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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Do some real research | Access to resources | It's blatant hypocrisy

April 17, 2021 at 8:13 a.m.

Do some real research

Regarding the editorial in Wednesday's paper bemoaning the huge national debt we're all straddled with: Rather than the pat response offered that debt is just bad and going to lead us to ruin, perhaps the news desk at the Democrat-Gazette could really dig into the last 40 years of government spending. The last I looked, that's 24 years of Republican administration and 16 of Democratic.

Do some real research and discover why after all these years of debt accumulation our roads, bridges, sewage, and drinking water systems are still all disintegrating. Why is our education system still chronically underfunded and health care exorbitantly expensive? Why is it that our work force is apparently more productive than it's ever been but $15/hour pay is going to ruin small business? Why, why, why?

I mean, isn't the real story that so much money is circulating through the economy and the government but still not solving our common problems? I mean, it's ending up somewhere, isn't it?

What was the line from the movie? "Follow the money!" Now that would be worth reading, instead of regurgitated ideology. Who knows, it might get somebody a Pulitzer.



Access to resources

Having grown up with both parents working in public education, I understand why many are passionate about protecting public schools. However, I have learned from both personal and professional experience that education isn't one-size-fits-all. Families need education options beyond traditional public schools.

My son Carter has ASD, dyslexia, PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder. He attended public school until third grade; then he started falling behind in reading and having panic attacks at school. The large class sizes were too much for him, and he was being bullied.

We could not afford to send him to a private school, so we opened a microschool in August.

I have a master's degree in clinical psychology and am a board-certified behavior analyst. Through my work, I have learned some school districts are simply not equipped to tend all students, especially those with significant behavioral issues.

We currently have two schools paying for children to come to Arrows Academy due to significant maladaptive behaviors that the school is unable to address safely. We also serve several other children whom the school had placed in homebound service, which meant a paraprofessional visited their homes for about an hour a week.

As for Carter, he is flourishing in the microschool. He is now reading on grade level and has made significant progress in math. His anxiety levels have calmed.

I support programs that give families access to alternative education options. I know there is no worse feeling for a special-needs parent, or really any parent, than knowing there are resources available to get your kids the best care, education and future possible, but not being able to access them. Families should be able to access the resources their children need, including private schooling, regardless of income.



It's blatant hypocrisy

It seems the senator from Mississippi doesn't want Blacks to vote on Sunday because it is the Sabbath day. Congress meets on Sundays sometimes when there is a national crisis or budget matter to be addressed.

I have never seen such hypocrisy, especially since GOP senators mostly voted not to convict the "rioter-in-chief" for actions that led to deaths and injuries to more than 100 people on Jan. 6.


North Little Rock

Made ridiculous laws

Want an explanation of why the Republicans are passing such a blizzard of ridiculous laws? With their religion centered mostly in their crotch, why wouldn't they be obsessed with trampling over the LGBT folks? Simply take a poll of each one, for and on the record. Do they believe that Donald Trump really did win the last election? Put them on the record as to whether they turned on Asa because Asa renounced allegiance to their idol. It seems most Trump admirers feel turning back the social progress to the 1960s would be just fine.

Consider they claim to want small government, personal rights, and self- determination. Then note that they put a woman's uterus under control of the state laws put in force by Republicans. In this same session they've taken parental rights concerning transgender kids' issues away and made uninformed medical rulings contrary to the counsel of medical professionals.

They claim teachers ask them to do such and such, but have no examples to show or names of the teachers. Personal beliefs, religious urges, or wishes of fundamentalist preachers do not supersede Supreme Court rulings. Folks who are supposed to know better are creating Arkansas laws to teach creationism again, even when reminded of the Supreme Court's ruling it illegal.

All such junk is being enacted with the excuse that maybe Trump's Supreme Court will overturn established precedent after they cost we taxpayers a king's ransom in legal fees. Arrogance and ignorance that these elected persons are demonstrating in our name bring us into derision and disrepute--and do you think they care a whit?



Seems rules called for

The first four words of the Second Amendment are "a well regulated militia." That means rules!




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