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OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Game for everything | Not a good strategy | Would be a disaster

April 25, 2021 at 8:57 a.m.

Game for everything

Here we go again, another attempt to add to the already long list of regressive and unnecessary laws passed by the Arkansas Legislature. This time it's House Bill 1701 by Rep. Mary Bentley, R-Perryville. This bill will allow biblical creationism or intelligent design to be taught as a scientific theory in Arkansas classrooms.

There are as many creation stories as there are religions, none of which can be proven as scientific fact. The theory of evolution cuts across all of those creation stories and religious beliefs with verifiable evidence to back it up. It's called the scientific method, something we were taught from early age in our schooling. Intelligent design follows no such standard; it is simply faith and should not be taught as a scientific theory.

With that said, I guess the next step will be the teaching of alchemy in the place of chemistry, and astrology in the place of astronomy. Get your horoscopes ready, children! While we're at it, let's throw in the geocentric theory of the universe, which puts Earth at the center of the solar system. From there we can simply let the students decide which of all these things they want to believe in the field of science.

Nothing like being at or near the bottom of everything here in Arkansas. Congratulations to the august body of Republican legislators in the state keeping us there.



Not a good strategy

In response to the letter from Tim Irby: If you decide to vote for someone because John Brummett (or anyone else) doesn't like them, then you are clueless.



Would be a disaster

Mr. Tim Irby, you should have been in America and listened to press conferences with Sarah Huckabee Sanders' reporting of the day's events of the Trump White House. Since you endorsed her in the paper, I had to assume you were not.

The fact that she could never report a fact but rather a blatant out-and-out lie would have been enough for you to realize that Sarah cares nothing for Arkansas, and to run backwards from the thought of her being elected governor of Arkansas. Such would be a disaster for the state, even more than our current mean-spirited, backward-leaning Legislature is.



Best interests of state

Where is the outrage about out-of-state people telling Arkansas how to run state business?

The Legislature failed to pass House Bill 1899 to mandate "comprehensive disclosures" of contributions and expenditures for those spending money in court races as it relates to out-of-state special-interest money in Supreme Court and Court of Appeals election races in Arkansas. It's about time the Ledge passes HB1899 and the same type of legislation relating to the more important governor's race and all state elected races. As an example, a recent article reported that Sarah Sanders' war chest running for governor is two-thirds from out-of-state donors.

Sanders actually stated in public, "God wanted Trump to be president." Rutledge joined an outrageous Supreme Court lawsuit in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election outcome for U.S. president, which nationally gave Arkansas a black eye. Sanders and Rutledge have no qualifications and leadership skills to become governor. Both would have direct pipelines to Trump and national Republicans and would seek advice from them, which would ruin Arkansas and set us back to the Dark Ages! May God have mercy on Arkansas and send someone with the necessary skills to be governor of this state.

If the Democratic Party can't find anyone who can beat Sanders or Rutledge, then there is a huge leadership problem in the party.

Perhaps Jim Hendren, independent, has the right idea for governing. His philosophy would be a breath of fresh air in stagnated state politics. Maybe he could get the state legislators to only consider and pass legislation in the best interest of Arkansans, instead of themselves and in- or out-of-state cronies.


Hot Springs Village

Can avoid catastrophe

In reading Carol Metzger's letter, I cannot help but add my support for her observations about "choices" when things go awry. Ms. Metzger so eloquently pointed out the split-second factors that can take a simple traffic stop and escalate it into a catastrophic result. What happened in the Minnesota disaster could have been avoided, and in 99.9 cases it usually is. Yes, that incident, as disastrous as it was for all parties concerned, might have been fate's way to fast-track a dialogue between the law and lawlessness.

My suggestion is to watch Chris Rock's video on "How to not get your #@&! kicked by the police." It is a very to-the-point truism and, to the politically correct, makes me a bad guy, but sometimes the truth hurts.

I pray every day for fairness, equality and justice for all! Hmmm, seems we've all heard this all our lives, but sometimes fail to be on our knees praying rather than protesting, and solving problems rather than fighting them. Just my humble opinion.



On true Republicans

How Trumpian to call moderate Republicans RINOs. Labeling to deflect away from the guilty has been turned into an art.

True Republicans are reflected in Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and today, Romney. True RINOs are Trump, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham and all the other extremists disguising themselves as Republicans.




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