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Statement unwelcome

After reading last Friday's excellent article by George Stoia about UCA's Athletic Director Brad Teague, I was really happy to see his hard work recognized with the Bears playing the first collegiate game of the year on national television.

I was somewhat disappointed when the pre-game talking heads came on ... one dressed like a slob and, I suppose, trying to make a statement with his shoe laces (one black, one white). It was not impressive, to say the least! This was just a minor distraction awaiting "our" Bears to take the field. Finally, a game on TV that I could watch since I don't watch the ignorant and perpetually offended professionals in the NBA, NFL, NHL, or Major League Baseball. Then, just prior to kickoff, the camera focused on a person on "our" sideline wearing a black shirt with the raised clenched fist. This was followed by the kickoff and every Bear player on the sideline giving the Black power raised clenched fist.

I do not need any political statements from athletes with no appreciation of their blessings. As soon as the camera focused on another of our ungrateful and ignorant kids wearing an "I can't breathe" shirt, I turned off the game, and the UCA team is, for me, history.


Hot Springs Village

Gratitude for nurses

I read a CDC guideline concerning school nurses that recommends one nurse per 750 students. I am not sure how many schools in our state have one, but I do know that the elementary school that my grandkids attend has one. She has been a great benefit to my grandkids as well as other students, and not only when they have a slight fever, cough or just need reassurance that all is well in their life.

I didn't have a school nurse when I attended school, so when I or other students felt ill, there was no recourse except calling a family member to come pick one up, resulting in the loss of work and student learning time. I appreciate all that school nurses add to the educational experience of their students. Thanks from a grateful granddad.


Little Rock

The progressive view

I believe Bret Stephens' column in Wednesday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "Progressives for Trump," is one of the most truthful statements recently published showing the distinct difference between the two major political parties. One can really understand the views of the many people who claim the progressive view but in reality have deep-seated extreme concepts. Once the truth comes out, one can see a broad chasm, not the "nickel's worth of difference" that was voiced many years ago.


Cave City


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