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President respects him

Arkansas is blessed to have Senator Cotton representing us. Tom Cotton is working for Arkansans to improve the traffic issues we face. He cares about us being stuck in traffic.

His work in securing the $25 million we needed to complete Interstate 49 near the Arkansas-Missouri state line shows his vision for Arkansas. Senator Cotton's relationship with President Trump gave him the opportunity to inform the president of our state's transportation needs. The president was then able to give this information to the Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, in order to help Arkansas secure the funding needed. This is a game-changer for Arkansans who will save millions of hours of being stuck in traffic.

I am so thankful that we have a senator who has earned the respect and admiration of President Trump. Their relationship offers Arkansas a place at the table. That is one of the many reasons why I am supporting Tom Cotton for United States senator for six more years.



Those people of faith

I continue to read letters that imply that "people of faith" are rabidly supporting Trump and fellow Republicans, not so subtly implying that people not supporting him are not "people of faith."

This is not a Sunday School lesson on what constitutes persons of faith, but you all do know that it runs much deeper than a political party, right? Jesus said that we will know a tree (good or bad) based on the fruit it produces. He was referring to fruits of the spirit. You will have to read scripture to learn what those are, but that should be easy for people of faith. He said, "If you love me, you will obey my teachings." What would Jesus do? He ate with criminals. He touched the diseased. He turned the other cheek. He cared for children. He blessed the widow. He told the rich young man to sell all that he had and distribute his money to the poor. He said that the worker who came late should be paid the same wage as the one who came early. He said to love our fellow man with our hearts, souls, and minds.

As a quasi-religion/political party, what do Republicans do? Demand an end to abortion because life is precious and only God's to give or take while resenting the countless children that need their communities' support after birth, and clamor for capital punishment. Spend millions to travel to foreign countries to spread the gospel and cash but resent tax dollars being used for Medicaid in our own country. Share the story of the Good Samaritan but harbor dark feelings about foreigners. Teach the biblical truth that the love of money is the root of all evil but brag about stock market gains since 2016. Can you say hypocrisy?

I believe Donald Trump hijacked the Christian faith for votes. I am stunned that men and women who claim faith in Jesus have accepted and repeat his lies, racism, hubris, misogyny, pettiness, greed, hate-filled rhetoric and juvenile fits of rage. May God have mercy on all of us, including people of faith.


North Little Rock

Better use of money

I have an idea: Let's give every policeman a raise and defund NPR.


Little Rock

Change needs to occur

Shot in the back, seven times, with children in the car! Which police departments condone this kind of behavior? After the most recent shootings, no wonder Black people are protesting. The white people should be standing with them. In one way or another, this affects all of us.

I am sure these are not the actions of most police, but the police must call out their trigger-happy and racist brethren. And the peaceful protesters must call out those who would loot and pillage in their name.

Donald Trump is not the answer. He has created havoc in the United States and around the world. In these three and a half years he has yet to understand that he is the president of 330 million people and not just Trumpers. Nor does he acknowledge that three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for him.

Joe Biden will bring equality, respect, intelligence, a knowledge of the Constitution, a sense of history of this country. He will also choose competent and knowledgeable people and listen to them.

Please send Donald Trump back to Mar-a-Lago so he can play golf. That's what he really wants to do.


North Little Rock

Reconsider decision

Please, I implore the North Little Rock City Council to reverse its short-sighted decision to rezone the area on Highway 70 across from beautiful Hill Lake to accommodate "light industry."

Hill Lake is a natural gem that begs to be protected and preserved.

I do hope this threat to the lake and its environs can turn into an opportunity to direct widespread attention to the critical need to recognize the value of Hill Lake and the adjacent historic properties. People who have never seen the lake's old-growth cypress trees and their knees beneath them, the water birds and the other flora and fauna should visit this area and see what is at risk.

If the North Little Rock City Council fails to realize the significance of the lake and its environs, then I think it is up to the county, state and federal governments to take necessary action.




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