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Marriage Licenses

Chad Noblett, 26, and Shelby Shuster, 25, both of Sherwood.

Morgan Clark, 32, and Shontay Lawrence, 42, both of Little Rock.

Brent Reich, 58, and Ellis Martin, 54, both of Little Rock.

April Puling, 42, of Jacksonville and Cleary Williams, 42, of Pine Bluff.

Alexandria Figueroa, 20, and Jerrick Cooper, 19, both of Milwaukee.

Charles Bradford, 72, and Yoshiko Collins, 50, both of Little Rock.

Kevin Yancy, 60, of Sherwood and Wanda Holmes, 52, of North Little Rock.

Ron Buckner, 44, and Djuana Curry, 56, both of Little Rock.

Richard Breedlove, 34, and Jasmine Brown, 30, both of Little Rock.

Benjamin Shuffield, 26, and Joanna Calhoun, 27, both of Little Rock.

Ashley Bridges, 31, and Erreton Howard, 42, both of North Little Rock.

E. Jack Murphy, 95, of Little Rock and Andrea Carpenter, 74, of Benton.

Stacey Evans, 36, and Benjamin Eggleton, 33, both of Maumelle.

Phillip Warfield, 36, and Desaree Watson, 30, both of Little Rock.

Mayra Calvo, 22, and Yulisa Martinez, 24, both of Little Rock.

Leland Goston, 30, and Michelle Moon, 30, both of Little Rock.

Devon Alpe, 23, and Keely Zimmerman, 21, both of Bryant.

Charles Kennedy, 33, and Stephanie Harris, 34, both of North Little Rock.

J. T. Hardin, 26, and Melia Harris, 26, both of North Little Rock.

Jessie Sanders, 38, and Shauna Holmes, 37, both of Little Rock.

Kenya Davis, 42, and Rochelle Allen, 51, both of North Little Rock.

Dequan Thomas, 24, and Kristen Peterson, 23, both of North Little Rock.



20-2876. Patton Vellance v. Jamie Vellance.

20-2878. Erin Sanderock v. Christopher Sanderock.

20-2881. Derek Rudkin v. Pamela Rudkin.

20-2882. Latasha Reyes v. Aldo Reyes.

20-2883. Marilyn Morris v. Frank Morris.

20-2884. Beatrice Kareem v. Kaming Kareem Sr.

20-2885. Priscilla Garcia v. Keith Robinson.

20-2886. Brittany Straw v. Cedrick Straw.

20-2887. Mayrazulay Martinez v. Salvador Nunez.

20-2893. Michael Ragsdale v. Jennifer Ragsdale.

20-2895. Oanh Derryberry v. Dean Derryberry.

20-2900. Brittany Kelley v. Terrell Kelley.


18-973. Lawrence Ault v. Juliette Ault.

18-4057. John Whitehead v. Megan Whitehead.

19-3295. Valeria Mumford v. Bryce Mumford.

20-707. Shelley Williams v. Herman Williams.

20-956. John McKeehan v. Patricia McKeehan.

20-1055. Christopher Dyer v. Leana Dyer.

20-1158. Aretha Daughtery v. Toby Daughtery.

20-1751. Mayrena Escobar v. Rudi Campos.

20-1771. Derek Harmon v. Donna Harmon.

20-2055. Vytel Hawkins v. Keontra Jemerson.

20-2217. Brian Allen v. Audrey Marion.

20-2486. Tarah Runkel v. John Runkel.


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