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NWA Letters to the Editor

April 7, 2021 at 1:00 a.m.

Washington nonsense

trickles to state Capitol

Over the past 24 years living here in Arkansas, I have never really paid much attention to what our state legislature does when they meet every other year (thank goodness for that). Watching all the nonsensical bills being proposed and passed makes me think of Congress and all the same lame-brained stuff that goes on there.

I have come to the conclusion that the lack of common sense has made its way to Little Rock. As I stated before, thank goodness the Legislature meets regularly to consider major law changes only every other year.

Pete Rathmell


Fostered love of reading

a lifelong gift to children

The coronavirus has caused suffering for many. One hardship has been school closures, accompanied by online learning. There is a silver lining to this cloud. Parents have been given an opportunity to become engaged in their child's learning. A parent's involvement in a child's education is a tremendous advantage to the child. Parents are in a unique position to inspire and encourage their children. They can help to overcome difficulties. One of the best gifts to your child is to awaken a love of books.

There are wide differences in wealth distribution throughout the world. Wealth provides advantages to children that are not available to the poor. Yet when it comes to books, a parent can be the equal of the wealthiest in giving their child a superior inheritance. People from all walks of life share one ideal -- the well-being of children. This is reflected in the wonderful books for children available. Books from many countries and cultures carry a child around the world or through time. Reading aloud is a happy family way to open the door to the incredible world of books.

Here are a few examples for small children:

• "Little Brown Monkey" by Elizabeth Upham is about a little monkey who lives with his parents. One day he goes to play in the jungle. There on the ground he finds an egg. He takes the egg home for his mother. When he opens his hand to show his mother this prize, there is a little turtle! Green Turtle becomes his best friend. This beautifully illustrated book exemplifies love throughout.

• Beatrice Potter wrote and illustrated charming books made to fit a child's tiny hand. Some titles are "The Tale of Peter Rabbi," "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny" and "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck." There are many more. Little Golden Books is another series of books designed for small children. One of the best is "The Poky Little Puppy."

For older children, there are so many wonderful books I hate to single out any. There are well-known childhood classics. There are delightful books from many countries. Look for Nobel Prize-winning books for children. There are several other awards given to children books. In fact, the more you search, the more great books you will find, both modern and others written centuries ago.

From loving these childhood books, it is a short step for your child to enjoying adult literature. If you develop in yourself a love books, and love to read, and share this love with your child, you will indeed be giving your child a gift equal to any.

Joanie Patterson

Eureka Springs


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