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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded August 17-August 21:

NLA East Maryland CK, LLC to Crain Properties, LLC, L1-A B25, Sylvan Hills, $4,866,524.

NLA Colonel Glenn CK, LLC to Crain Properties, LLC, L1, Colonel Glenn Business Center, $4,128,475.

Stonehill, LLC to Sherwood 2015, LLC, Ls22-44 B1, Ls13-14 B4, Ls2-10 B5 & Ls2-17 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $1,600,000.

Risdale Properties & Development, LLC to Red Dot Storage 156, LLC, 7201 Interstate 30, Little Rock, L3R, Tucker's Commercial Acres, $1,370,000.

Randy Wright Builders, LLC to Benjamin Lee and Ashley Leeann Davis, 506 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock, L8 B31, Woodlands Edge, $1,360,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC to Matthew Martin and Lacey Perrin Parker, 5413 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, L4 B23, Newton, $1,100,000.

Connie Wilkerson to Arthur and Mary Cyrus, Tract 14, Walden Wood Estates Unrecorded, $1,035,000.

Steven L. and Paula T. Bell to Joann M. and Jeffrey Joe Hall, 40 Germay Court, Little Rock, L19 B89, Chenal Valley, $880,000.

Larry A. and Cecile W. Kimmer and The Kimmer Family Revocable Trust to Patrick I. and Jennifer P. Hanley and The Patrick I. Hanley And Jennifer P. Hanley Family Trust, 47 Accadia Court, Little Rock, Ls20 B126, Chenal Valley- Acadia Court, $739,000.

Markus Homes, Inc. to Cara Lafferty, 26 La Scala Court, Little Rock, L19, Hickory Grove Phase II, $660,000.

Ned Dumas and Victoria Clement Garrett to Thomas Edward Kasprowicz, 4508 S. Lookout St., Little Rock, L7 B9, Hillcrest, $654,321.

Robert M. and Angela S. Alexander to Charles Nicholas and Rebecca Thompson Siria, 4515 Carter Lane, Little Rock, Pt. SW NE 24-2N-14W, $635,000.

Josephine M. Ambruzs and Steven D. Roberts to Patrick and Kathleen Frizzell, 6 Carmel Lane, Little Rock, L19 B57, Pleasant Valley, $555,000.

Angel and Hilda Lopez-Candales to Michael B. and Grace K. Squires, 8 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L12 B8, Pleasant Valley, $550,000.

Patrick I. and Jennifer P. Hanley and The Patrick I. Hanley And Jennifer P. Hanley Family Trust to Nicholas and Amber Greb, 4 Deer Valley Cove, Maumelle, L60 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $537,000.

Wesley Aaron and Ashley Ketz Nolan to Julie Suzanne Mehlin, 5819 Ampersand St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B14, Park View, $485,000.

55 Quercus Circle, LLC to Steven G. and Christine D. Rowell, 55 Quercus Circle, Little Rock, Lot C-8 B13, Chenal Valley, $485,000.

Lloyd B. and Elaine B. Bultena to Jonathan Knapp, L7 B7, Midland Hills, $459,900.

KD Capital Investments, Inc. to PWS Real Estate, LLC, L49, Belles Fleurs, $455,000.

Hines Homes, LLC to Ian M. McFarland, 102 Eagle Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L1 B14, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVII, $452,000.

Robert Shields and The Tackett Family Revocable Trust to J. Danae Cupples and The J. Danae Cupples Revocable Trust, 7 Shawbridge Lane, Little Rock, L35 B11, Pleasant Valley, $450,000.

Herman E. Hurd and The Herman E. Hurd Revocable Trust to John and Kimberly Firestone, 8 Keeneland Drive, Little Rock, L132R, The Ranch Replat, $425,500.

US Bank Trust, NA to Robert Lee Newman III., and Monica A. Herndon-Newman, 32 Iviers Court, Little Rock, L14 B26, Chenal Valley, $410,000.

Lilac, LLC to Stonehill, LLC, Pt. SE 32-3N-11W, $400,000.

Rakesh K. Mahapatra and Sudesna Nayak to Sukumar Reddy Gondesi and Lavanya Majyari Seshadri, 24 Drew Drive, Little Rock, L24, Georganne Estates, $395,000.

Howard E. Gough to Anthony E. and Nikki L. Desiderio, 131 River Valley Loop, Maumelle, L18 B12, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XI, $375,000.

Goodin Creek, LLC to Kadel-Butler Preservation Fund, Ls10-12 B58, Original City Of Little Rock, $360,000.

