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Has a servant's heart

I'm both encouraged and troubled by the recent Talk Business and Politics poll showing Sen. Joyce Elliott at 46 to French Hill's 47.5. We knew this race would be close and these numbers confirm that.

I've been volunteering two hours each week to contact voters about Senator Elliott because she is the most inspirational figure in Arkansas politics that I know. Growing up, I attended public schools and am so grateful for the amazing education I received. I attribute the decent career I have now to that education and to the incredible teachers that mentored me.

Joyce Elliott will use her 30 years of experience as a public school teacher to ensure that kids in our district have access to the type of public schools that gave me the opportunity to succeed. She has a servant's heart and inspires so many of us to get involved in our communities the way that she has. Let's elect her this November. And if you support what she stands for, please donate or volunteer by going to


North Little Rock

Support Falun Gong

I'm writing to say a big thank you to Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton for co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 274, "expressing solidarity with Falun Gong practitioners who have lost lives, freedoms, and other rights for adhering to their beliefs and practices, and condemning the practice of non-consenting organ harvesting, and for other purposes."

I am from China and my parents and I practice Falun Gong, which is a meditation practice for mind and body based on the three principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.

Initially the practice was embraced by the Chinese government for its health benefits, but after a survey concluded that there were as many as 100 million people practicing, the Communist Party enacted a policy of persecution beginning in July 1999.

We soon started hearing news of people we knew being arrested and tortured. My mother was arrested in 2000 with no official charges or legal procedure. In prison she was tortured when she refused to sign papers to denounce and slander Falun Gong. She was eventually released after going on a hunger strike, but many of her friends were less fortunate and didn't survive the persecution.

Because people like my mother are not allowed to seek legal justice in China, it is critical that those outside China continuously and strongly protest the persecution and killing. Efforts by U.S. officials to expose human-rights abuses are therefore equally important and appreciated.

As persecution survivors, we sincerely thank Senators Boozman and Cotton for their effort on Resolution 274. Efforts like this will build greater global awareness of the Communist regime's human-rights violations and encourage more to speak up against organ harvesting and persecution. Increased awareness and strong voices for justice will bring these crimes against humanity to an end.



Thoughts appreciated

Thank you, Mr. Derek Banks, for your astute summation of America's historical fight for various cultural groups. Thank you for taking a stand for humanity. I appreciate your time and thoughts on this matter and pray we all take your advice, and also have the courage to stand for what is right. Bless you.



Explaining support

To those who wonder how the 40 percent could vote for Trump, the answer is simple: The end justifies the means.

If your conscience demands pro-life, you will endure the shame of being led by a president who pays off porn stars and brags about grabbing women by their private parts.

If you believe immigrants are swarming across our borders to soak up our social benefits, you will not be put off by images of children in cages because it sends a heckuva message back to the folks in the s*hole countries.

If you want law and order, you will accept judges of dubious competence as long as they are hard-headed believers that the Constitution is as immutable as scripture.

If you are tired of "gummint" rules making it difficult to run a business, you will shrug off the ethics violations of the regulators and welcome lobbyists and cronies roosting in the Cabinet and agencies because they know what life is like in the trenches (i.e., corporate jets, multimillion-dollar bonuses).

If you think anarchists are at your door, you don't mind that mothers are being shoved around in the streets because they should be back in suburbs where they belong.

And it doesn't matter if all this erodes decency, national principles, and brings us to the brink of civil war because, if we reach that bitter end, who's got all the guns?


Hot Springs Village

Will boost his chances

A historic deal is now in the works, thanks to the hard work that Bahrain, the UAE, Israel, and the United States have made.

Donald Trump was right on this deal, and it will cut Joe Biden's lead over him by a little bit because of Bob Woodward's interview with him on covid-19, as well as his mishandling of covid-19.

But I believe this deal will boost his chances as president by just a little bit, as well as give a major boost to him for the chance of winning the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, which did not go well for him in 2019 the first time, coming with his summit meetings with Kim Jong Un.



On politics in sports

My husband and I have always been sports fans. No more. We stopped watching the NBA when they decided to politicize the game. Now the NFL has done the same, and it's too bad that we missed what was a good game Sunday night.

This is sports, folks, not a political arena. All lives should matter. I have read that until Black lives matter that all lives cannot matter. I believe it is the reverse. When all lives matter, Black lives will matter also. Give us back our sports. Leave the politics out!


Hot Springs Village


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