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OPINION | EDITORIAL: A smart investment

September 5, 2020 at 9:11 a.m.

Covid-19 is hitting some business sectors hard, and one of those taking a big punch is meat production. Arkansas' own Tyson Foods knows a thing or two about closing plants because of high infection rates. Fortunately, it's preparing a new weapon in its arsenal.

"Tyson Foods is planning to open medical clinics at several of its U.S. plants to improve the health of its workers and better protect them from the coronavirus," the papers say. "The new clinics will be run by Marathon Health, and there will be no charge to employees and their families for most services."

A-plus for thinking about the folks who do the hard work, not only for Tyson as a business, but for the rest of us who rely on their work to put food on our tables.

But beyond the right thing to do, there's a productivity element at play here as well. Even the most staunch budget hawks recognize a good investment when it benefits productivity. And common sense says healthy workers are productive workers.

On top of everything, the decision to open the clinics to families of employees removes one more worry from the mind of every parent and spouse. Want to make sure your child is healthy but don't have time or money to visit a doctor's office? Bring your child to work, have the doctor or nurse examine them, and get them the care they need, at no charge.

At a time when some folks worry about going to work during a pandemic, it's nice to see a company working to assuage those fears. And being a good corporate citizen of Arkansas to boot.


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