Charles Drew and Ashley Jordan Keathley to Lesa R. and Roosevelt Dillon Jr., L47 B10, Creekside, $359,900.

Scott J. and Kimberlee K. Roxburgh to Susan Ann El-Khoury, 316 Rock St., Apt. 1008, Little Rock, Unit 1008, River Market Tower HPR, $352,000.

James H. and Melissa D. Martin to Michael L. and Sandra J. Elliott, 210 Seneca Drive, Maumelle, L45, Osage Terrace Phase 1-C, $329,000.

Christopher D. and Allison M. Davis to Mason B. and Anna P. Morgan, 27 Laval Circle, Little Rock, L5 B53, Chenal Valley, $327,000.

Momchilov's Camera Works, Inc. to CSM Properties, LLC, Ls8-9 B176, Original City Of Little, $316,000.

Carole E. Shields and Warfield Homes to Wesley Bryan Coleman and Kristen Nicole Warfield, 205 Caurel Lane, Little Rock, L8 B57, Chenal Valley, $314,054.

Aleen M. and Maher Bishara to Jamey R. Allbaugh and Holley Jae Mott, L2 B30, Overbrook, $311,000.

Jordyn Earnest and Stanley Thomas Hastings Jr., to Loyd B. and Elaine B. Bultena, L11, Pleasant Hill Replat, $305,000.

Anandraj and Tulsi Jhaveri to Christopher H. Ansel, 8607 Linda Lane, Little Rock, L336, Leawood Heights Fourth, $299,900.

Carolyn Hays to Christopher Lee and Shawn Greenhill Cranford, 11331 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L52 B3, Walton Heights, $289,500.

Mid-Ark Drywall Company, Inc. to Austin L. and Katelyn V. LaBudde, 118 Keystone Lane, Maumelle, L2 B25, Maumelle Valley Estates, $279,500.

Calvin R. and Elizabeth Ann Shaw to Eric and Teressa Duncan, 13101 Natal Lane, Jacksonville, Pt. SW SE 8-4N-11W, $277,000.

Jeffrey D. and Amy J. Jenkins to Hunter Barron and Chelsea Thompson, 2017 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, L4 B3, Weldon E. Wright, $274,000.

Loretta Long and James K. Hoover Sr., to Genesis1 Ln Properties, LLC, 1110 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, Tract 2, WW Rightsell's Acreage, $270,000.

Hunter D. and Katie M. Naylor to Kiel A. and Elizabeth L. Thorlton, 211 Hidden Valley Loop, Maumelle, L6 B5, Maumelle Valley Estates, $269,900.

Jimmy D. and Carole Harvey to Selby R. Whitbeck, 6501 Pleasant Place, Little Rock, L6, Hall View 2, $268,500.

Medical Orders, LLC to Brian K. Hardin, 1711 N. Grant St., Little Rock, L7 B23, Mountain Park, $264,000.

Patrick Mark and Kathleen Reid Frizzell to Steven Arthur and Trisha Ellen Thomas, 173 Hibiscus Drive, Maumelle, L66, Waterside Replat, $262,000.

Diane Bierbaum and The Robert E. Casali Revocable Trust to Lowell Steven and Sheila Dianne Jumper and The Lowell Steven Jumper And Sheila Dianne Jumper Revocable Living Trust, L19 B85, Chenal Valley, $260,000.

Spears Custom Homes, LLC to Olanda L. and Shandria Russell, 9548 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L16, Millers Glen Phase 3, $259,900.

Cody M. and Kelsey Null to Terrell Joseph and Melissa Harkins Young and The Terrell And Melissa Young Joint Revocable Trust, 706 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L10 B38, Pulaski Heights, $255,000.

Angela Watts to Patrick Wade Shownes and Lourdes Beatriz Cols Gonzalez, 150 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L4 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $255,000.

Liquor Exchange, Inc. to Baseline Developers, Inc., Tract 2, Southland Acres, $250,000.

Patsy A. Cambell to Andrew Chester Howland and Allison Bracy Clark, 4308 Deer Park Drive, Little Rock, L20, Deer Park, $242,000.

Ben H. and Roma N. Waddell to Brent David and Dacia Carter, 4212 Wesley Drive, Little Rock, L26, Deer Park, $242,000.

Forest Oaks Development, LLC to Gregory Allen and Denise Rachelle Varndell, 413 Forest Oak Cove, Jacksonville, L30, Forest Oaks Phase II, $237,500.

