heights, $335,000.

Bradley W. and Susan Elizabeth Raines to Andrew M. and Mary H. Briggler, 20 Hanna Lane, Little Rock, L49, Madison Valley, $330,000.

Roger and Wendy Fraley to Brenda V. Garcia, 8316 Greer Road, Sherwood, Pt. N/2 SW NE 13-3N-12W, $330,000.

Kimberly Rochelle Gordon to David And Ruth Altrui Revocable Trust, 117 Wildcreek Blvd., Little Rock, L6 B3, Wildwood Place, $322,500.

Blue Line Design+Build, LLC to Bryan Imming, 1109 Tahoe Drive, Maumelle, L23 B27, Maumelle Valley Estates, $318,000.

Andrew and Katherine Riccobono to Reid Bryant, 5812 Elk River Road, North Little Rock, L10 B14, Overbrook, $303,000.

The Clifton Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership to Willis Engineering, Inc., Various Portions Of Section 14-1S-13W, $297,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Tina Porzukowiak and Milos Milicevic, L4, Piper Lane, $295,650.

Wesley M. and Claire C. Fiser to Brian O'Marra, L91, Pebble Beach Estates Phase II, $290,000.

Eric S. and Amber J. Barnes to Lolita Dineen Montgomery, 9408 Millers Gardens Cove, Sherwood, L8, Millers Gardens Patio Homes, $287,500.

Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Monica G. and Michael A. Bryson Jr., 327 Parker St., North Little Rock, L8, The Porches At Rockwater Village, $283,900.

David Brian and Kimberly McFarland to Danyell Carroll, 119 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle, L1231, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $272,500.

Akesa Oage-Gottschalk to Adam and Sarah Garner, 110 Fork River Road, Sherwood, L25 B23, Overbrook, $269,900.

Daniel Scott Construction, LLC to Joseph M. Ryall and Emery A. Carter, 2225 Little Ridge Court, Sherwood, L9 B18, Stonehill Phase VII, $268,900.

Stephen M. and Maria Cristina King to Bryan Cardwell, 12419 Brodie Creek Trail, Little Rock, L4 B1, Woodlands Edge, $268,000.

Cascade Funding 2017-1 Alternative Holdings, LLC to Cascade Funding 2017-1 Alternative Holdings, LLC, L5, Palisades Heights Single-Family Detached, $265,114.

Robin E. and Sharon K. Regnas to Christopher Lee and Cynthia Spratt, 1001 Oak Shadows Drive, Sherwood, L25R, Oak Shadows Replat, $263,000.

Barbara Temple to Zavier Lewis, 1611 Village Lake Drive, Little Rock, L52R, Kanis Village Phase I, $262,500.

Karisa Ellen Nichols/Karisa Allmon and Derrick Allen Allmon to Jennifer and Charles Moline, 23 Toulouse Court, Maumelle, L1262, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 20, $260,100.

William J. Sherrill to Jared Lucas Reid, 430 Ivory Drive, Little Rock, L29, Shannon Hills, $260,000.

Tom R. Peterson to Nicolas Levi Martinez, 204 Pearl Ave., Little Rock, L2 B6, Young's Park, $259,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Dante Xchel Carrillo Dugue and Tanya Silva Nunez, 17 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L21, Carnahan Village, $256,329.

Michael Stephe Allwine/Michael Allwine to Chenal Heights, LLC, Unit 331 Bldg. 300, Chenal Woods HPR, $255,000.

Gregory A. and Lina R. Haug to Phillip Fisher, 14822 Cedar Heights Road, North Little Rock, L17 B1, Allen's Highway Gardens, $250,000.

Darin and Amy Pecanty to Brett and Amanda Clark, 19 Ouachita Drive, Maumelle, L93, Edgewater Phase II, $249,900.

Carrie L. Stewart to Jerry and Joyce G. Gray, 1421 Cumberland St., Apt. A, Little Rock, L6A B49, Original City Of Little Rock, $245,000.

