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Green Thumb--a hidden gem

April 23, 2021 at 8:12 p.m.

Green Thumb Garden Center has been an institution in Little Rock since the 1950's. They were first located at the corner of Fair Park and Asher Avenue, then moved west to the corner of Bowman and Kanis, and finally they moved even further west to Ferndale on a little street called 28205 Nichols Loop Rd.

You definitely need GPS to find it! They went from a traditional nursery to a water garden nursery--more a niche market. Mark Gibson took over the operation from his parents, and has moved it in some new directions. Mark has been working with me on my water garden for many years,

and has always brought what I needed to the house. This week he came to a friend of mines to help give her with a water feature that came with her house.

I had never been to the latest location, even though it has been there for years now. This week I had a meeting at the 4-H Center, and there were a few things I needed to pick up, so I decided to go before my meeting. I got more than I expected.

The nursery has several nice landscaped water gardens, a greenhouse full of water plants,

and loads of fish.

They also have nice pottery and garden art along with all the water garden supplies you could ever imagine. You can even buy baby bull frogs!

The nursery is centered on family property with family members surrounding it, but also a large pond,

goats, and both a blueberry

and blackberry planting--later this summer they will have a u-pick operation. It was such a treat to see everything they had. I was just sorry I couldn't stay longer as I had a meeting to go to. Now that I know what they have, I will be going back, and taking my time. I think some blueberries and blackberries have my name on them too, later on this summer. It you are looking for a pleasant outing, check out Green Thumb. Even if you don't have a water garden, you would enjoy the visit. I learned a whole lot--who knew that fish liked fruit!


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