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A week full of birthday celebrations

by Janet Carson October 25, 2020 at 12:03 p.m.

Covid has changed the way we do a lot of things. Most people do very little travel, there are no large parties, or large social gatherings. In spite of it all, we did have three small celebrations of birthdays this week at our house. A real treat was getting to see my sister and her family as they were heading back to Texas from a family wedding in Tennessee. It just happened to coincide with my sister's birthday so we had a birthday brunch.

It was too wet and cool to eat outside, so we had a social distancing meal indoors. We spaced out, but in close enough proximity to visit.

It was a short visit, but so nice to see them in person. After cake and presents,

they had to get back on the road.

Then my good friend Lynne came for her birthday dinner on Friday night, and we had my daughters birthday dinner last night.

Three celebrations in one week--such fun. I got to plan and prepare three meals, and got to use my new centerpiece with flowers from my own garden. It lasted all week.

We may not have had a large crowds, but they were wonderful celebrations all the same. It is not quantity but quality time that matters.

Whether in person, or via zoom, taking time to celebrate each other is still important.


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