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Cash for me, not thee

The 2nd Congressional District needs to reassess the relationship it has with French Hill. When voting this fall remember that French Hill voted to raise taxes on the average American while cutting taxes for the very wealthy and corporations; voted to cut Medicare funding; voted to end health care for millions of Americans; and voted to cut assistance for food-insecure Arkansans. By supporting Donald Trump, Hill appears to agree with Trump's racist and divisive ideology.

Hill was born to a life of economic privilege and has no idea what the average Arkansan copes with on a daily basis. His apparent only concern is supporting the very wealthy and corporate America. He sold his bank for a very large profit, which resulted in a large number of his former employees without jobs and health insurance. French Hill seems to believe in socialism for corporate America and the very rich, and a 19th century model of laissez-faire capitalism and its inherent misery for the rest of us. He needs to be voted out of office.


Little Rock

What patriotism isn't

I am a disabled veteran of the United States Navy. My rank and rate at the time of my honorable/medical discharge was Intelligence Specialist Third Class.

I have PTSD due to my service from over 20 years ago. I watched as a pilot of an F14 Tomcat got carried into the medical bay after his aircraft collided midair with another aircraft and crashed into the ocean. His chute did not open and he hit the waters below at full impact. Many sailors stood in line to give emergency blood donations, but it was too late; the pilot died due to his injuries. The pilot was a hero and patriot. On another occasion during deployment I was a part of an honor guard that buried two veterans at sea.

I am proud of the men and women I served with and all who have worn the uniform of the U.S. armed forces. I have five brothers who also served or are currently serving. We are not suckers for choosing the military over money. Donald Trump is the loser and coward who reportedly dodged the draft five times with fake bone spurs. He let others die in his place. He does not care about us veterans or those currently serving to defend and die or come home injured physically and mentally for our great country.

Patriotism is not hugging the American flag. Patriotism is serving others above yourself. Patriotism is on the ballot. Donald Trump is no patriot.



An easy pick for me

In response to Sandy Wylie's Voices letter and the description of his perfect presidential candidate. He left out three words: liar, cheat and thief.

Yes, it is an easy choice for the people of faith. Trump 2020!



If they win, watch out

Driving through some of the more affluent Little Rock neighborhoods, I've noticed several Biden signs. I am wondering why or how these people think that the socialist Biden/Harris ticket is going to allow them to keep their money. Socialism takes money from the affluent and gives it to the poor supposedly. (It usually winds up in the hands of the leaders.) Socialism has never worked anywhere or anytime. Be prepared to be knocked down a rung or two if Biden/Harris win this election.


North Little Rock

Choice between cars

In John Brummett's recent visit to the car lot, I thought he let Bubba McCoy off a little too easily.

Not voting is a poor option. The next time Mr. Brummett visits the lot, I would ask him to pose this question for Bubba. If Bubba's daughter needed a good used car, which car would he select for her? Would it be the slick-looking model with the orange spray paint job that has the flimsy blond color vinyl roof covering the bald spot on top? This is the car that produces voluminous amounts of smoke and leaves soot on anyone in the area. Other cars around it seem to get impounded for some strange reason. This car is not dependable, reliable or honest. You cannot trust it. It wobbles, shakes and is chaos in motion. It will not get you to the veterans ceremony on a rainy day. The grille might shine pretty, but when you pop the hood on this baby, it is empty and hollow inside. If you do buy this clunker, it will laugh at you behind your back as being a "sucker" and a "loser."

Or would Bubba perhaps pick the other car that has a few miles on it but is solid, stable, trustworthy and decent? It will run rain or shine. It has a ding or two on it but will get you where you need to go. It has enough room for your diverse set of friends. When you look under this hood, you see a real engine that has steady compression. The ride is smooth, purposeful and productive. This adult car can handle potholes and an uphill climb without whining.

I think we all know which set of keys Bubba would slip into his daughter's hand.


North Little Rock

Don't belong to him

I just read an article that said President Trump took items from the ambassador's home in France the day he was to tour the cemetery. The items were Greek figurines, a painting and a bust; the article did state the items were replicas, but still the president had no business taking them. The figurines were shown on a mantle in the White House.

Since our senators didn't vote for impeachment, the least they can do is make sure this man leaves everything in the White House that does not belong to him if and when he leaves office.



Conform with sanity

When I drive to the grocery store, where I will wear a mask, I will keep to the right side of the road. I wear a mask and keep to the right for the same reason: survival in an interdependent society. Our rights under the Constitution are not threatened by conforming with sanity.




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