Michael Bennett and Karen Machelle Sanders to Gregory D. Stewart, 2117 Tapped Maple Drive, Sherwood, L54, Bent Tree Estates, $237,000.

Christopher Wade and Jennifer Hampton to Frank J. and Sandra J. Bruce, L22 B2, Stonehill Phase II, $237,000.

Laura Dries to Trent and Leah Fleener, 2915 Dalewood Road, Little Rock, L151, Kingwood Place, $235,493.

James M. and Terry D. Williams to Brandon Keszeg, 154 Auriel Circle, Maumelle, L912, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $233,000.

Joseph Randle Luten III., Diana Lynn Corbit and The Randy Luten And Diana Corbit Joint Revocable Trust to Joseph Laronne Poe and Tionna Lashay Darville, 12205 Cherryside Drive, Little Rock, L13 B6, Cherry Creek, $230,000.

Richard Bryce and Lindsey Leigh Green and The Richard And Lindsey Green Living Trust, to Allison Gayle and Nicholas A. Doyle, 108 Orleans Drive, Maumelle, L728, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $228,100.

Elizabeth Gail (Betty) Finley and The Betty Finley Survivor Trust/Jim And Betty Revocable Trust to Kevin and Sarai Rodgers, L29, Ninth Fairway, $227,500.

P.I.F. Holdings, LLC to Nicholas Joseph Benge, 2507 Gunpowder Road, Little Rock, L219, Colony West Third, $214,000.

Murillo Investments, LLC to Curlie Richardson Jr., 1820 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L12 B2, Northbrook, $213,000.

CO5 Properties, LLC to David D. Henry, L3, Oakcliff, $210,000.

Tavarus S. and Antisia L. Thompson Pearsall to Scott and Virginia A. Griffin, 2017 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L195, Base Meadows Phase 2, $210,000.

Brian K. Jarrell to Billy Bell, Jr., and Kelsey Gilbert, 11260 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L15 B6, Walton Heights, $209,000.

Murillo Investments, LLC to Anthony Blu and Stevie Ann Shippy, 1816 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L11 B2, Northbrook, $207,500.

Ernest Barnes/Earnest Barnes and Linda Barnes to Nicholas R. and Anne K. Alvarez, 2700 Cedar Creek Road, North Little Rock, L28 B11, Overbrook, $205,000.

Justin Hon and Christa Marie Adams to Meagan Walker, 1010 Kings Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L509, Walnut Valley Third, $205,000.

Phyllis A. Russell to Ernest L. and Linda L. Barnes, 7916 Austin Gardens Court, Sherwood, L25, Austin Gardens, $204,000.

Margaret Anne Matthews to 6319 Country Club Blvd., LLC, L12 B3, Englewood, $197,500.

John G. and Samantha K. Lowegard to Michael and Rhonda Kraft, 7212 Stonehenge Drive, Jacksonville, L11A, Wandering Ridge, $195,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Ethan Michael and Amanda Smith, 1704 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B2, Northbrook, $195,000.

John C. and Ashton Butler to Dustin K. and Courtney R. Pigg, 1701 Landershire Lane, North Little Rock, L1 B4, Northbrook, $195,000.

Jonathan and Charlotte Hughes to Charity L. Kendrick, 3068 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L117 B1, Woodruff Creek, $190,000.

Lucas M. and Shirle M. Kelly to Chong Thomas, L499, Foxwood Phase X, $190,000.

Tyler and Kathryn Deacon to Ronald L. and Pamela J. Holtorf, 112 Sologne Forest Drive, Maumelle, L1173, Sologne- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XVII, $190,000.

Michael Cody and Brittany Lynn Garner to Cole B. Swede, 1424 Stewart Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE NW 11-1N-14W, $190,000.

Michael Labarge to Shane K. Edwards, 1200 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville, L19, Jaxon Terrace Phase 10, $189,900.

Matt Aaron and Melodie Denise Mauney to James Bradley and Janet Lindsay Runsick, 1516 Circledale Road, North Little Rock, L4 B2, Overbrook, $187,000.

Andrew D. Baltzley to Juanita Plummer, 9924 Grapevine Drive, Little Rock, L343, Otter Creek Community Phase III-A, $185,000.

Christopher Brad and Kim Hartley to Lacie and David O'Bannon, 13100 Morrison Road, Little Rock, L265, Marlowe Manor Phase IV, $185,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Natalie Shockey, 2001 Whitehaven Drive, Sherwood, L11 B4, Northbrook, $184,800.

Michael L. and Paula R. Mason to Susan G. Easterling, 1609 Coolhurst Ave, Sherwood, L16 B14, East Meadow, $180,000.

