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November 3 will be here before you know it, and lots of attention is going to folks who will vote by mail. The president has warned that it'll lead to increases in voter fraud. And many representatives in Congress are worried about cost-cutting measures at USPS delaying absentee ballots.

But with all the craziness and fear over absentee ballots, here's something along the lines of good news:

You can look up your voter registration and other pertinent information online at Type in your name and date of birth, and it'll pull up your voter information.

If you've requested an absentee ballot (as many Arkansans have done in this pandemic), there's a little tracker that shows its status.

This way, you can keep track of when your absentee ballot is mailed to you and when it's been returned to your county clerk via USPS. This is a good way to have confidence that the system works, and your vote has been counted.

If you don't want to mail your ballot, you have other options to make sure it'll get where it needs to go. You can return it in person, or have a designated bearer or authorized agent take it in for you.

Technology will continue to play a big part this election season, and it's good to see Arkansas has a solution in place for tracking ballots. We've got enough to worry about right now, and this takes something off the list.

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