Joe Lazenby and Buneva Wood to Samuel Joel Adams, 1014 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L18 B4, Summerwood, $243,000.

Audra Oliphant to Ryan and Marrissa Ratcliff, L29, Jefferson Heights- Cammack Village, $240,000.

Curtis B. and Jamie L. King to Hordan Milam and Colby Hardin, 17 Red Maple Court, Little Rock, L6 B2, Parkway Place, $239,000.

Samuel Berry, Kristin Michelle, Joey N. and Lydia Caraway to Kathy Horner, 102 Mariner Lane, Maumelle, L6 B4, Villages At New Bedford Phase 2, $238,000.

Scott T. Brown to Nakita Lovelady, 136 Cabanel Drive, Maumelle, L1217, The Quarters- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 20, $235,000.

David M. and Kristin H. Morris to Josiah O. Onyenekwe III., 711 Shea Drive, Little Rock, L5, Cameron Heights, $235,000.

Stephanie E. Pedigo Hobbs to Marshall Tarver West, 11 Ozark Drive, Maumelle, L266, Edgewater Phase II, $234,000.

Royal Concepts Custom Homes, Inc. to Winston and Leddia Jones, 5217 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L11, Jaxon Terrace Phase 12, $229,500.

Scott A. and Lanita Wheetley to Patricia P. Piazza and The M. Pappas GST Exempt Trust, L11 B1, Auten And Moss, $225,500.

James Michael and Callie Holthouse VanPelt to Stacey Renee Hightower, 11763 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L38 B3, Walton Heights, $225,000.

The Hugh And Michelle McDonald Family Revocable Trust and Hugh and Michelle McDonald to Jimmy Burton and Katie Elizabeth Hicks, Pt. SW SE 32-2N-14W, $225,000.

Kara Michelle Kellerman to Colea Shyree Blann, 1619 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, L111, Colony West First, $222,900.

Edward R. and Judith L. Rush and The Rush Living Trust to Cedric Hawkins, 7412 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B34, Indian Hills, $220,000.

Kevin and Danielle Collie to Michael Towne, 15 Cambay Court, Little Rock, L178, St. Charles, $220,000.

Synago, LLC to Mose and Willie J. Randall, 108 Granite Cove, Sherwood, L21 B9, Stonehill Phase II, $220,000.

Linda Raye Manis to Sidney E. and Sandra L. Cawyer, 103 Ducane Way, Maumelle, L1017, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV, $215,000.

Bailey J. and Anita M. Stacks to Julie E. Pate, 11470 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L7 B6, Walton Heights, $215,000.

Selenge Bold to Crusyal and Shaquille Whitmore, 211 Congressional Circle, Little Rock, L150, Kenwood Estates Phase 3, $213,000.

Josep G. and Dolores C. Requena to Daryl Searcy, 11919 Pleasant Tree Drive, Little Rock, L5, Pleasantree Third, $212,500.

Maurice Louie and Alice Cockrill Allred to James and Teresa Wood, L541, Kingwood Place, $195,000.

Nathan and Megan A. Smith to Tra'Jhan Wilkerson, 6 Woodview Court, Little Rock, L23 B3, Timber Ridge, $189,000.

Charles Gregory and Kimberly Gorman to Sandra Louise and Bryant Keith Davis, 18403 Fawn Tree Drive, Little Rock, L202, Otter Creek Community Phase II-B, $187,000.

Rosenbaum Brothers to Rosenco, LLC, 4801 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, L3, North Shore Business Park, $185,000.

Stephen R., Ann E. and S. Reese Lancaster to Thomas R. Peterson, 2121 Lloyd Court, Little Rock, L1, Bodeman's Replat- Worthen, $184,900.

Kathy McNatt and The McNatt Family Trust to Colby Dale Siegler, 1228 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L2 B4, Summerwood, $184,000.

