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Washington County marriage licenses

by Terri OByrne | April 5, 2021 at 2:10 a.m.

March 18

Heath Justin Bolek, 48, and Maja Sevo, 41, both of Fayetteville

Edgar Loreto Chaidez Beltran, 23, and Amy Sue Bell, 37, both of Fayetteville

Aca Ray Jordon, 22, Springdale, and Juliana Marie Cottrell, 21, Cave Springs

Paochoua Lee, 33, and Maria Anatolyevna Vorobeva, 34, both of Springdale

Matthew David McKay, 33, and Chelsea Megan Holdren, 31, both of Farmington

Martin Arturo Medina Gomez, 24, and Jessica Lopez Victorino, 23, both of Springdale

Jose Javier Rivas, 36, and Jhoana Rosali Lopez, 35, both of Springdale

March 19

Robert Lee Barron, 32, and Johnni Helena Debolt, 32, both of Lincoln

Darren James Beckham, 53, and Stephanie Sherean Smith, 56, both of Fayetteville

Kevin Michael Bridges, 32, and Kayla Marie Dutton, 30, both of Fayetteville

Addison Reece Davis, 30, and Genevieve Catherine Lyons, 25, both of Fayetteville

Salome Alberto Herrera, 40, and Marina Evelia Morales Aquino, 42, both of Springdale

Andrew William Leeper, 35, and Lindsey Michelle Odglen, 30, both of Fayetteville

Wilmer Alfredo Marroquin Giron, 33, and Nancy Yecenia Lopez Garcia, 32, both of Springdale

Scott Lynn McCourt, 50, Cane Hill, and Hollie Lynn Anderson, 50, Fayetteville

Wilber Alonso Menjivar Acevedo, 20, and Karla Guadalupe Carranza Martinez, 21, both of Rogers

Huy Dai Nguyen, 22, and Blaze Nicole Lingo, 20, both of Springdale

Joseph David Norman, 51, and Meggan DeWitt Ferguson, 47, both of Fayetteville

Kevin Lee Phillips, 37, and Taisa Ornelas Palmeira, 41, both of Farmington

Derrick James Scott, 38, Fayetteville, and Jayme Lee Gamblin, 46, Springdale

Ramon De Macedo Valdevino, 29, and Arlena Thuy Anh Tran, 27, both of Fayetteville

March 22

Zachary Aaron Brock, 27, and Elisabeth Anne Brown, 26, both of Fayetteville

Coddy Wayne Osorio, 25, and Debra Jean Deem, 24, both of Tulsa, Okla.

David Alexander Villanueva Leiva, 20, and Valeria Soto, 19, both of Rogers

March 23

Colton James Bolin, 28, and Kristina Edna Krummel, 24, both of West Fork

Adam Alexander Hawkins, 30, and Heather Erin Morel, 34, both of Springdale

Tommy Earl McBane, 47, and Carrie Leigh Cormier, 43, both of Lincoln

Michael Jacob Mugley, 48, and Shirley Ann Mugley, 48, both of West Fork

Adam Colin Putman, 41, and Nina Stewart Shirkey, 38, both of Fayetteville

Kyle Logan Stephens, 20, and Tatiauna Alexus Hardy, 19, both of Bentonville

March 24

Jarrett Daniel Barker, 29, and Monica Ramos, 31, both of Springdale

Triston Eugene Bowlin, 33, and Bonni Michelle Boone, 32, both of Fayetteville

Charles Rodger Hurt III, 26, and Maggie Elizabeth Geren, 25, both of Fayetteville

Benjamin Isaac Nix, 23, and Alexandra Mattisann Partain, 22, both of Fayetteville

Blair Scott Laban Shepherd, 37, Fayetteville, and Bryony Danielle Stephens, 33, Lincoln

Jon Leroy Whittaker Jr., 30, and Olivia Suzanne Hines, 28, both of West Fork

March 25

Jordan Adam Baker, 35, and Karye Krystyne Saegert, 31, both of Edmond, Okla.

William Brenton Barber, 25, and Lori Ann Starr, 25, both of Fayetteville

Matthew William Dennis, 36, and Molly Joyce Daffron, 23, both of Winslow

Anthony Lawrence Gunderman, 24, and Christina Marie Dean, 23, both of Fayetteville

Laquan Karon Liston, 30, and Merri Leigh Ussery, 35, both of University City, Mo.

