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Must aid constituents

Please take action to fight the suspension of Social Security and other payroll taxes being withheld. This is a poorly thought-out and ill-advised action that needs to be reversed at once.

It does not help small business and does not help the workers. It will not help those on Social Security and is a step down the road to financial ruin of that system. That road is already on a slippery slope with the current crises.

It does help big business, which I do not worry about because they have the money and lobbyists to protect their own interests.

If those in Washington think it will not do long-term harm, then you give up your retirement and rely only on Social Security. Give up your government health care and rely only on Medicare. Give up your salary and rely on Medicaid and whatever else you might qualify for.

Fight to stop the insanity of executive orders making policy. That is what you and the others have been voted in to do. Protect us from those that, obviously, have not read or understand the Constitution. Do your job and raise your voice loud and clear when something is done that is not a good decision for the future of this country. It does not matter if you have to fight your own party; the party did not elect you, the people you serve did.



Nothing in life is free

There is no "free stuff." It is earned. It is gifted. It is stolen.



Don't have to read it

Earlier this month Mark Johns of Hamburg had a letter to the editor suggesting that John Brummett move to another state. I have a suggestion for Mr. Johns: Just skip reading Mr. Brummett's opinion. I'm sure your sense of reasoning will return, and your blood pressure will probably return to normal.


Bella Vista

Send in the Marines

Not so very long ago, I would never have thought that I would be writing such as this, or even thinking it, but now I feel compelled, and I hope that our congressmen may read, and in turn get President Trump's ear on the subject.

I believe the rioting, destruction of property, burning out businesses, putting citizens out of work, injuring and killing of police and private citizens in several American cities, is headed for a near-apocalypse era, beginning with the election results in November, unless this seemingly organized effort to destroy America can be stopped beforehand. The Black Lives Matter movement seems to have been hijacked by thugs, antifa or whatever name it goes by, who have seized upon each killing of black men by white police as opportunities for them to vandalize and assault or kill at will. They are the "serpents who will not be charmed," and cannot be reasoned with.

I believe they are not only political opponents of the present administration in Washington, but are acting as actual enemies of our nation, and when the election is finalized, if President Trump wins, as I hope and expect, there will be chaos spread all across America in rejection of the results. Either we stop it now, by whatever means, or our grandchildren will have to live with it. Police will be far outmanned and handcuffed by politicians; armed citizens have no authority, and I don't know if the National Guard would be adequately trained to cope. Since violence seems to be the only language the rabid animals understand, I believe the solution to the problem, before it becomes overwhelming, is for President Trump to fully utilize our military in every city where anarchy reigns. Turn loose the force that can and will deal with them as with any enemy of our nation. Send in the Marines.



What really matters

America needs less rhetoric of "law and order"; we need it embodied justly in our criminal justice system. Have we seen that the last three years and eight months?

I believe the name Trump to be associated with "law and order" is an oxymoron. He has been more "lawless and out of order." We need a president and an administration that will reflect integrity, truth and justice for all people.

This president has pardoned numerous persons who intentionally violated the law, including those who blatantly showed disrespect for the laws and others who violated the "rule of engagement." He has pardoned his friends including those he decides are justified in their own acts of defiance based on political affiliation. Is he a dictator or a president? Has our Constitution been upheld or contradicted? Do we as Americans understand the principles of it or do we just salute the flag?

This president embraces white entitlement and white extremism with the attitude of a Confederate general who deems non-whites as inferior and unworthy of equality and justice. He rallies for acts of injustice and vengeance as weapons against political rivals and people with color.

The majority of Black people do not support him, as the surveys reveal. But Black is not just a color. It is a state of being. Do not confuse the two. Some don't recognize Trump's evil intentions, but I think most of us do. I do not know what good people will show up to vote against him. But I do know that the truth about America is telling, and on Nov. 3, we will see which America shows up. The one talked about or the one letting Trump rule badly. Racism, lies and injustice do matter.


Little Rock

Yellow dogs, wake up

You cannot avoid seeing the anarchy allowed and even encouraged in the large cities by Democrat mayors and governors. If Joe Biden is elected president, I believe this lawless chaos will begin its nationwide spread down the road created by Fidel and Che and supported by the progressives.


Little Rock


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