Poll worker training

Since I now have the time, I decided to apply to be a poll worker for Pulaski County. I filled out an online application and they emailed me about a week later. I filled out a few more forms and they emailed me back with a location. I will not be at my polling site, but will be close by. I went for my official training on Saturday. A lot will be different this year if you vote in person. Instead of the big books where they look up your name and you stand in line based on the alphabet of your last name, now all polling sites will have tablets where they will look you up online, and you sign online.

People will be given their own stylus to sign and then they can leave them in a box upon leaving. Once you get your ballot, you also get your own ink pen (again, leave it at the door), and you fill out your form and put it through the machine.

In light of Covid, there are going to be a lot of safety measures in place in addition to the stylus and ink pens. All poll workers will be provided good masks, face shields, and gloves. There will be markings on the floor to keep people 6 feet a part while in line to vote. They have tons of hand sanitizer and cleaner available at each site, and instead of someone putting an I Voted sticker on you, they will be available to pick up when you leave.

I was quite impressed with the thought they have put into this election procedure to make sure both voters and poll workers are safe.

It was an excellent training.

I was also impressed by the number of young people who were in the training. It wasn't just retirees. Since I am not at my poll site, I do have to vote in advance. Early voting starts Oct.19 and ends November 2. Voting is an important duty as a citizen and I am thrilled to be able to be a poll worker!