Christopher Ray Rogers, 47, Springdale, and Erika Sue Grimes, 41, Fayetteville

March 26

Matt Donovan Clark, 28, and Caroline Elise Duchene, 23, both of Springdale

Dale Bryan Duke, 46, and Jenny Ann Conrad, 36, both of Cabot

Andrew Jerome Gorton, 28, and Katelynn Marie Zoellner, 31, both of Fayetteville

James Franklin Hill III, 30, and Kelly Elizabeth Craig, 32, both of Lincoln

Lucien Allen Hocking, 50, and Lori Ann Myers, 46, both of Henrietta, Mo.

Christopher David Johnston, 37, and Hayley Marie Sperber, 26, both of Springdale

Charles Fredrick Jolin, 74, and Kathryn Ann Ozborn, 61, both of Springfield, Mo.

Sen Ma, 36, and Dan Zhao, 33, both of Springdale

Brian Mook, 32, and Candy Makroro, 34, both of Springdale

Logan Portis Neri, 28, and Madalyn Machelle Snow, 29, both of Fayetteville

Edwin Ulises Portillo-Tobar, 30, and Tina Kim Dang, 27, both of Springdale

Pedro Rodriguez Gamez, 39, and Yolanda Sidon-Vidales, 33, both of Springdale

Bradley Michael Shaughnessy, 34, and Emily Rae Bowns, 31, both of Winslow

Tyler Dale Stacy, 24, and Jordan Lee Jaro, 25, both of Springdale

Braden Ray Weber, 24, and Savannah Marie-Lillian Haynes, 23, both of Fort Wayne, Ind.

Drew Alexander Wheat, 30, and Laura Marie Walker, 28, both of Broken Arrow, Okla.

March 29

Richard Alan Byers, 55, and Mary Elizabeth Rodriguez, 54, both of Stillwater, Okla.

Brad David Cardwell, 33, and Caitlin Micah Trickett, 27, both of Fayetteville

Blake Gregory Eby, 23, and Carly Lynn Brown, 25, both of Fayetteville

Jerry Ray Griffin II, 38, and Devri Marie Elaine Davis, 33, both of Springdale

Austin Wayne Jones, 24, and Erica Leshay Gibbs, 23, both of Springdale

Javier Enrique Mendez, 32, and Kerri Lindsey Silen, 33, both of Springdale

Johnnie B. Winfield II, 38, and Ashlyn Nakole Ross, 35, both of Springdale

March 30

Robert Louis Beck, 63, and Pamela Joyce Beck, 55, both of Fayetteville

Dillon Oliver Brewer, 22, and Michala Danielle Reynolds, 22, both of Fayetteville

James Lane David Brumley, 23, and Tabitha Marie Jordan, 23, both of Fayetteville

Manuel De La Cruz Carrillo, 23, Springdale, and Diana Valdillez, 22, Horizon City, Texas

Devonta Lamar Dickerson, 27, and Kendra Leeanne Rapier, 33, both of Fayetteville

Damian Thomas Aaron Messmer, 24, and Lauren Nicole Pope, 25, both of Springdale

Jason Walter Nygren, 27, and Alexandra Sylvia Spencer, 27, both of Fayetteville

Hayden Jeffrey Robertson, 26, Allen, Texas, and Hannah Elise Laws, 27, Fayetteville

Elizabeth Anne Wertens, 21, and Georgia Lynn Petrie, 19, both of Rogers

March 31

Nathaniel Ryan Burkett, 20, and Cassie Nichole Calico, 20, both of Huntsville

Refugio Castillo III, 25, and Esmeralda Lopez Mendoza, 21, both of Lowell

Mark Eugene Courtney, 23, and TirzahRuth Corinne Rutz, 26, both of Huntsville

Kenneth Anthony Lee Gamble, 23, and Candy Lynn Young, 23, both of Springdale

Dylan Kyle Gayer, 27, and Megan Ann Ketcher, 25, both of Fayetteville

Christopher Olen Goodall, 35, and Savannah Jalina West, 36, both of Springdale

Jesse Maine, 28, and Cashlin George, 29, both of Springdale

Gunner Lynn Reynolds, 23, and Savanah Lois Grubbs, 23, both of Springdale

Joshua Scott Ridgeway, 36, and Caleb Nathaniel Vega, 30, both of Lowell

Rene Santiago Velez Rivera, 47, and Iris Bonilla, 45, both of Farmington


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