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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: They are not science | Not the fault of sports | What could have been

April 24, 2021 at 8:28 a.m.

They are not science

Thank you, Suzanne Wilmoth, for your very clear letter explaining what science is, and is not. This is something that every high school graduate in Arkansas should know and understand, but as you point out, apparently some of our legislators do not. You said it very clearly: Genesis creation stories are not science, and do not belong in a science curriculum.



Not the fault of sports

In his last Madison County Record op-ed, Sen. John Boozman finally recognized the dangers of dividing America with political rhetoric. However, rather than taking personal responsibility and apologizing to the people of Arkansas, he blames the sports franchises.

Relocating an All-Star game did not cause the Capitol riots. In word and in silence, Arkansas senators and representatives have personally embraced a deliberate campaign to cast doubt on American democracy with misinformation and lies of widespread voter fraud. The events of Jan. 6 prove the failure of Republican Party leadership to defend the Constitution and unite the country.

America has a multitude of serious problems. We need input from both liberals and conservatives, yet many Republicans are more engaged with changing election laws and dividing the country. Rather than admitting failures and election loss, they persistently insult the American people with accusations of election fraud. We do not have a perfect system, but we have a history of voter integrity, not fraud.

Instead of these false accusations, Republicans like Boozman could address campaign financing, voter suppression, or the bias of gerrymandering. This would give all the people a more equitable voice in government--except he believes that businesses and sports franchises should keep their opinions out of politics.

Hyperpartisan politicians cannot give all the people a voice in government. They are more interested in winning elections than solving problems.

We shouldn't give up on all career politicians, though. At least one Republican has the moral integrity to govern with conservative principles instead of spreading divisive political propaganda.

In spite of Republican colleagues complicating his job, Asa Hutchinson still seeks to guide us out of a pandemic that many Arkansas voters believe to be a plot to deprive us of our civil rights.


St. Paul

What could have been

Let us remember George Floyd and celebrate Tuesday's verdict.

During the last couple of days, I've thought about something that happened to me a few years ago.

I was shopping at a gift store during a blues festival and handed the clerk a couple of $20 bills. She swiped them with her special marker and said, "Uh-oh. This one is counterfeit. Do you have another $20?" So I gave her one, and after handing me some change she directed me to the bank across the street, telling me I needed to turn in the bad one. I did, and the bank teller examined it and told me there was nothing wrong with my bill. "Those pens aren't dependable," she said, "it happens all the time." And she sent me on my merry way; I was relieved I hadn't just lost 20 bucks.

Today all I can think about is what could I have lost if I'd happened to be George Floyd.


Little Rock

Need a wake-up call

Just because you're against Trump doesn't mean you're a Democrat. It's wake-up time for Republicans everywhere. Just because you recognize Trump for what he is doesn't mean you are a Democrat.

Republicans need to ready themselves to defeat the next presidential challenger. And they can't do that with the man who proved himself truly a false prophet. Everybody knows more bad news about Trump will surface. More insiders will flip to save their own skins; maybe his tax returns find daylight or we find out who he owes the $400 million in personal debt to. Why did he lie to us about covid-19? There is so much more. What if he starts bragging about the attempted overthrow of the Capitol?

Wake up, GOP! Don't build your foundation on quicksand. You cannot trust Trump. Don't believe your own eyes and ears? Well, let's call some people. Like Marine General Mad Dog Mattis. Or maybe Mitch Mc- Connell, Mike Pence and even Arkansas' outstanding governor. I believe there is no record of anyone lying to the American people more than Donald Trump. No. 2 is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Wake up, people. This lady has no qualification to be Arkansas' chief executive other than she bowed the lowest and longest to the golden idol down in Florida. Same goes for Ms. Rutledge and Mr. Griffin. These people are party operatives, not servants of the people.

Remember, just because you're against Trump doesn't mean you're a Democrat. Just like Trump, those that serve Trump are there to serve themselves.


Little Rock

Leave only footprints

My husband and I just spent a few days at Lake Catherine State Park. We have been to several, and the people of this state are blessed to have so many great parks to choose from. On our first day there, we hiked one of the trails and noticed (as usual) trash along the way and, of course, plastic water bottles (I won't get started on those). We know now to take a plastic grocery sack and try to take some of it out with us. The next day we were talking to one of the maintenance workers and he asked if there was trash on the trail; we told him yes, and he said the first of each week someone in maintenance has to hike the trails (one is six miles) and pick up trash.

This whole state is out of control when it comes to littering everywhere you go, and I just don't understand it. It's rude, disrespectful, and just plain lazy, and we can do better than this. Please, clean up what you mess up.


North Little Rock


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