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First, 13 Arkansas State players had to miss the trip to Kansas State.

No reason was given.

Most assumed it was the coronavirus, but many schools are not confirming cases because they want to continue to play football.

Now, ASU has had to postpone its game with Central Arkansas this Saturday until Oct. 10 because the Red Wolves had too many missing from action.

Logically, it appears some of the Red Wolves picked up the virus when they played Memphis in the season opener.

Here’s what the players don’t seem to understand: Just because they were tested before the game doesn’t mean they can’t get it on the field against from an opponent and pass it on to his teammates.

The player comes off the field where most or all of his teammates are not wearing their helmets or masks and they are in each other’s face shouting about a play.

This is exactly what the SEC, Big 12 and ACC have been afraid of from the start.

It is why the SEC and ACC are only playing conference brothers. The Big 12 did allow one nonconference game and K-State chose ASU, which they probably regret after losing and then hearing too many Red Wolves can’t play this weekend.

The players and coaches have to a better job of protecting on the sidelines.

What it seems like right now that as soon as the ball kicks off everyone forgets the virus and is trying to win a football game.

Winning is great, but not at the risk of spreading covid-19.

If this season is going to continue and has any hope of finishing, the players must do all they can to prevent the spread of the virus during a game by distancing and wearing a helmet.

Those not playing should be masked and graduate assistants need to be monitoring the sidelines.

Lastly, head coaches need to keep their masks over their mouth and not wear then like chin straps.


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