William Gary and Susan Lynn Underwood to Andrea M. Harris, 2 Cedar Ridge Court, Little Rock, L18 B5, Cedar Ridge, $181,000.

Rebekah L. Davis to Bo Bennett and Emily A. Davis, 1408 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L24, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $180,000.

Thomas D. and Stephanie P. Thompson to Erica and Frankie L. James, 1729 Osceola Drive, North Little Rock, L35 B37, Indian Hills, $179,900.

Jacob Tyler Blockburger to Thomas Ray Montgomery, 4618 Lochridge, North Little Rock, L23 B209, Park Hill NLR, $179,900.

Yung Lung and Amber Ross Chung to Ma Maylene Moncada and Alfer John Amante Villapando, 2 Cottonwood Court, Little Rock, L48, Sandpiper Section A, $179,900.

Patricia Cole and Misty Nichols and The Paul Dean Lybrand Irrevocable Trust Agreement to John and Helen Billingsley, Pt. SW 6-3N-11W, $179,600.

John D. and Jessica T. Ward to Andrew Donovan and Leah Santos, 11620 W. Stoney Point Court, Little Rock, L365, Pleasantree First, $175,000.

Connie Jo Parker and The Parker Family Trust to Linda K. Wingfield, 1208 Coolhurst Ave., Sherwood, L14 B1, Queensbrook, $172,500.

Adam G. and Sarah B. Garner to John M. and Pamela A. Webb, L36, Hidden Lake Estates, $172,000.

Lizette and Phillip Michael Wylie II., to Benjamin Blake Shuffied and Joanna Marie Calhoun, 123 S. Oak St., Little Rock, L20 B1, Plateau, $170,500.

Blanche L. Holland to Virginia Ruth and Lazarus Reynolds Young, 14 Shoshoni Drive, Sherwood, L136, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat 2, $167,500.

Michelle M. and Michael R. Suberly to Harvey J. and Judith A. Adkins, L208, Stonewall Phase II, $167,500.

Rebecca Rowland to Marlon and Susan Murray, L13 B313, Park Hill NLR, $165,615.

Commissioner In Circuit to Judith Nusse, 5809 N. Cedar St., North Little Rock, L22 B221, Park Hill NLR, $165,000.

Jacob O. Edge to Imaobong Etim, 7208 Missouri Ave., Little Rock, Ls22-23 B7, Riffel & Rhoton's Forest Park Highlands, $165,000.

Earle H. Hunt IV., to Janet Badeaux, 23 Stoneledge Drive, Maumelle, L12, Stoneledge, $164,500.

Ricky Ruby to Connie Gnale Heard, 16 Windstone Drive, Sherwood, L41, Twelve Oaks, $163,000.

Mary Jane Louden to Kerrie L. Hill, 22 Grant Oaks St., North Little Rock, L137, Arbor Oaks Phase III Replat, $160,000.

Don and Anita L. Dickson to Robin E. and Sharon K. Regnas, 1001 Steeple Chase Cove, Jacksonville, L492, Foxwood Phase X, $159,000.

Dashu Jiang to Destiny Fenger Chau and Eric Yun Zhang, 515 E. Capitol Ave., Apt. 105, Little Rock, Unit 105, Rainwater Flats HPR, $155,000.

Bradley A. and Camille L. Brown to Andrew James Peters, 3012 Miracle Heights Cove, Sherwood, L9, Miracle Heights, $155,000.

Edgar E. McDowell Jr., to Celenia Martinez and Varinder Singh, 1304 W. Roderweis Road, Cabot, Pt. SE NE 24-4N-11W, $153,000.

Robin E. White to SFR3, LLC, L92, Brookfield Section 4, $152,000.

Eleanor Forbess Jones/Eleanor H. Forbess to Oki Sutanto, 123 Pryor St., Little Rock, L1, Pryor's Replat- West Markham Street, $152,000.


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