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I'm ridin' with Biden

Arkansawyers, watch for the red Toyota truck with three "Biden for President, Save America" signs. That's me and I will be traveling throughout Arkansas until the election. Honk in support if you agree. I'll be counting.


Mountain Home

Proved words empty

Will a white man in government keep his word, his treaties, and his own laws? Ask an American Indian. Will a white man lock a person of any and all ages into a prison or concentration camp who has broken no laws without trial? Ask a Japanese American.

Will a white man use the unique talents of hundreds of men of a foreign race and nation, then treat them like scum when they're finished? Ask the Chinese who built the transcontinental railroad through the Rockies for us.

Does a white man truly feel that all people should be allowed to practice their own religion and cultural languages? Again, ask the American Indians that were deprived of theirs as well as their lands. Some were forced to walk hundreds of miles on "The Trail Of Tears."

Will a white man use arson as a weapon? Ask those from Tulsa's Wall Street, those whose homes were burned with Black families sometimes still in them, or those terrorized by burning crosses in their yards. What about the several massacres of hundreds of Black folks buried in suspected mass graves?

Lying in the filth with a hog doesn't bother the hog or make you his equal. Black folk who desecrate graveyards or memorials to decent cops are doing a despicable thing and deserve the same punishment those I mentioned above should have gotten. But those who for decades continued to brutalize Black people after promising to stop it: Why should the Black folks believe more empty words? He that says he loves God but despises his fellow man is a liar and the truth is not in him.



More conversation

"Hey? Where you going?"

"Gonna protest some more and then maybe burn some buildings and demand more Share The Wealth."

"So Share The Wealth is your latest cause?"

"Yep, gotta get those rich folks to Share the Wealth."

"So you going to ask them to fund treatment centers, donate to residential facilities, recruit foster homes, develop mentoring programs, assist food banks, organize neighborhood cleanups, help elderly and disabled with home services?"

"No, we are simply demanding to Share The Wealth."

"OK, so have you included very rich athletes, celebrities, musicians, and others as your targets? Or are you just focusing on rich conservatives who own businesses?"


"Exactly, are you an equal-opportunity demander of Share the Wealth or just a selective demander? Just target those you don't like?"

"No time to answer. Gotta go throw firebombs at the mayor's house. You know, the one who lets us do this stuff."

"So I guess asking if you are going to volunteer to help fight the fires out west is out of the question. I guess asking if you are going to help clean up the rubble and trash from the protest is out of the question. Got it."




A bad model for kids

To my friends and relatives who support Donald Trump: Go ahead and vote for him, there's no way I can change your mind. But, whatever you do, don't let your children behave like him!

Nobody sets out to raise a lying, selfish, angry, racist bully who never takes responsibility. Everyone wants a home with truthful, empathetic, kind, responsible children motivated by love, not hate. I know we agree on that.

So support him if you must, but keep it concealed from the kids or surely they'll model his behavior.

Oh, and don't attend his rallies. These are super-spreader events and the kids may grow up without you.


Eureka Springs

Someone to serve us

Let me try to make this as clear as it already should be. Without affordable health care, people must take out personal loans to pay medical bills. Without affordable education and training, people must take out student loans to pay tuition and fees. Without protection from agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, people are routinely ripped off by payday lenders and banks.

French Hill, a former banker, is bankrolled by banks and banking PACs because he consistently votes against expanded health care, support for education, and regulations on banking behavior. This makes people more dependent on loans and makes more money for his banking friends. Even the Paycheck Protection Program allowed banks to decide which small businesses would be served first. And again, bankers took care of their friends.

The rich and banks already have enough friends. The rest of us need a friend like Joyce Elliott.


Little Rock

Pride in being Arkies

On a train in Belgium a few years ago, my wife and I found ourselves in delightful conversation with two high school teachers traveling together. One was from Bruges, the other from Ghent, and they competed, each urging us to visit her home if we had to choose only one.

Soon they learned we were from Arkansas--Ar-KHAN-sas--they said as I recall, and the conversation quickly turned to their appreciation for the Fulbright Scholarship Program. At least one of them had been a Fulbright Scholar, and both understood and appreciated the value of the program to them and to the children. They actively encouraged the students in their schools to apply.

We felt a sense of pride in being Arkansans.

Other than their city pride mentioned above, the only advice they gave us was "to eschew the wine in Belgium in favor of the world's finest beer."




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