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Outstanding senator

I would like to express my support for our outstanding senator, Tom Cotton. I have always liked Senator Cotton and his love for our state and country, but over the past few months, my respect has grown tenfold. He has been one of the few politicians who has been outspoken regarding the Chinese Communist regime in regards to its handling of the coronavirus. He was perhaps one of the first to voice his concern of the origin of the virus.

Tom has served this country well, not only in his military service, but also as a public servant who loves this country and the people of this nation. His deep compassion for the citizenry is evident in his relentless pursuit of the truth. I don't believe I have ever met a more genuine politician who is serving his constituents with an intentional drive that is focused on truly improving the quality of life for all Arkansans as well as our great nation.

I'm asking for all Arkansans to look deeply into his stalwart record and see for yourselves the truth. Tom Cotton is our man for this time in history. Vote for Tom Cotton on Nov. 3--a conservative voice for a conservative Arkansas!



Payroll-tax damage

I have written about this topic before, but in light of recent events, feel it bears repeating. It seems our dear leader has taken it upon himself to once again bypass Congress and do his usual damage via the "executive order" to defer, not abolish, the collection of the payroll taxes, aka FICA and Medicare contributions, from paychecks through the end of this year. He's also promised that if re-elected, he would seek to make this deferral permanent, something he cannot do through an executive order ... but then, when has he let the Constitution or federal laws get in his way?

According to Stephen C. Goss, Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration, if Social Security's funding were terminated, the Disability Insurance Trust Fund would be depleted by 2021 and the Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund by 2023 with no ability to pay benefits after that.

Bear in mind that the payroll tax is not to be confused with federal withholding taxes, which go into the general treasury while the payroll or FICA and Medicare "taxes" go directly to Medicare and Social Security, a distinction the media does little to nothing to clarify.

And before anyone mentions that Obama did it, he did not do it via an executive order. It was through a congressional law, and cut the FICA and Medicare taxes for both employee and employer by 50 percent for a set period of time. Congress funded the money to reimburse the Social Security Trust Fund and Medicare, unlike Trump, who's only going to temporarily loan you the money that will be due and payable next year and subject to fines and interest until paid. Think about it.


Hot Springs Village

He's taking it badly

Let me be sure I understand Joe Whalen: You believe that the creator of the universe, seer of all things, and judge of our immortal souls would grant you favor for the act of voting for a candidate who has locked children in cages, versus voting for a candidate whose political party has been accused (spoiler alert: they really didn't) of failing to mention his name in an oath of allegiance?

And I thought Donald Trump had thin skin.



The questions to ask

Down through the centuries, philosophy has come to focus on three questions which have become known as "The Long Debate." Considering the times, I encourage all citizens to read and think about these questions:

  1. What can we know?
  2. How are we to conduct ourselves?
  3. How are we to be governed?


Little Rock

Find truth on Trump

I will not support a president who does not fully support our soldiers and armed service veterans. We have a few veterans remaining who served in World War II, incredible. Many vets today are from the Vietnam era; they are from the same generation as Donald Trump. Trump never served his country in the military or the Reserves.

I'm asking you to use your talent and resources to get the facts about Trump's service to our country. There are recent stories of Trump calling soldiers "suckers" and "losers." I believe the stories; I'm a vet the same age as Donald Trump.

I don't want you to offhandedly believe me; it's the same for whatever different things DJT will say. Our POTUS sometimes find himself AWOL as far as the truth goes. I'm asking you to find out the truth and be sure to vote in November.


Greers Ferry


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