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Bring violence to end

The images we are seeing across the media over the last several weeks are not only concerning, but downright disturbing. How did we get to this place of such disrespect for not only the men and women of law enforcement, but of the small businesses and personal property of our fellow citizens at the hands of rioters? And as a result of this violence and destruction throughout many cities across our land, the call to defund our police departments seems to grow by a certain part of our electorate. This is both astonishing and absurd.

I am incredibly thankful for the strong voice of reason in our Sen. Tom Cotton. Tom has been extremely vocal in support of our law enforcement and has led the charge to ensure these cities have the resources they need to protect their citizens. Rioting and destruction will not lead to anything productive, and will only cause additional damage to already impacted families and communities. This violence must come to an end.

Thank you, Senator Cotton, for standing up for these cities that need to be protected. This is a time where our country needs more leaders like you to stand up for what is right and keep our communities safe. Thank you for not backing down, but instead doubling down!



Choice seems clear

Conservative evangelicals are always searching for political candidates who embody Christian values. It strikes me that there is a candidate in this presidential race who's a perfect fit for them. He excels in Christian character.

First, he has attended church regularly his entire life. He reads the Bible regularly, has deep knowledge of it, and often uses biblical references in his speech.

Second, this candidate has exhibited high standards of personal morality. He has been faithful in marriage and has supported and respected women in all of their struggles. He is known for telling the truth and being honest in business dealings. He has released decades of his tax returns and has revealed his assets in detail. He has always paid his obligations and has never been close to bankruptcy.

Third, this candidate displays all of the virtues the Bible says believers should have and seems to have none of the vices it condemns. He has a high level of empathy for people who have struggled and suffered loss. People everywhere tell stories of how he has reached out to them. He has fought racism and xenophobia and has embraced the Bible's concern for "the last, the least, and the lost."

Fourth, this candidate has decades of rich political experience. He's well known and respected by our nation's allies, and he strongly embraces them while protecting us against our adversaries. He has a history of bringing diverse people together and finding bipartisan solutions to big problems. He shows great respect for people whose opinions differ from his and is slow to speak ill of others.

Now there's another candidate in this race, but he's the exact opposite of this man on every point I've covered. Thus it appears that people of faith have an easy choice to make in this election.


Bella Vista

When will we learn?

Our forefathers loved the lord with all their heart, mind and strength, and the lost as themselves. They used this love as a floodlight to the lost. They prayed for the lost, they dreamed about the condition of the lost, they awakened with a purpose, a resolve to bring the lost to Christ. They preached in homes, in yards, in church houses, in warehouses, under brush arbors and in the streets. I believe God sent revival and created America one nation under God and named it a Christian nation.

Be aware, the prince of this world named Satan will come like a roaring lion as the Bible says. Do not hesitate, do not stop. Remember Eve and Adam's dilemma making believe they needed the only thing they did not have in the garden. Do not fight; on the contrary, be filled with the spirit, put on the whole armor of God, take the hand of Jesus and walk with him for 50 days and 50 nights in the battle of Armageddon. Then the church will be breaking news, and then the media, the politics, the government, the people will be under the influence of the holy spirit from sea to shining sea.

The church will then possess the land from the great Atlantic into the wide Pacific, dressing America in right-

eous splendor, standing on the salt of the Earth, flooding light over the whole world, preparing the bride for the coming of the groom who is with the father on a trip in a foreign country.



Shut down, start over

Putting together the news about ICU beds in short supply now and the UAMS projections from last week, it's clear to me that if we don't go to all online for almost all students now, we won't even be ready for schools to reopen safely by spring semester.

We need to shut down and start over. When new cases are low, when positivity is steadily below 5 percent, and when testing, analysis of tests, tracking, and isolation capacity are up to the challenge, then we can reopen, more gradually this time.

Governor Hutchinson reopened too soon and too fast last time--sooner and faster than he had led us to believe he would by saying he would follow the data. Now it's time to do it right. And do it now, so we have the best chance to be ready to reopen schools safely later.


Little Rock


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