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Un-serious behavior

At this point I can't imagine how ill-informed someone would have to be to be unaware that the childish man occupying the highest office acts only in his own selfish interests. See his recent release of potential nominees to the Supreme Court, which is clearly just another event in his never-ending, desperate bid for attention at any exhausting price. Several of the names on the list have neither the temperament nor the experience worthy of that court, including the surly and antagonistic Tom Cotton.

That Trump would issue such a ridiculous list shouldn't surprise anyone, but I was certainly surprised by the equally childish response of the Democrat-Gazette editorial page. Trump supporters oppose those who act with grace and aplomb? I agree; I can't believe you gleefully applaud it. But by far your most disappointing comment was when you blithely acknowledged that "There's no telling if the president was serious in releasing this list ..." There was a time when encouraging un-serious behavior in a president in regard to something as consequential as our highest court would have been beneath you. It ought to be still.



Health care is a right

Let us be clear: Pure socialism does not work to maximize production and services. Laissez-faire economics does not work for the people. From the beginning of our nation the balance between the two has been a struggle between the haves and the have-nots. Fortunately, human rights have prevailed in spite of the scare word "socialism."

Democrats have been accused of being pure socialists, which is not true. They do support human rights and, today, see health care as a right. We are far from the days when my grandfathers would make house calls and accept eggs as a payment. It is not right that a hardworking American family should go bankrupt to save their child's life. I realize there is no such thing as a free lunch, but I also know that when medical services are provided to indigents, that cost is passed along to those who have insurance. So suck it up and let's do what Jesus taught, and take care of our sick.



Heal nation's wounds

The United States of America do not seem to be very united as this is being written. Republicans fight Democrats, Blacks seek justice, Trump attacks Biden and vice versa. A unification party might do more than any other toward bringing our nation together.

America is billed as a rich nation and yet we are so deep in debt that we borrow money from the Bank of China just to survive. Not all our problems are President Donald Trump's fault, but his numerous tweets are seemingly not solving them.

In selecting our next president we should, I believe, vote for the person most likely to help heal this nation's wounds and bring it together to work toward common goals of peace, justice and prosperity.



Not a positive person

Is anyone more negative than Paul Krugman?



Vote twice? No, don't

It is interesting that the current occupant of the White House suggests that people vote twice in the coming election. As a former election worker (paid, not volunteer), in my experience when an individual votes twice, no matter how, duplicate ballots are not counted.

So, the cat is out of the bag and most of the folks that heard this will not realize that this does not work. Once again, bad information continues to come from the White House.



Decaying of society

"Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you," says every socialist who ever lived. It seems the communists on the left have taken the abiding words of President Kennedy and turned them upside down. The watchwords of these imbecilic Marxists are "Gimme, gimme, gimme, free, free, free!"

Witness all the looting and rioting that's been taking place nightly for more than three months in numerous cities stretching from sea to shining sea. Before setting fire to businesses that the proprietors have worked very hard for likely many years to build, you see these wild-eyed lunatics rampaging gleefully down every aisle cramming armfuls of merchandise they steal into shopping carts they steal. Ah, this is the life. No job, no money, just pillage your way to the American Dream. What's not to like?

Sadly, it's all too possible this will be a nightly occurrence in Joe Biden's America wherewith the absurdly stupid idea of defunding or abolishing the police, as some in the Democratic Party are advocating.

Question is: Where will these violent criminals go once they've plundered every establishment in every burned-out Democrat-run city in America? I think we all know the answer.

If Joe Biden becomes president, America will indeed be a bleak place in which to live. Sleaze and rot will continue to permeate Democrat-controlled cities and states, and the strong pre-covid economy generated by our current president will have no chance of returning, and of course it will blamed on--you guessed it--Donald Trump.

And the decaying of our society will march unabashedly onward.




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