James C. and Carla L. Casciola to Elizabeth Joy McMichael, 2201 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock, L140, Colony West Second, $180,000.

Charles N. Siria to Hannah Leigh Thomas, 12404 Timber Bend Drive, Little Rock, L18 B2, Timber Ridge, $179,900.

Derwood K. and Georgia A. Farguson to Ranthony Tomarus Sanders, 12402 Sherri Marie Drive, Alexander, L59R, Scroggin Replat- Quail Run Phase I, $179,900.

Martha K. Rabaduex to Marc and Hannah Gates, L375, Ludington Heights, $179,000.

Chandler David Hunnicutt to Madeline Phillips and Hayden Tanner Balgavy, 7703 Illinois St., Little Rock, L20, Shamrock, $178,900.

Doris Hendrixson to Deborah Faith Brown and The Debora Faith Brown Revocable Trust, L25, St. Thomas Second, $178,900.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Montoya Fudge, 6749 Red Bud Court, North Little Rock, L621, Trammel Estates Phase VI-B, $177,655.

Whitney C. Hicks and Bryan Reifeiss to Randall Lee Johnston, 8809 Patricia Lynn Lane, Sherwood, L46, Oak Haven, $176,000.

Elizabeth DeArment Callahan and The Estate Of Ann F. Callahan(dec'd) to Al and Betty Lou Bennett and The Bennett Family Trust, Townhome 5, Timber Creek Townhomes HPR, $175,500.

Hope Carroll to ORAC Real Estate, LLC, 1208 Lakeshore Place, North Little Rock, L145 B203, Park Hill NLR, $170,000.

Robert K. and Jaclyn Silverman to Charles J. Cobb Jr., 8220 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L20, Hidden Lake Estates, $167,000.

Mary Dianne Brady to Sarah Elizabeth Henley, 7304 Choctaw Road, Little Rock, L264, Briarwood, $167,000.

Darla V. and Russell H. Erickson to Phalon Tramane Montgomery, 304 Eubanks Road, Jacksonville, Pt. NW NE 28-3N-11W, $164,700.

Mark Austin and Cassie Nicole Blackerby to Ryan Heath and Megan Marie Wager, 112 Oxford Cove, Jacksonville, L15, Stonewall Phase I-B, $163,850.

Cannon J. and Michelle A. Fletcher to Melody L. Abernathy, 2009 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L157, Sheraton Park, $163,500.

Kari A. Reid to Jeremy and Sherry Thomas, 12807 Huff Lane, Alexander, Pt. S/2 SW NW 16-1S-13W, $163,000.

Casey and Kara Hastings to Shemiah and Brandon Jackson, 10715 Chestnut Drive, Sherwood, L21, Chestnut Ridge, $162,011.

C.A.M. AR, LLC to Taylor Richards Locke, 7800 Delray Drive, Little Rock, L12 B18, Bellevue, $161,000.

Michael Dean Sharpe and The Sharpe Revocable Trust to CJS Holdings, LLC, 1617 Northline Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B3, Overbrook, $160,000.

Drew W. Jansen and James O. Martin III., to Laura Jean McGowan, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 1304, Little Rock, Unit 1304, Andover Square HPR Phase III, $160,000.

Hat Properties, LLC to Brenda L. Goodman, 142 Verona Circle, Sherwood, L21 B1, Country Club Park, $159,000.

Madeline R. Balgavy/Madeline R. Phillips and Hayden Balgavy to Ashley E. Higdon, 521 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B29, Lincoln Park- Pulaski Heights, $157,500.

R & S Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Todd Vernon Brinkley, 3614 Idlewild Ave., North Little Rock, L15 B4, Park Hill NLR, $157,000.

Chad and Shelley Clements/Shelly Clements to Gillian Carrington, 2311 Fox Glen Cove, Sherwood, L25, Hunter's Ridge, $155,000.

Matthew S. and Lori Annis to Jacques Rochelle and Keshavia Courtney, 102 Oxford Cove, Jacksonville, L20, Stonewall Phase I-B, $152,000.

Chang Ho Lee to Rakesh Kumar, 4616 Springer Blvd., Little Rock, Pt. NW NW 24-1N-12W, $150,000.

Ronald E. and Eleanor M. Swan to Bison Capital, LLC, L14 B5, Country Club Park, $150,000.

David L. Lkawetter to Brooklyn Stobaugh and Whitney Keith Vardaman, 17818 Cobb Lane, Bigelow, Pt. NW NE 8-3N-15W, $150,000.


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